Top 14 FS 19 Truck Mods (Semis and Dump Trucks)

In-game screenshot of the TLX 9000 Semi and the Scania S580

There are more than 1,400 Farming Simulator 19 (FS19) truck mods. Semi-trucks and dump trucks play an essential role in the game, either for hauling crops, machinery, and animals or for use in forestry and fieldwork. We’ve looked at most of the available models and narrowed the list down to 14 excellent big rigs.

1. Fliegl Transportpack

In-game screenshot of the Fliegl Transportpack

Man trucks has been in the Farming Simulator games for many years. Trucks from the German manufacturer can be seen on many large farms all over Europe while transporting grain or assisting forage harvesters in cornfields, for example.

This Man Truck mod pack is perhaps the most comprehensive version yet. It has so many options and extra stuff most players will find something that works. The truck has a customizable dump box. There’s  also an extra trailer in the pack, plus a hooklift version of the truck itself that works with Giants ITRunner mod pack.


  • The truck has several different color options. For example, the upper and lower parts of the cabin’s exterior can be painted differently.
  • It’s also possible to toggle the orientation of the tension straps.
  • There are several different capacities available for the dump boxes. You can also add different types of decorations to your truck.

2. KrAZ-258

In-game screenshot of the KrAZ-258

This is the Farming Simulator 19 version of Russia’s most popular truck. The 6×4 KrAZ-258 was manufactured by the company KrAZ between 1966 and 1989. Many of them are still hauling heavy loads in the eastern parts of Europe today.

The FS19 version looks excellent. The modder has done a terrific job in bringing the wildly popular truck into the game. It’s also possible to find a trailer that perfectly matches the truck if you search on the official modhub.


  • There are some options for how the truck looks inside the shop.
  • It comes with two different engine types: One standard 240 horsepower engine and one improved 240 HP version that makes the truck go faster.
  • You can also customize the wheels and the colors of the truck.

3. 82s TLX 9000 Semi

In-game screenshot of the TLX 9000 Semi

The 82s TLX 9000 semi-truck is one of the most customizable semi-tractors in FS19. You have a lot of freedom in making the truck look precisely how you want it. It also comes with impressive engine audio – it has one of the best motor sounds in the game.

The truck is clearly inspired by the flat nose models from manufacturers like Peterbilt and Kenworth. Because Giants Software doesn’t have the license to use those brands in its games, this truck runs with logos from the imaginary brand 82s.


  • A lot of the truck’s interior and exterior can be customized. You can, for example, change the colors, add, or remove, visors and change how the exhaust pipes look.
  • Many parts are animated, like doors and windows. You can also move the 5th wheel forwards or backward.
  • There are many options for wheels, front bumpers, and lights. You can also add a rear hitch to the truck.

4. Ural 5557/4320-60 Farmer

In-game screenshot of the URAL 5557/4320-60 Farmer

The Ural 5557/4320-60 Farmer is one of the best-looking dump trucks in FS19. It’s also one of few all-terrain-friendly trucks due to its high ground clearance. The FS19 version of this Russian-manufactured workhorse can be equipped with several dump boxes with different capacities.

If you’re playing the game on PC or Mac, you can use the Ural together with the Universal Passenger script. It does also have some excellent options for you to play with inside the shop.


  • It’s possible to select different capacities for the dump box, from 14,600 liters to 22,700 liters.
  • Configuration options: For the wheels, the cab’s colors, and the dump box capacity, plus the front bumper.

5. Kenworth W900a

In-game screenshot of the Kenworth W900a

Modder: 7L Farms

There are several iconic tractor units on this list of the best farming simulator 19 truck mods. The Kenworth W900A will put stars in the eyes of many fans of American trucks. This particular version of the W900 (with an A at the end) was produced between 1967 and 1982.

The most notable change from older models was the length of the hood. It had to be longer because the W900A engines were bigger and more powerful.

Just do a search for “grain harvest USA” or “grain harvest Canada” on YouTube. Then you’ll see how Kenworth W900s are a crucial piece of equipment on many farms in North America.


  • Customization options: You can change the color of the cabin and select different types of rear fenders.

6. Lizard Roadrunner+

In-game screenshot of the Roadrunner+

We’ll be staying in North America for the next semi. The Lizard Roadrunner+ is clearly inspired by trucks that roam the roads and fields in Canada and the USA. Giants Software introduced the world to the Roadrunner as a base game vehicle in FS19.

The modder Mantrid has since worked on adding more options to the beautiful heavy hauler. The result is one of the most versatile and option-rich trucks in the game.


  • It’s one of few trucks with steering on four wheels, reducing the overall turning circle.
  • Wheels, colors, fenders, bullbars, and a rear hitch are among the stuff you can change on the truck.
  • Lots of lights, like adaptive headlights that turn together with your steering.
  • The truck has connection hoses that work with trailers that have the same ability.
  • There are several camera options. You can also adjust the in-cab camera.

