15 Excellent FS19 John Deere Medium Tractor Mods

The best FS19 John Deere medium tractors mods, represented by the 4840 and 7930.

It’s time we look at the mod category with the most content: Farming Simulator 19 (FS19) John Deere Medium tractor mods. Here are our Top 15 picks:

1. John Deere 6610/6810/6910/6910S 

Screenshot from FS19 of John Deere 6010 S Series.

John Deere made the 6010 Series between 1997 and 2002. Most models were built at the John Deere Mannheim factory in Germany. The 6010 tractors were among the first JD models to use electro-hydraulic front axle suspension, making driving on roads much more comfortable.

This 6010-mod is one of the best FS19 adoptions of the classic JD tractors. It has a lot of shop options and maxes out at 185 horsepower. All windows and doors can be controlled with the Simple IC script.


  • Selectable body colors.
  • Front weights or front hydraulics.
  • 11 wheel setups.
  • Mitas, Trelleborg, Michelin, Nokian.
  • Beacon lights are optional.
  • You can add extra lights.
  • Front fender configurations.
  • 6 engines (max 185 hp.)
  • Ready for front loaders.
  • Optional StarFire 6000 GPS.

2. John Deere 6R US Series

Screenshot from FS19 of John Deere 6R US Series.

This is the best, Americanized version of Giants Software’s original 6R model, which made its Farm Sim debut in FS19. Americanized meaning it has been reworked to look like something you’ll see on US and Canadian farms.

The flashers on this mod are foldable. You can control the left door and the rear window with your mouse or a controller. Just take it slow in tight turns. It tends to roll over.


  • Front weight brackets (optional.)
  • Optional StarFire 6000 receiver.
  • Front protection grid.
  • Selectable beacon lights.
  • Tree engines (max 259 hp.)
  • Optional front fenders.
  • 100 Year decal available.
  • 7 Michelin wheel setups.

3. John Deere 6010 Series

Screenshot from FS19 of John Deere 6010 Series.

Here’s another version of the 6010 Series. This one has actually made it to the official Farming Simulator modhub. It’s almost identical to the 6010 above but has fewer options in the shop. Both models share the same custom engine audio. It’s good but not breathtaking.

PC and Mac farmers can use the Simple IC script for opening and closing the doors, the rear window, and the front sunshade.


  • 8 wheel configurations.
  • Trelleborg, Mitas, Nokian.
  • Options for all fenders.
  • Selectable beacon lights.
  • Hydraulics or weights on the front.
  • 4 engines (max 145 hp.)
  • Works with front loaders.

4. John Deere 6030 Premium Series (4 Cylinders)

Screenshot from FS19 of John Deere 6030 Premium Serie 4Cyl.

This is one of the best-looking mods on this list. It actually belongs in the Small Tractors category but has enough power output to be classified at the Medium level. Most about this mod is great, except for the engine audio. We’ve heard better, to be honest.

Many of the tractor’s parts work with Simple IC, like doors, the sunroof, windows, the warning signs, and the foldable steering column. The Simple IC is buyable in the shop, meaning the tractor will also work with Courseplay without hiccups.


  • Selectable body colors.
  • Weights or hydraulics on the front.
  • 14 different wheel setups.
  • Nokian, Trelleborg, Mitas.
  • Several beacon light options.
  • Additional lights.
  • Front fenders are optional.
  • 5 engine models (max 135 hp.)
  • Front loader console.
  • StarFire 6000 GPS receiver.

5. John Deere 6920 S

Screenshot from FS19 of John Deere 6920 S.

Another great-looking mod. The 6020 tractors range made its debut back in 2001, dubbed a “slightly bigger twin brother” to the 6010 series. 10 different models were made to begin with; the FS19 mod incorporates four of them: The 6620, the 6820, the 6920, and the 6920 S.

The FS19 version looks delightfully good. It’s not the most feature-rich John Deere tractor mod out there but has some excellent shop options, like a lot of different wheel combos.


  • Front hydraulics or front weights.
  • 13 wheel configurations.
  • Trelleborg, Michelin, Mitas.
  • Optional JD GPS receiver.
  • 4 engines (max 165 hp.)
  • Front loader console.

6. FS19 John Deere 7610/7710/7810

Screenshot from FS19 of John Deere 7010 Series.

