The New Soil Textures and Groundwork Features in Farming Simulator 22 (FS22)

Farming Simulator 22 (FS22) introduces several new soil features and textures. The new additions make the game much more realistic. It also looks much better, thanks to a wide variety of new soil and ground textures.

The Farming Simulator games are mainly about the soil and what you do to it. FS22 is the most diverse game yet regarding what you can do to the soil and what the ground looks like at various stages.

Stones in the fields

Screenshot from FS22 of an Elho stone picker collecting stones.
Stones will appear in the fields after plowing and cultivating. You can turn this feature off. Image credits: Giants Software.

We’ve already touched on how small and large stones are spawning in the fields in the new game. In many areas of the world, farming involves a lot of stone picking.

In FS22, stones come in various shapes and sizes. Not only that, but they can also cause some actual harm.

This is how the stones feature work:

  • Stones might show up when you’re plowing or cultivating.
  • The size of the stones popping up varies with the type of equipment you’re using.
  • Cultivators bring smaller stones to the surface.
  • Tools for deeper groundwork make larger stones surface.
  • If you do nothing about the stones, your machinery will be damaged.

P.S. If you’re not a big fan of the new stone feature, you can turn it off entirely in the game menu.

Removing the stones

A screenshot from FS22 of an Elho stone picker being pulled by a Massey Ferguson tractor.
There are several stone pickers available in the game, like this one from Elho. Image credits: Giants Software.

Luckily, you can remove stones from your fields in more than one way in FS22.

  • You can use a stone picker to collect the stones.
  • Note that you can sell the stones to a debris crusher.
  • If your problem consists of only smaller stones, you can push them back into the ground with a roller.

Rollers with a Mission

Sceenshot from FS22 of a Massey Ferguson tractor pulling a Dalbo roller.
Rollers are great for several things in FS22, like pushing small stones back into the ground. Image credits: Giants Software.

FS22 is the first time ground rollers or land rollers have a mission in a Farming Simulator game. Not only will they help you remove smaller stones. They have more uses.

  • After you’ve sown your crops, you can get a considerably better yield if you compact the seedbed with a roller.
  • Driving a roller over meadows (grassland) grants you one fertilizing stage.

There’s a drawback to rolling your grass fields, though. The roller sets back your grass to its first growth stage.

You Can Mulch Too

FS22 screenshot of a Fendt tractor pushing a TMC Cancela mulcher.
Mulching improves your yield. Image credits: Giants Software.

Mulching is another feature introduced to the Farming Simulator universe by FS22. In real-life farming, mulching involves covering the soil between the plants with a layer of organic material, such as straw or grass.

The cover is great for several things:

  • It keeps the plant’s roots cool in the summer and warm in the winter.
  • It protects the soil from the sun, rain, and wind.
  • The cover makes it harder for weeds to get a foothold.
  • It keeps the water in the upper layers of the soil from evaporating.

Using mulched material as covers in FS22 will improve the soil, and therefore the yield.

The game will have several mulchers that you can use. One way of using them is by mulching the stubbles left on the field after harvests.

Several New Ground Textures

FS22 has more textures for the soil compared to previous games. What you do to the soil, and the type of equipment you use, impacts how the soil looks to a greater extent than previous versions of the game:

  • There are, for example, different cultivated textures for different types of cultivators.
  • Using seeders make the seedbed look different than using planters.

Here are some examples of how much the soil looks different compared to older installments of the game (click on the image to see a larger version.)

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