Manual Attaching FS22 – How to Make it Work

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Manual Attaching isn’t available as a base game feature in Farming Simulator 22 (FS22.) Luckily, there’s an easy solution to make it work; if you’re playing on a computer, that is. In this guide, I explain how you can do it.

What is Manual Attaching All About?

Some might wonder what I mean by manual attaching? Well, let me explain.

Real-world farming is based on the use of lots of different equipment. You have stuff like plows, cultivators, planters, and trailers.

Many won’t do anything if they aren’t pulled by a vehicle. They need to be attached to a vehicle, like a tractor, to do their jobs.

This is where manual attach comes in.

Real-world farmers must usually attach the equipment manually to their vehicles.

Image of a real-world farmer connecting a tool to his tractor by hand.
Real-life farmer connects and disconnects equipment many times every day.

Not a Game Feature

Farming Simulator 22 is a simulation of real-life farming. A lot of the things happening on real farms are simulated in the game.

However, manually attaching equipment to vehicles is not simulated. Instead, it’s done automatically by a push of a button.

Sure, some real-world equipment works similarly, but most tools require a very hands-on approach.

Popular feature

For many years, a manual attach feature has been one of the most sought-after game additions among hardcore farm sim players.

These players want games like FS22 to portray real-life farming as close to reality as possible. Luckily for them and everyone else that wants more realism in the game, there is a solution.

The FS22 Manual Attach Mod

An in-game screenshot from FS22, shows a seeder, and its hoses and PTO, connected to a tractor.
The Manual Attach mod adds realistic equipment handling to FS22.

The FS22 Manual Attach mod adds simulations of manually attaching equipment to vehicles. It’s not 100 % true to how it works in real farming, but close enough to make a lot of players happy.

The mod is created by a modder that goes by the name Wopster. He’s one of the best creators of script mods for the Farming Simulator games.

All you have to do to use his mod is to download it to your FS22 mods folder. You can download it directly from the modhub inside the game.

How to Use the Mod

The Manual Attach mod for FS22 is easy to use. Just make sure you’ve downloaded and activated it, and I’ll show you how you can use it.

Let’s attach a seeder as an example:

1. First, make sure that you have the F1 Main Menu Open. This will show you hints about what you need to do.

An in-game screenshot from FS22 focusing on the F1 main menu.
Make sure that the F1 main menu is open. It will be handy later.

2. Now, back up your vehicle close to the seeder. If you’re too far away, you can’t attach it.

An in-game screenshot from FS22 showing a tractor backing up towards a seeder.
Back up your vehicle close to the tool you want to connect.

3. Get out of your vehicle and walk towards the seeder.

An in-game screenshot from FS22 showing a tractor close to a seeder.
Get out of your vehicle and move towards the equipment.

4. You’ll see a message at the bottom of the screen when you can attach it. Now, press Q on your keyboard to attach the seeder.

An in-game screenshot from FS22 showing how a seeder is disconnected from the tractor, while a message saying press Q to attach is displayed.
Now, press Q to attach the tool.

Did it work? Great! But you’re most likely not finished. If the equipment has a Power Take-Off (PTO), you need to attach that one too. Yes, you still have to be outside the vehicle, close to the equipment.

5. Click the Z key once to attach the PTO.

An in-game screenshot from FS22 focusing on a disconnected Power Take-Off (PTO)
Press Z to connect the Power Take-Off (PTO.)

Good, we’re almost there. Do you see any hoses and perhaps cables hanging from the equipment? Those need to be attached too.

6. Press and hold the Z to attach the hoses and cables.

An in-game screenshot from FS22 focusing on disconnected hoses and cables.
Press and hold Z to connect the cables and hoses.

Now, you should be ready to start working.

Detaching the Equipment

Detaching the equipment requires the same operations but in the opposite order.

Note: Some tools will also require lowering them before detaching them.

  1. Start with the hoses and cables, press and holdthe Z button to detach them.
  2. Press the Z button to unhook the PTO.
  3. Finally, press Q to detach the tool.

What About Front Loaders?

If you have installed and activated the Manual Attach mod, you also must attach front loaders to your vehicle manually.

An in-game screenshot from FS22 showing how a front loader is disconnected from the tractor, while a message saying press Q to attach is displayed.
Again, it would help to press Q to connect the front loader.

The exception is implements for front loaders, like buckets and bale spikes.

These implements can be attached from within the vehicle. However, if they have PTOs or hoses, you need to connect these manually the same way as above.

Troubleshooting the Manual Attach Mod

My tool is hooked up but won’t power up! Have you connected the PTO and the hoses?

I can’t detach the tool! Have you lowered it to the ground?

I have lowered it, but I still can’t detach it! Remember that you must disconnect hoses, cables, and the PTO before separating the equipment itself from the vehicle.

The mod doesn’t work? I can’t attach anything! First, make sure that your vehicle is close enough to the tool you want to hook up. Secondly, make sure you’re outside the vehicle, close to the tool. If this doesn’t work, reposition your character to see if it works now.

How to Download FS22 Manual Attach?

Wopster’s Manual Attach mod for FS22 is included in the official modhub. You can download it in-game; choose Downloadable Content from the main menu, then the Gameplay category.

You can also get the mod from the online version of the modhub.

Have you come across errors or mistakes in this guide? Use the contact page to let me know.

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