This mod adds the three most powerful models in the 7010 series tractor range to your game. Most of the models in that series were built in John Deere’s Waterloo factory in the United States. The 7010 tractors were among the first models to use the Triple Link Suspension (TLS,) which added better grip, faster speeds in the fields, and overall better driving comfort.

The FS19 version looks terrific. It comes with superb, custom engine audio and a decent list of customizable features.


  • 5 wheel configurations.
  • Michelin, Mitas, Trelleborg.
  • Weights or hydraulics on the front.
  • 3 engines (max 175 hp.)
  • Ready for front loaders.

7. John Deere 4755-4955

Screenshot from FS19 of John Deere 4755-4955.

This is one of the most complete tractor mods in FS19. It adds a total of four different versions of the iconic John Deere 4055 series to the game. Inside the shop, you’ll find both EU and US versions of it. It’s divided further into 2WD and 4WD models. Tractors in the 4055 series are still in high demand. A 2WD 4055, in excellent condition, was sold for $45,000 at a farm auction not many years ago.

The models look marvelous, and the custom sounds produced by the engines are spectacular. A lot of the interior is animated, but the rather unique cabin door is not, unfortunately.


  • 2WD and 4WD versions.
  • Optional front weight.
  • Many wheel options.
  • Lizard (row crop) Trelleborg, Michelin.
  • Different beacon light setups.
  • Rear and front hitch options.
  • Front hydraulics instead of weights.
  • 2 engines (190 and 228 hp.)
  • Works with front loaders.

8. John Deere 6030 Series

Screenshot from FS19 of John Deere 6030 Series.

Another John Deere that works with Simple IC on PC and Mac. It’ll let you use a mouse or a controller to open or close stuff like doors and windows. The mod also has quite a list of customizable features and custom-made audio that sounds more than decent.

The mod has the same right-hand control console as Giants Software’s original 6M series, which matches the real-world. The 6030 tractors share many interior parts with the 6M series models.


  • Many body color options.
  • Front hydraulics or weights.
  • 13 wheel configurations.
  • Trelleborg, Mitas, Michelin, Nokian.
  • Beacon light options.
  • Extra lights are possible.
  • Options for front fenders.
  • 5 engines (max 185 hp.)
  • Front loader console.
  • Optional GPS (StarFire 6000.)

9. John Deere 6020 Series

Screenshot from FS19 of John Deere 6020 Series.

The FS19 version of the 6020 series JDs looks much the same as the 6030 series mod above, but there are also differences. The hood differs slightly between the two model ranges, also the dashboards are different. The 6030 models are also somewhat larger compared to the smaller brother.

The funny thing though, is that you get more power with this 6020 mod. The 6030 series maxes out at 185 horsepower, while the chip tuned 6920 S offers a total of 220 horsepower. Hurray! for chip-tuned tractors!

Mouse- or controller-managed doors and windows, and fantastic custom audio, are other cool features you get with this mod.


  • Several options for front weights.
  • Front hydraulics instead of weights.
  • 25 wheel configurations.
  • Nokian, Trelleborg, Mitas, Michelin.
  • 10 engines (max 220 hp.)
  • Can be used with front loaders.

10. John Deere 40 Series

Screenshot from FS19 of John Deere 40 Series.

When John Deere introduced the world to the new 40 series tractors in 1977, it nicknamed the tractor range “The New Iron Horses.” The great thing about this particular FS19 mod is that all original models in the series are included.

The mod is split into four: You get 2WD and 4WD versions of the smallest models, the 4040, 4240, and the 4440. The same applies to the larger 4640 and 4840. Both models are available in both 2WD and 4WD configurations.

The mod has a nice chunk of shop options, fantastic custom audio, several animations, and options for making the tractors look either European or American. It even comes with a protective cage for all you forestry fans.


  • 4 different versions (2WD/4WD.)
  • Front weight options.
  • Hydraulics instead of front weights.
  • 23 wheel setups.
  • Trelleborg, Michelin, John Deere.
  • EU and US design lines.
  • Optional beacon lights.
  • 5 engines (max 203 hp.)
  • Front loader attacher.
  • Forestry protection cage.

11. John Deere 7030 Series

Screenshot from FS19 of John Deere 7030 Series.

