Best FS22 Subsoiler Mods

In Farming Simulator 22, subsoilers are a great alternative to ordinary plows. They’ll give your fields the plowed status, but they move faster and require less power from the tractor.

  • However, there’s one thing plows can do those subsoilers can’t; they can’t create new fields.
  • Another difference is that plowing prevents weeds from growing; subsoilers won’t.

There are several exceptions to subsoilers’ inability to create new fields. Read on; you’ll see what I mean.

Precision Farmers Beware

Are you using the Precision Farming mod for FS22? Note that using subsoilers will hurt the environmental score by 10 points.

In real-world farming, subsoilers are used to combat soil compaction. They are used for deep tillage, breaking up, and loosening the soil to twice the depths of plows and cultivators.

Ok, back to the mods. Here are my favorite subsoiler mods for FS22:

1. Lizard Subsoiler 6MT and 9MT

I find most subsoilers in FS22 too narrow. Most have working widths from 3–6 meters.

Here’s a subsoiler that starts at 6 meters. Then, there’s an even larger version with a working width of 9 meters. The mod contains two tools:

  • The Lizard 6MT.
  • And the Lizard 9MT.

If you use the largest model, the 9MT, you’ll work your fields more than 3 times faster than most of the other options.

Can Create Fields

This Lizard subsoiler has a secret trick. It’s categorized as a plow, meaning it’s possible to use it to create fields.

The only downside I can think of is the power hungriness of the largest model. To pull it around without issues, your tractor should have more than 340 horsepower.

  • Base price: 17,000 and 19,000.
  • Working width: 6 and 9 meters.
  • Max speed: 17 kph, 11 mph.
  • Modder: Blacksheep Modding.
  • Platforms: All.

2. Ermo Arrow

The Ermo Arrow mod for Farming Simulator 22 is easily one of the best-looking subsoilers you can get.

The 3D model is rich in details. The folding and unfolding animations are pretty spectacular compared to other tools. It’s also one of the shop’s subsoilers with the most options.

You can get the Ermo Arrow in two versions:

  • There’s a 3-meters version available.
  • You can also add more chisels to extend the working width.

Another thing I like about this tool is that it doesn’t require much power. You’re good to go if you have a tractor that produces about 150 horsepower.

  • Base price: 9,000.
  • Working width: 3 meters.
  • Max speed: 12 kph, 7 mph.
  • Modder: Mirozed.
  • Platforms: All.

3. Lizard GTCR Pack

The Lizard GTCR tools for FS22 are classified as subsoilers inside the modhub. However, when you buy them in the shop, they are placed in the plows category.

I don’t mind what I believe is a slip-up. The benefit is that you can use both models to create fields in Farming Simulator 22.

Two Models

You’ll get two models with this mod:

  • The GTCR 16×32 with a working width of 2.6 meters.
  • And the GTCR 24×32 has a working width of 4 meters.

Inside the shop, the shopping menu is quite plentiful. You can add wheels from different brands to both models. You can also add stickers to the frame and change the colors.

I think the best feature is how the models look. The 3D work is fantastic, and so is the texturing.

  • Base price: 16,000 and 24,000.
  • Working width: 2.6 and 4 meters.
  • Max speed: 13 kph, 8 mph.
  • Modder: Miotto Modding.
  • Platforms: All.

4. Dondi Discovitis

Speaking of great 3D modeling. This is the Dondi Discovitis subsoiler mod for FS22. I would advise you to take a close look at the model in the game.

The level of details is almost insane. I mean, few mods have nuts and bolts that look this realistic.

At the same time, the mod is optimized for game performance. It won’t ruin your FPS because of all the details. It’s an outstanding achievement by the modder in all ways thinkable.

For Vineyards

The Dondi subsoiler is intended for vineyard work. You can use it to loosen the soil between the grape vines.

Why, do you ask? To allow for water and nutrients to reach the vines easier. The result is a better yield when it’s time to harvest the grapes.

  • Base price: 12,500.
  • Working width: 2 meters.
  • Max speed: 12 kph, 7 mph.
  • Modder: SMI Modding Team.
  • Platforms: All.

5. Lizard Stac450 and Est-Matic300

Yes, from the looks of it, the Lizard Stac450 and Est-Matic300 FS22 mods are subsoilers.

However, when you put them to work in your fields, you’ll notice that they create a plow texture, not the subsoiler texture.

That means you can use them as plows. The mod is capable of creating fields.

When I write them, I actually mean it. Although the mod description creates the impression that you get two models, you only get one. It’s the same model. It’s only the decals that differ.

Disappearing Drawbar

Don’t stress out if it seems the drawbar is partially sunk into the ground while the tool is detached. It’s still possible to hook it up to tractors.

I’ll admit there are better subsoilers in the game. However, the 3D modeling and texturing are so good I think the tool deserves a spot on this list.

  • Base price: 20,000.
  • Working width: 5.2 meters.
  • Max speed: 13 kph, 8 mph.
  • Modder: SrVertex, Tiik Modding.
  • Platforms: All.

6. Unia Plow 6

Subsoilers don’t get more basic than this. Just attach the Unia Plow 6 to your tractor, lower it into the soil, and off you go.

Still, it’s an awesome FS22 mod. The modeling work is excellent, and the textures look great. Kudos to the modder for adding a shop option to it also. You can put warning signs on the tool in the shop.

One benefit of the Unia Plow over other subsoilers is the power requirement.

You won’t have any issues pulling the tool if you have a tractor that produces 160 horsepower or more.

However, don’t expect to be blown away by the operating speed. It’s 12 kilometers per hour, 7 miles per hour which is the same as most other subsoilers in Farming Simulator 22.

  • Base price: 10,000.
  • Working width: 3 meters.
  • Max speed: 12 kph, 7 mph.
  • Modder: GoldFox.
  • Platforms: All.

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