FS22 Vehicle Control Addon (with GPS) – Download and Usage Guide

The FS22 Vehicle Control Addon mod adds many realistic features to tractors, trucks, harvesters, and other vehicles in Farming Simulator 22 (FS22.) One of its most excellent features is a simplified GPS, or automated steering if you like.

In this guide, I tell you how to use the mod and the only place from where you should download it.

Vehicle Control Addon is Powerful

Vehicle Control Addon (VCA) is a powerful FS script mod created by Mogli12. Here’s what the mod brings to FS22:

Camera Features

Remember that VCA is currently being developed. It’s not reached the final stage yet. You can still use it in FS22, though. Below, I look at the features that work for now.

(To open the VCA menu in-game, press Ctrl + C.)

An in-game screenshot from FS22 displaying the camera settings in the Vehicle Control Addon mod.

1. Interior Camera Rotation – The indoor player camera follows the vehicle’s steering wheel. You can set the strength of this feature. I tend to keep it off, btw.

2. Exterior Camera Rotation – Makes the outdoor player camera follow the wheel turns. It can be modified or turned off.

3. Look Backwards (inside) (outside) – The player cameras will automatically look back when you’re reversing the vehicle. Resets when you’re driving forward again.

4. Peek Sideways – If you enable this feature, you can quickly look to the sides or the rear by combining the left shift key and the arrow keys. See Keyboard Shortcuts below for a more detailed explanation.

Steering Features

This section is primarily convenient for everyone using a keyboard to steer vehicles in FS22. Here’s what you can do:

An in-game screenshot from FS22 displaying the steering settings in the Vehicle Control Addon mod.

1. Adaptive Steering – Enables and disables the steering features. You need to have Adaptive Steering enabled for the below features to work.

2. Steering Speed – You set how fast the wheels turn to the left and the right when pressing the A and D buttons. The higher the percentage, the quicker you’ll be able to turn.

3. Inverse Steering Speed – Determines how fast the steering wheels return to the center position after a turn when pressing the A and D buttons.

4. Free Steering – Disables the automatic return of the steering wheels to the center position. If you turn to the right, for example, the wheels stay in that position until you manually turn them back.

Track Guiding Features (GPS)

An in-game screenshot from FS22 displaying the track guiding settings in the Vehicle Control Addon mod.

The VCA has an impressive automatic steering feature. It’s a sort of GPS or guidance steering light that’s very easy to use. You can control it from the main VCA menu.

First, let me try to explain the different features and settings of the Track Guiding mode:

1. Snap driving every 90° – If you set this to On, VCA will snap to a new angle when you turn almost 90°. However, your vehicle won’t drive in the shown directions until you engage snapping by pressing Ctrl + W.

2. Draw marker of snap driving – Here, you control the visibility of the snap driving markers.

3. Snap Angle – This is where you set the sensitivity of the snapping. There are six options:

  • 15°
  • 22°
  • 45°
  • 90°

If you choose 1°, VCA will snap at a new angle every 1 degree. If you, however, choose 90°, VCA will only snap to a new angle every 90 degrees.

Put differently: 1° snap angles give you a lot more freedom in creating paths than 90°.

4. Working Width – As soon as you attach a tool to your vehicle, VCA will try to set the working width automatically. You can override this by entering your own numbers.

5. Offset of tool – This is where you add the offset value of the tool you’re using.

6. Invert offset – Used for offsetting tools when going in the opposite direction.

7. Left/Right reverse guidance lanes – The number of lanes you want to skip when using the Left Alt + A/D to turn automatically.

Note 1: VCA will try to calculate the offset automatically. However, it doesn’t always get it right. Remember to check the values and adjust them manually if necessary.

Note 2: Currently, VCA has some quirks to sort out with articulated vehicles, like some of the largest tractors. Yes, they will snap onto the path ahead of them, but they tend to do some hefty wiggling when you stop driving.