This is one of the most customizable tractor mods in the history of tractors in a simulator game. There are so many things you can add, remove, tweak. We encourage you to have a look for yourself what’s possible.

We won’t waste your time. Let’s just boil it down to this: If you can’t find a configuration you like with this mod, you won’t ever find one. We should also mention that you can use this John Deere with the Simple IC mod. With it, you can control the doors, the windows, and the warnings signs, for example.


  • Two models are available.
  • With or without Simple IC.
  • Front hydraulics.
  • Front weights instead of hydraulics.
  • 23 wheel options.
  • Trelleborg, Michelin.
  • Many stickers are available.
  • In-cab monitors.
  • Optional GPS receiver.
  • 3 engines (max 250 hp.)
  • Front loader attachers.
  • John Deere, Hauer, Quicke.
  • Front fender options.
  • Exhaust pipe heat shield options.
  • License plate on/off (German.)
  • Many light setups.
  • JD stickers and hood ornament.
  • Optional warning signs.
  • US/Canada flashers.
  • Air horn and top lights.

12. John Deere 6M Series 2020

Screenshot from FS19 of John Deere 6M Series 2020.

This mod takes the original 6M tractors that came with FS19 many steps further. You see, real-world 6Ms can be bought on different frame sizes. This is also how the mod works. It divides the 6M series into three: Small frame, medium frame, and large frame versions with visible differences regarding the size.

The frame size you choose determines the engine size. The smallest models have the least power, while the large frame models have the most. All in all, a fantastic accomplishment by the modder, making the FS19 John Deere 6M series even more realistic.


  • 3 available models.
  • Small, medium, and large frames.
  • A total of 6 engines (max 216 hp.)
  • Color options (body, rims, design.)
  • Front: hydraulics or weights.
  • 27 wheel alternatives.
  • Trelleborg, Michelin, Nokian, Mitas.
  • Optional StarFire 6000 GPS.
  • Beacon light options.
  • Front loader capabilities.
  • John Deere 100 Year sticker.

13. John Deere 6R Series

Screenshot from FS19 of John Deere 6R Series.

The original 6R series has gotten the same treatment as the 6M series above. Here too, you’ll find three versions of the models in the 6R range: small, medium, and large. It works the same way as the 6Ms: The larger the frame, the more powerful engine you can buy.

The mod also has an impressive set of features that you can add, remove, or tweak, like several options for the colors of the body and the rims.


  • 3 different versions.
  • Small, medium, and large.
  • A total of 9 engines (max 259 hp.)
  • Body, rims, design color options.
  • Front: weights or hydraulics.
  • Many wheel options.
  • Trelleborg, Michelin, Nokian, Mitas.
  • StarFire 6000 GPS.
  • Beacon light setups.
  • Works with front loaders.
  • John Deere 100 Year sticker.

14. John Deere 7030 Premium Series

Screenshot from FS19 of John Deere 7030 Premium Series.

Here’s a tremendous FS19 version of all the models in the 7030 small-frame series. The mod adds the Premium level to all models, even though it was only the 7430 and the 7530 that were true Premium versions originally.

The animations are what stick out the most. You can open both doors and the rear window with a mouse or a controller. The mod does also have custom audio that isn’t too shabby. Note that you’ll find two versions of this mod in the shop: One with gearshift sounds, the other one with standard audio.


  • Two versions.
  • Standard audio or gearshift sounds.
  • Front weights or front linkage.
  • 9 wheel setups.
  • Trelleborg, Michelin.
  • Optional front fenders.
  • 5 engines (max 209 hp.)
  • Front loader ready.
  • Beacon light configurations.

15. John Deere 7020 Series

Screenshot from FS19 of John Deere 7020 Series.

The best things about this mod are how it sounds and how the exterior looks. It doesn’t look too bad on the inside. Still, it’s evident that some parts are due for remodeling and texture updates (what looked great in FS2013 doesn’t necessarily have the same stunning visual impact in FS19…)

We also miss more animations. Most mods on this list have doors and windows that open and close, or, at least, moving throttles and brake pedals. This mod has none of that, unfortunately.


  • 8 wheel configurations.
  • Michelin, Trelleborg.
  • Optional GPS receiver.
  • 3 engines (max 234 hp.)

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