5 of the Best FS22 TMR Mixer Mods

Cows in Farming Simulator 22 loves Total Mixed Ration or TMR if you like. Their milk production will skyrocket once they are fed a mix of hay, straw, silage, and mineral feed.

Trailed mixer wagons or self-propelled mixers make blending the ingredients easy and fun. Here are the FS22 TMR mixer mods that I recommend:

1. Robert Evolumix 2-30P

A screenshot of the Robert Evolumix 2-30P inside a cowshed.

The Robert Evolumix 2-30P is part of the impressive Robert Straw pack for Farming Simulator 22. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a collection of cattle care mods as good as this one.

The trailed TMR mixer, for instance, comes with an impressive amount of unloading options:

  • Front (through the unloading pipe.)
  • Left or right.
  • It’s also possible to discharge straw, forage, and other filltypes through the rear hatch.

With regards to customization, the Evolumix has more possibilities than other mods:

  • You can buy a small conveyor for the right-side feeding chute.
  • There are also different unloading systems for the rear chute.

My favorite feature is the unloading pipe. It’s very flexible. You can move it quite a bit, both vertically and horizontally.

Another great feature is the fill level display visible from the left side of the mixer.

  • Brand: Robert.
  • Base price: 70,000.
  • Capacity: 30,000 liters.
  • Power Demand: 90 hp.
  • Modder: Univers Simu Modding.
  • Errors: No.

2. Siloking TrailedLine System 1000+ 4535

A screenshot of the large Siloking TrailedLine System 1000+ 4535 mod for FS22.

This is the largest feed mixer for FS22 at the moment. The massive Siloking TrailedLine System 1000+ 4535 has a capacity of a staggering 45,000 liters.

If you have a lot of livestock to feed, you can’t go much bigger.

You can feed your cattle from both sides of the mixer. The conveyor can transport forage to the left or the right.

It does also have some stylish customization options:

  • You can put several types of wheels on the trailer.
  • Lizard, Trelleborg, and Continental are the wheel providers.
  • You can choose between a yellow and a black Power Take-Off (PTO) driveshaft.
  • There are also some color choices for the rims available.

The large Siloking mixer is a stunning piece of machinery. It was a fan favorite in FS19. I believe even more players will enjoy it in FS22.

  • Brand: Siloking.
  • Base price: 141,000.
  • Capacity: 45,000 liters.
  • Power Demand: 240 hp.
  • Modder: DD ModPassion.
  • Errors: No.

3. Schuitemaker Vertigo Pack

A screenshot of the two mixer wagons included with the Schuitemaker Vertigo pack.

Here’s the Schuitemaker Vertigo pack for Farming Simulator 22. They are some of the best trailed feed mixers I’ve ever seen.

The pack is made up of two TMR mixer wagons:

  • The Schuitemaker Vertigo 120.
  • And the smaller Schuitemaker Vertigo 180.

When you’re going to buy the mixers, you have a couple of choices:

  • A low or high hitch.
  • And a few options for the wheels.

It’s possible to choose the unloading direction. The mixer supports discharging to both the left and the right.

I think that MefiuFs (the modder) is one of the best modders for the Farming Simulator games. The Schuitemaker mixers make me more confident I’m right.

  • Brand: Schuitemaker.
  • Base price: From 18,500.
  • Capacity: 12,000/18,000 liters.
  • Power Demand: 90/140 hp.
  • Modder: MefiuFs.
  • Errors: No.

4. Siloking TrailedLine Duo 1814

A screenshot of the FS22 version of the Siloking TrailedLine Duo 1814.

This is the Siloking TrailedLine Duo 1814 forage mixer from FS19. It has gotten a nice upgrade since the last game. The cables and hoses that span from the trailer to the tractor pulling it are most noticeable.

There isn’t much to configure in the shop, though. You can change the license plate, and that’s it.

Yes, this mixer also supports offloading to both the left and the right.

Sure, the feed mixer could have been equipped with more options. However, I think it’s great as it is. Hopefully, more goodies will be added in the future. A fill-level display would be great, for example.

  • Brand: Siloking.
  • Base price: 31,000.
  • Capacity: 16,000 liters.
  • Power Demand: 85 hp.
  • Modder: Variofan1987.
  • Errors: No.

5. Faresin PF1.13

A screenshot of the Faresin PF1.13 behind a Valtra tractor.

Here’s the small Faresin PF1.13 trailed TMR mixer.

The mod is a smaller version of the Faresin mixer released with the game. There are no shop options besides the possibility to add a license plate to the trailer.

It’s possible to feed your cows from both sides of the mixer. The conveyor will unload the TMR to the left or the right.

The mixer is a brilliant addition to small farms, especially if the cattle barn is small and the access to the feeding area is narrow.

  • Brand: Faresin.
  • Base price: 30,000.
  • Capacity: 13,000 liters.
  • Power Demand: 60 hp.
  • Modder: Proxim.
  • Errors: No.

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