7. Iveco 190-38

In-game screenshot of the Iveco 190-38

It’s great to see awesome truck mods other than the “usual suspects.” Iveco is far from the largest FS19 brand. On the other hand, it’s represented by one of the best truck models in the game.

The Iveco 190-38 is one of the classic, almost iconic models from the Italian truck manufacturer. Versions of it are still hauling hard all over the world. In FS19, it’s represented by one of the best models we’ve ever seen.


  • You can change the colors of the cabin inside the shop.
  • If you don’t want the roof spoiler, just remove it.

8. Stapel Agrotruck (Man Semi-Truck)

In-game screenshot of the Stapel Agrotruck

This modded Man truck is most likely one of the coolest looking agricultural trucks in the game. It’s a rebuild of the base game Man, with several eye-candy stuff added.

Stapel is a German company that manufactures agricultural equipment like tanker trailers and silage trailers. Customized Man trucks are also in its product portfolio. You can see what inspired the modder to create this beautiful semi on


  • You can change the colors of the cabin plus add different versions of the AgroTruck logo to it.
  • There are also shop options for the wheels and extra hitches.

9. Man TGS 18.400 to TGS 510

In-game screenshot of the Man Tgs 18.XXX

Here’s another version of the AgroTruck by Stapel. This version has even more options. If you don’t want the AgroTruck branding, you can choose the standard version of the Man TGS instead.

This mod is also based on the base game Man. The difference is what you can customize. The modded version has one of the most immerse lists of available features of all the trucks in the game.


  • This Man TGS comes with six different engine options, selectable colors, and several different wheel setups.
  • You can also add weights to the truck’s rear and customize the warning signs, the bulbar, and the fenders.
  • The truck has animated connection hoses and options for adjusting the tire pressure.

10. Kenworth K100 Daycab

In-game screenshot of the Kenworth K100 Daycab

Modder: Tork Modding

We’ve mentioned how the TLX 9000 Semi above is inspired by flat nose prime movers by Peterbilt and Kenworth. Well, here’s the real deal. The Kenworth K100 Daycab is one of few flat nose American trucks in the game. Luckily, it’s also one of the best trucks all in all.

There are some cool customization options for the K100 in the shop. There’s also a slide on tipper available for it in the shop, with a capacity of 20,000 liters.


  • Inside the shop, you’ll find the different color options for the cab and the truck frame.
  • You can also add a bulbar and a stone guard to the front.
  • It’s possible to add a rear hitch to the truck, and you can, of course, toggle between different types of rear wheel fenders.

11. Scania S580

In-game screenshot of the Scania S580

Modder: Alx

Swedish manufacturer Scania is known for producing some of the best trucks in the world. It’s really cool to have one of their most iconic models available as a mod in FS19. The Scania S580 is one of the best-looking big rigs you can put on your farm in this game.

Both the interior and the exterior of this truck looks a million dollar. The audio produced by the 580 HP engine is awesome, and the mod is equipped with lots of options in the shop.


  • Configuration options include several color choices, extra lights, plus different engine options.

12. Lizard Hulk++

In-game screenshot of the Hulk++

This version of the Lizard Hulk is most likely the most feature-rich truck in all of FS19. There are so many things you can add or remove.

You can put a single rear axle on it; double and triple options are also available. You can make it a standard semi or build a hooklift version of it. There are also flatbed and log bed models available. Want a sleeper instead of a daycab? No problem! Just build it in the shop.


  • The mod includes four different semi types: Short semi, extended semi, daycab, or sleeper.
  • Other options include a flatbed, a log bed, and a hooklift alternative.
  • You have tons of colors to pick from, and the wheels are customizable too.

13. Kenworth T880

In-game screenshot of the Kenworth T880

Here’s one of the most beautiful FS19 truck mods. The Kenworth T880 is a gem no matter what you want to use it for. It’s perfect for hauling large machines like harvesters and big tractors. It looks stunning in front of any of the American grain hopper trailers too.

It also has great customization options in the shop. For example, the color options for the exterior are split, making it possible to have one color for the main body and another color for the fenders.


  • The Kenworth T880 mod has six different engine options together with a Heavy Hauler alternative.
  • You can, of course, change the colors. The shop options also include five different wheel setups.

14. Man TGS ITRunner

In-game screenshot of the MAN TGS ITRunner

The last truck on this list is a must if you’re using the ITRunner mod pack. This customized Man hooklift truck is a perfect match for most hooklift attachments. It does also have a rear hitch, making it possible to hook an ITRunner trailer to it, for example.

Another impressive feature of this truck is that you can add a PTO to the front of it. With it installed, you can use the truck for fieldwork, for example, or emptying a bunker silo using the milling machine.


  • The mod includes shop alternatives for the colors, the wheels, and the lights.
  • It has custom engine audio, and you can put a 3-point hitch to the front together with a PTO.

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