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4 Brilliant FS22 Slurry Tank Mods

Spreading slurry, or liquid manure, is one of the cheapest ways to increase crop yield in Farming Simulator 22 (FS22.) To add “liquid gold” to your fields, you need slurry spreaders: Large tanks that use splash plates or injectors to distribute the manure.

Here are some of the best FS22 slurry tank mods:

1. Kotte Garant Liquid Fertilizer Tank Pack

A screenshot of the Kotte Garant liquid fertilizer tank.
The spreading width is 30 meters (98 feet) with these extensions.

This Kotte Garant liquid manure tank collection is one of the best FS22 slurry mod packs. It contains 2 different models: A smaller model and a 20,000-liter large capacity slurry tank.

One cool feature is that you can use one of 3 different spreading methods:

  • A regular, gooseneck splash plate.
  • The 3-point hitch makes it possible to connect the tank to injectors.
  • Two boom distributors increase the spreading width significantly to 30 meters.

VertexDezign has created the liquid fertilizer spreaders for Farming Simulator 22. The quality is of the highest order in all aspects.

This also means that you have several configuration options to work with. Yes, you can change the wheels. Then, there are the spreading options. There is also a color picker for the tank itself.

All in all, VertexDesign’s Kotte slurry mod is one of the best you can get right now.

  • Brand: Kotte Landtechnik.
  • Base Price: 66,000.
  • Tank size: 16,000—20,000 liters.
  • Spreading width: 30 meters.
  • Work speed: 17 kph, 11 mph.
  • Required horsepower: 150 hp.
  • Modder: VertexDezign.
  • Platforms: All.
  • Errors: No.

2. Samson PG II 20, PG II 25, and TD 12 Injector

A screenshot of the Samson PG II 25 and the TD 12 12-meter injector.
The PG II 25 is one of the largest slurry spreaders in the game.

This pack of slurry mods adds several Samson tools to FS22. They are the “forgotten ones” that Giants scrapped when putting together the base game slurry equipment lineup for the new game.

This is what you get if you download this mod:

  • PG II 20 slurry tank.
  • PG II 25 liquid manure tank.
  • TD 12 injector.

It’s not just a sloppy conversion from FS19. The modder, Rohne, has made sure all aspects of the tankers and the injector have been updated. This means that these Samsons have fantastic sound effects, for example.

A cool feature is that you can repaint the tanks: Blue versions and the typical green color that these spreaders are known for.

Other than that, you can also change the tires.

Note that none of the Samson tankers has splash plates. If you want to use them to spread liquid manure, you must attach injectors to the tanks.

  • Brand: Samson.
  • Base Price: 93,000.
  • Tank size: 20,000—25,000 liters.
  • Spreading width: Injector.
  • Work speed: 17 kph, 11 mph.
  • Required horsepower: 200 hp.
  • Modder: Rohne.
  • Platforms: PC, Mac.
  • Errors: No.

3. Houle and GEA Slurry Spreader Pack

A screenshot of two of the tanks in the Houle and GEA slurry spreader pack.
The Houle mod pack contains one of the largest tanks in FS22.

I’ve used several versions of the Houle slurry tank pack over the years. They have never looked this good. Diniz Farms has made sure the massive tanker trailers look and behave magnificently in Farming Simulator 22.

The pack consists of no less than 4 different models with different capacities for liquid manure.

You can also choose to put the GEA or Houle logos on each of them (the German company GEA bought Canadian J. Houle & Fils Inc. in 2008.)

The Houle and GEA pack for FS22 is more customizable than many other slurry mods. Here are some of the buying options:

  • Several wheel options, from massive to mammoth.
  • Hopper configurations.
  • Spreader systems (1 jet, 2 jets.)
  • Some nice color options.

Whenever I shower my fields with liquid manure, I want to stay in the field as long as possible. I want to keep the refill runs to a minimum. That’s why I like these spreaders so much.

  • Brand: Houle, GEA.
  • Base Price: 50,000.
  • Tank size: 19,750—27,750 liters.
  • Spreading width: 9—10.4 meters.
  • Work speed: 20 kph, 12 mph.
  • Required horsepower: .
  • Modder: Diniz Farms.
  • Platforms: PC, Mac.
  • Errors: No.

4. Duport PTW 12500

A screenshot of the Duport PTW 12500 behind a Valmet tractor.
The Zunhammer Vibro is an excellent match for the Duport spreader.

The talented Dutch Modding Inc. people gift us an awesome slurry tank in FS22. The Duport PTW 12500 is an impressive replica of the Dutch-made liquid manure tool.

I know it’s not the largest slurry tank available, but its reasonable price makes it a good fit for smaller farms and fields.

When you buy it, you have some options for what kind of wheels you want to put on. It’s also possible to add work lights to the tank.

It would be best to connect an injector to the tank to get the slurry into the ground. The base game’s Zunhammer Vibro is an excellent option.

I’m particularly impressed with the 3D model. It’s a magnificent mod. I’ve followed the Dutch modders for many years now; they are only getting better.

  • Brand: Duport.
  • Base Price: 55,000.
  • Tank size: 12,500 liters.
  • Spreading width: Injector.
  • Work speed: 17 kph, 11 mph.
  • Required horsepower: 120 hp.
  • Modder: Dutch Modding Inc.
  • Platforms: All.
  • Errors: No.

Digestate Too

Did you know that you can use all the spreaders above to add digestate slurry to your crops? Digestate is a byproduct of silage production. You can get it from biogas plants (BGA), for example.

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