The FS22 Place Anywhere Mod – How to Download and Use it

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With the FS22 Place Anywhere mod, you can place buildings and other objects literally anywhere in construction mode in Farming Simulator 22 (FS22.) Here’s how you use it and where the proper place to download it is.

Collisions in Video Games

All video games have collisions. FS22 too. No, I’m not thinking of AI traffic crashing into you when you’re pulling a record-high bale stack, only to tip over because of the impact.

I’m talking about invisible boundaries, or walls if you like, that stop game objects from moving through each other.

Screenshot of an FS22 John Deere 6R tractor with the collision objects visible.
Those red boxes are collision objects. They are usually not visible in the game.

Those red boxes in the image above are the collisions for the FS22 John Deere 6R tractors. They are usually invisible, but I’ve made them visible so it’s easier to understand what I’m talking about.

If it wasn’t for collisions, you could drive the JD straight through the walls of every building in FS22 or through other machinery. Not very realistic, right?

Note that also all objects and buildings have collisions in the game. It’s those collisions in particular that make life hard for Farm Sim construction work.

Why a Mod Like FS22 Place Anywhere?

In-game screenshot, an example where it's not possible to place a gas tank close to another object. The error meassage Overlaps with another object is displayed.
Without the mod, placing objects has noteable limitations.

The problem with collisions in FS22 occurs when you enter construction mode.

Have you tried placing an object really close to another object in construction mode? If you have, I bet that you’ve noticed the warning message saying Overlaps with another object.

Well, the Place Anywhere mod for FS22 removes that obstacle for you, literally.

How the mod works

In-game screenshot from FS22 showing to sheds placed very close.
The Place Anywhere makes it possible to place sheds really close, for example.

The FS22 version of Place Anywhere doesn’t remove the actual collisions in the game. They are still there, and you still can’t drive tractors through walls.

Instead, the mod helps override the strict placing limits put in place by the Construction mode. No, it doesn’t break your game. It won’t affect performance negatively.

It just eases the rules.

How to Use the Mod

The beauty of the Place Anywhere mod is how simple it is while simultaneously having a huge, positive effect on gameplay.

Here’s how you use it:

  1. Download the mod to your mods folder.
  2. Activate the mod when you start your game save.

That’s all you have to do. Now, you can start building out your farm and factories without worrying about strict placement rules.

  • You’ll notice how you can place objects much closer to each other.
  • It’s even possible to place one object inside another.
In-game screenshot of a gas tank placed inside a shed thanks to the Place Anywhere mod for FS22.
Yes, you can place one object inside another.

Some limitations

Even if the mod is called Place Anywhere, you can’t place stuff 100 % anywhere you want all the time. There are some limitations:

  • You can’t place an object inside a building with four closed walls, for example. It doesn’t matter if the building has doors that open.
  • Yes, you can have objects overlap to a certain degree. If you push it too far, collisions will have an impact, and the placement will create artifacts to the ground.

FS22 Place Anywhere is still a lot more powerful than the FS19 version:

  • In FS19, you can’t place any object inside buildings that have floors.
  • In FS22, you can if there’s an opening in the wall.
In-game screenshot of multiple objects placed inside a shed in FS22. The shed has a floor.
You can place objects inside buildings with floors as long as there’s an opening.

Proper Visit Download Site

It’s the brilliant modder Ifko[nator] that has created the FS22 Place Anywhere mod. He works closely with Farmer_Andy, the creator of the FS19 smash hit Hof Bergmann.

Together, they run the LS Farming Mods website, which is the only place where you should download this mod.

Just note that you have to register as a member to download mods from that site. It’s both free and well worth it. Ifko[nator] and Farmer_Andy have created some of the best mods in the history of Farm Sim games.

Here’s the link to the download location for FS22 Place Anywhere. You can register as a member from that page.

Another Option

If you want to download a similar mod straight from the modhub inside the game, you can take a look at the PlaceableExtended mod for FS22.

It does precisely the same as Place Anywhere but is a bit easier to download.

Do you want more? Check this out: Awesome FS2 Script Mods.

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