Farming Simulator 22 Production Chains (Factories)

A forklift is transporting pallets of sunflower oil in front of a plant oil factory in Farming Simulator 22

With the Farming Simulator 22 (FS22) production chains, you can do more with your crops than just selling them. You can have your goods processed further thanks to the introduction of various types of factories and processing plants.

Until now, you’ve had to rely on mods (like GlobalCompany) to get production factories in the Farming Simulator games. This option has only been available on PCs.

In FS22, further processing of your harvested commodities is included in the base game, thanks to factories and other production buildings. This makes it possible to have processing plants for your goods on consoles too.

How FS22 Production Chains Work

In older versions of the Farming Simulator games, you harvest your crops. Then you sell them. That’s it – no more options for making more money.

In FS22, the process doesn’t have to stop at the first selling point. If you like, you can have your commodity processed, then you can transport it to other factories or processing plants.

Let’s use wheat as an example:

  1. You harvest the wheat.
  2. Now, you transport the wheat to a flour mill for processing.
  3. Then, you bring the flour to a bakery, where it’s used to make bread and cakes.
  4. The pastry and bread can be sold at the bakery or at restaurants, supermarkets, or farmer’s markets for a higher price.

You can transport your goods between the different production facilities yourself. You can also hire help for your transportation needs, for a fee of course.

A John Deere Gator UTV is loaded with bread at an FS22 bakery.
You can sell bread and cakes from the bakery shop, or sell it to nearby restaurants or supermarkets. Image credits: Giants Software.

More Ingredients needed

Parts of the production chain need just one commodity. To make flour, you only need wheat or other cereals. Other products will need more than one ingredient. To have the bakery make bread and cakes, you’ll need to provide it with sugar, eggs, milk, butter, and strawberries as well, in addition to flour.

To make sugar, you have to take your sugar beets or sugarcane to the sugar mill. To make butter, you have to supply the dairy plant with milk.

A screenshot from FS22 showing the one part of the production chains menu. This window shows what's needed to make cakes and bread.
The production management menu tells you what’s needed to make the desired products, like cakes and loaves of bread. Image credit: Giants Software.

Giants Software has published a graphic that visualizes the dependencies of the Production Chain feature in detail. Click on the image to see a larger version.

Buildings and Factories

To make the production chain work, Giants Software has created many factories and production buildings for FS22. Some are placed on the maps when you start a new game. Others can be installed from the Build Mode.

Here are some of the production facilities that come with the base game:

1. Cereal factory

An in-game screenshot of the Elmcreek cornflakes factory.
The Elmcreek Cornflakes factory. Image credits: Giants Software

2. Grain Mill

An in-game screenshot of one of the grain mills found in FS22.
You can have the grain mill process your crops to create flour. Image credits: Giants Software

3. Oil mill

An in-game screenshot of a plant oil factory in FS22.
An example of a plant oil processing plant in FS22. Image credits: Giants Software

4. Dairy

Screenshot from FS22 of a Dairy building. There's an older Fendt tractor with a milk trailer parked in front of the building.
Here’s how one of the base game dairies looks like. Image credits: Giants Software

Some of the buildings are already placed on the map when you start a new game. Others, you can build yourself.

A header image for the FS22 factory mods listicle.

More about factories in FS22: Ingenious Farming Simulator 22 Factory Mods.

13 Production Plants

There are a total of 13 different production plants available in the base game, not counting mods:

  1. Sawmill
  2. Carpentry
  3. Sugar mill
  4. Dairy
  5. Greenhouses
  6. Bakery
  7. Oil mill
  8. Grain mill
  9. Biogas plant (BGA)
  10. Grape processing unit
  11. Cereal factory
  12. Spinnery
  13. Tailor shop

You can choose to just deliver your goods to each of the plants. You can also buy the existing ones and even buy your own versions and place them on the land you own.

The plants produce many different products, ranging from flour and butter to clothes and furniture. Many products, and their in-game icons, are visible in the image below (click on the image for a larger version.)

Updates from FarmCon 21

FarmCon 21 gave us much more information about how Production Chains and factories work in FS 22. Here are some of the key points from the presentation:

  • There is a lot of production buildings available in the base game.
  • Creating new production chains and products is easy. Modders can do most of the work in XML files.
  • The production processes have original sounds, like machinery working or machinery idle.
  • Some of the production buildings have animations as well.
  • Most end-products require two or more ingredients.
  • It costs money to make most of the products.
  • You can store required ingredients in many base game production buildings, for example, when gathering other required components.
  • There are three output modes for the products in the production chain: Selling, storing or distributing to the next production point.
  • Suppose you choose to distribute the products from the management menu. In that case, they will be moved automatically to the production point of your choice.
  • Distributing the products automatically costs money.
  • You can also distribute the products manually, only paying for the cost of fuel.
  • Most products can be sold to other farmers in multiplayer.
  • In multiplayer, each farmer can have their own set of production facilities. You are, for example, not limited to just one bakery per multiplayer map.
  • Yes, you can have greenhouses. These will produce pallets of fruits and vegetables.
  • Sawmills, turning your logs into different wood products, are also possible.

In the video below, Giants Software Lead Q&A, Ken Burgess, and Gameplay Programmer Marius Hofmann go pretty deep in explaining how all of this works.

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Sources: Giants Software.

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