Using Cheats to Create Heaps of Almost Anything in Farming Simulator 22

Header image for the guide on how to use the tip anywhere cheat, showing av heap of dry grass and a magic wand

This guide demonstrates how to use the Tip Anywhere cheat to create heaps out of thin air of almost anything tippable in Farming Simulator 22 (FS22.) Thanks to the command gsTipAnywhereAdd, you can dump piles of wheat, seeds, manure, chaff, and much more on the ground without doing any work at all.

Developer Console

The FS22 tipping cheat only works on computers. You’ll have to enable the developer console to make use of it.

I’ve written a short guide on how to enable the console and how to use it. It should get you started.

Yes, entering commands in the developer console can be used for blatant cheating. However, the tool is also extremely helpful for modders.

Let’s pretend you’ve created a silage blade. Now, you want to test it in the game. Instead of doing the tedious job of harvesting chaff, you can use the Tip Anywhere cheat to fill the silage clamp automatically.

The gsTipAnywhereAdd Cheat

The Tip Anywhere cheat can be used in several ways. You can use it to create a single heap or rows of heaps. This is how the complete command is constructed:

gsTipAnywhereAdd <filltype> <amount> <length> <rows> <spacing>

  • <filltype> – This is what you want to create heaps of, for example, chaff or manure. You can look at the fill cheat guide to see what filltypes are available.
  • <amount> – How much the pile should contain in liters.
  • <length> – The length of the heap(s).
  • <rows> – How many rows of the filltype the Tip Anywhere cheat should create.
  • <spacing> – The spacing between the rows if you have more than one.

Tip Anywhere Cheat Examples

gsTipAnywhereAdd chaff 20000

This short little command spawns a pile with 20,000 liters of chaff in front of your character.

In-game screenshot from FS22 showing a heap of chaff created with the gsTipAnywhereAdd command.
This pile of chaff is created with the tip anywhere cheat.

gsTipAnywhereAdd lime 100000 6

With this command, you create a heap with 100,000 liters of lime, 6 meters in length.

In-game screenshot of a pile of lime created with the tip anywhere cheat.
You can use the command to create piles of all tippable filltypes in FS22.

gsTipAnywhereAdd manure 10000 4 2 6

This command will create two rows of manure piles with 6 meters between them.

In-game screenshot of two rows of manure created with the developer console.
Here’s another example of what’s possible.

How to Remove Heaps

It is, of course, possible to remove heaps too. All you have to do is put your character right in front of the heap you want to get rid of.

  • Then, open the developer console, and write gsTipAnywhereClear followed by a number, let’s say 5.
  • Executing gsTipAnywhereClear 5 will now remove 5 meters of the heap in front of you.

You might have to reposition your character several times or use larger numbers to get rid of the pile entirely.

Illustration of what will happen when using the gsTipAnywhereClear command, showing to rows of corn, one smaller than the other.
You can remove heaps with the gsTipAnywhereClear command.

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