How to Use VCA’s Track Guiding

An in-game screenshot from FS22 showing a tractor using the track guiding feature of the Vehicle Control Addon mod.
VCA brings automated steering to FS22, which makes fieldwork much easier.

The Track Guiding feature of the VCA mod is pretty easy to use. Most of the hard work is done when you’re satisfied with the settings I’ve told you about above.

Here’s how you use Track Guiding:

  1. Line up your vehicle in your desired direction.
  2. Click Ctrl + W to create a path and snap onto it simultaneously.
  3. Start driving.
  4. Click Ctrl + W once more when you want to turn.
  5. Another Ctrl + W click reenables the snapping.
  6. When you’re finished, click Alt + W to reset the set angle.

That’s all there is to it. It’s delightfully easy to use.

Using the Auto Turning Function

An in-game screenshot from FS22 displaying the track guiding auto turning feature.
VCA can turn your vehicle automatically; just pick a direction.

VCA can turn your vehicle automatically when it’s locked onto a route. Let’s say you’re getting close to the end of the field, and you want to turn, start working in the opposite direction.

  1. If you press Left Alt + A, your vehicle turns left and locks on to the next lane automatically.
  2. When you press Left Alt + D, your vehicle does the same, only turning right.

This maneuver gets a bit tricky if your tool has a narrow working width. The solution can be to skip one or two lanes. You can tell VCA how many lines you want to skip in the main menu.

Troubleshooting Track Guiding

I Don’t see the markers! A) Make sure there’s a tool attached to your vehicle. B) You can adjust the visibility of the markers in the main menu (Ctrl + C).

I want to adjust the working width. You can enter the working width manually in the main menu.

My path is going in the wrong direction. Press Alt + W to reset the snap angle. Line up your vehicle in the correct direction. Press Ctrl + W to create a new path.

You can also use Ctrl + ↑ and Ctrl + ↓ to rotate the path.

My tool’s offset is wrong! You can also add your own offset values in the main menu under Track Guiding.

Ok, moving on. Now to some other features I recommend that you check out:

Under Throttle, Brakes, Transmission Settings

An in-game screenshot from FS22 displaying the throttle, brakes, and transmission settings in the Vehicle Control Addon mod.

1. Low Brake Force – Here, you can set the effect of the engine brake, i.e., how fast the vehicle is slowing down when you release the throttle and don’t use the brakes.

2. Permanent keep speed – Your throttle acts as a joystick if you enable this feature. Throttle up to your desired speed. VCA will maintain that speed even if you release the throttle. To reduce the speed, just hit the brakes.

Under AWD and Differentials

An in-game screenshot from FS22 displaying the all-wheel-drive and differentials settings in the Vehicle Control Addon mod.

1. Traction control – Adds individual traction control to each drive wheel.

2. Manual AWD and differentials – Enables manual control of all-wheel drive and front and back differentials. See the keyboard shortcuts below to learn how to engage and disengage.

Other, Interesting Features

But wait! There’s more. Here are other features most players might find helpful:


An in-game screenshot from FS22 showing the inching feature of the Vehicle Control Addon mod.
The inching feature slows down the vehicle without disengaging the cruise control.

Inching works when you enable the base game cruise control. This is how it works:

  1. Activate the cruise control.
  2. Press and hold the Alt key on your keyboard while driving with cruise control enabled.

When you press and hold Alt, the speed is reduced by about 25 %. Once you let go of the Tab key, the pace picks up to the set cruise control speed again.

The good thing is that cruise control is engaged all the time, no need to reenable it.

Currently, the inching feature doesn’t work if you’ve enabled Permanent keep speed.


An in-game screenshot from FS22 highlighting the compass feature of the Vehicle Control Addon mod.
You get a handy compass with the VCA mod. It’s more visible than the base game compass.

VCA adds a highly visible compass to FS22. It’s located just above the speedometer.

The compass displays the set angle when using Track Guiding. It also shows you the heading you’re driving in even when Track Guiding is disabled.

Swap Cruise Control Speeds

This illustration shows the cruise control speed swap feature of the FS22 Vehicle Control Addon mod.
The VCA speed swap feature allows you to toggle between three preset cruise control speeds.

You can use VCA to pre-program three different cruise control speeds. You can later swap between those speeds when cruise control is engaged.

This feature is handy, for example, if you’re chasing harvesters with grain carts or auger wagons. You can have one speed for following the harvester during unloading, another speed for transporting the crops to a silo.

Here’s how you set those speeds:

  1. Use keys 1 and 2 to increase or decrease the speed to get the desired value, for example, 6 kph.
  2. Once you’re happy, press key 4 to confirm your choice.
  3. Repeat points 1 and 2 two more times for the second and third speed choices.

How to use the speed swap features if Permanent keep speed is NOT enabled:

  1. Press key 4 to get to the desired opening speed for the cruise control.
  2. Press key 3 to activate cruise control and to get moving.
  3. Use key 4 to toggle between the different speeds while driving.

How to use the swap features if Permanent keep speed IS enabled:

  1. Again, key 4 toggles between the preprogrammed speeds.
  2. Start driving manually, then press key 3 to reach the desired speed.
  3. To change to the next speed, use key 4 for toggling.
  4. Press the 3 key to activate the next speed.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Note that the keyboard shortcuts below are for English QWERTY keyboards. If you have a different setup, check the input bindings in the FS22 main menu.

Main Menu:

  • Ctrl + C – Opens the VCA main menu.
  • Ctrl + Alt + C – Opens the global VCA menu.

Camera features:

  • Right Shift + ↑ – Switch between looking forward or backward permanently.
  • Right Shift + ↓ – Quick peek in the opposite direction of what’s set in the above point.
  • Right Shift + ← – Do a quick peek to the left.
  • Right Shift + → – Do a quick peek to the right.

Track Guiding

  • Ctrl + W – Create a path and snap vehicle to it. Pressing Ctrl + W once more unsnaps the vehicle.
  • Alt + W – Resets the path and the snapping. You’re now ready to create a new path.
  • Ctrl + Alt + W – Sets the working width of the path based on the tool you’re using.
  • Left Alt + A/D – Turns the vehicle automatically in the opposite direction while locking on to the neighboring route.
  • Ctrl + S – Reactivates the last used route.
  • Ctrl + ↑ – Rotates the path to the left.
  • Ctrl + ↓ – Rotates the path to the right.
  • Ctrl + – Moves the path to the left.
  • Ctrl + – Moves the path to the right.

Other shortcuts

  • Delete – Pressing and holding the Delete key keeps the current speed when Permanent keep speed is disabled.
  • Ctrl + Delete – Toggles Permanent keep speed on or off.
  • 4 – Swaps between pre-programmed cruise control speeds.
  • Ctrl + ‘ – Toggle all-wheel drive on or off.
  • Ctrl + ] – Lock or unlock front differential.
  • Ctrl + [ – Lock or unlock rear differential.

How to Download Vehicle Control Addon

The FS22 VCA mod is currently in development, but you can already test it. Just note that errors might happen because the mod is still in beta. It can also crash your game. Just be sure to save any progress before activating the mod.

Mogli12’s GitHub is the only place you should download the mod. This is how you do it:

You should only download Vehicle Control Addon from Mogli12’s GitHub.
  1. Open the VCA GitHub page.
  2. Press the green Code button, then Download ZIP.
  3. Save the zip file (VehicleControlAddon-master) somewhere on your computer.
  4. Unpack the zip file, open it, and look for another zip file called FS22_VehicleControlAddon.zip.
  5. Move that file to your mods folder.

If you downloaded the VehicleControlAddon-master directly to your mods folder, delete both the master zip file and the folder unpacking it created.

Have you come across errors or mistakes in this guide? Use the contact page to let me know.

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