Farming Simulator 22 Money Cheat

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Do you need more money in Farming Simulator 22 (FS22)? Here’s an fs22 money cheat that doesn’t require a mod to work. It will add unlimited amounts of money to your farm. How much is up to you.

FS22 Money Cheat

There might be several reasons for wanting more money in FS22 without having to put in the necessary work:

  • Maybe you’re a modder that needs money to test your mods.
  • You’re perhaps a content creator who needs more money to create a video.
  • Or you’re a regular player that has gotten tired of doing all the chores needed to expand your farm.

No matter your reason, here’s how you can use cheats to top up your bank account.

Use the Developer Console

First of all, a pardon to all Xbox and PlayStation players. This cheat only works on computers. Look further down for tips on how console players can get free money in the game.

FS22 has a powerful developer console that anyone on computers can use. It works by entering different commands into the console while the game is running.

One of the benefits of the FS22 developer tool is that it allows you to do a lot of magic in the game without relying on mods.

Before you can add more money to your farm, you must enable the developer console. If you don’t know how to do it, I’ve created an easy-to-follow guide.

Add Money

When you’ve enabled the FS22 developer console, it’s time to start rolling in money. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Activate the developer console by clicking the tilde (~) key.
  2. Press the tilde key once to activate the writing mode.
  3. Now, write gsMoney, then press the Tab key so that you end up with gsMoneyAdd.
  4. Don’t press the spacebar, just write the amount you want to add, e.g., 1000000
  5. Press enter and watch your account grow.
  6. Finally, press the tilde key to close the developer console.
The Drake meme showing before and after using the money cheat code in FS22
The gsMoneyAdd command can make you filthy rich in FS22.

Another FS22 Money Cheat

There’s another FS22 money hack that you can use that doesn’t require the console command. Instead, you can edit the game’s save file.

The file is in XML format. That’s why you need a source code editor like Notepad++ to make it work. Notepad++ is our go-to editor. It’s free, and you can download it here.

Once you have the editor ready, it’s soon time for some XML magic. However, for this cheat to work, you need to have a game save to work with.

If you don’t have a game save already, start and create a new one in an available slot. Start the game, save it, and close the game.

Now, do this:

  1. Navigate to the main folder of the game, usually C:/Users/[ Your Username ]/Documents/My Games/FarmingSimulator2022/
  2. Look for the game save folder corresponding with the slot number you have created, e.g., savegame1.
  3. Open the folder, locate the file called farms.xml inside the folder and open it in Notepad++
  4. With the farms.xml open in the editor, start searching the top of the document for this section: money=”10000.000000” (the amount might be different in your game save.)
  5. Now, change the amount to the left of the dot to anything you want, for example, money=”10000.000000 to money=”2550000.000000.”
  6. Save the file, close it, and restart the game.
Screenshot of the section of farms.xml that needs to be edited to add money in FS22.
You can edit farms.xml for easy money in FS22.

Important Note: When you start the game after only editing the farms.xml file, the game save card will display the old amount while the edited amount shows in-game. This is corrected automatically once you save the game again.

Alternatively, you can edit the careerSavegame.xml file too. Open it in the editor and scroll down to the <statistics> section (see the image below.) Change the amount between <money> </money> to match the number you added in farms.xml. Again, you can skip this second step.

Screenshot of the part in the careerSavegame.xml that can be edited for the correct amount of money to show up when loading the game.
You can, but don’t have to, edit the careerSavegame.xml too.

And this is how you can enjoy a much fatter wallet in Farming Simulator without doing all the work.

Great Money Cheating Mods

Sure, some mods add money to the game for you. Here are my favorites:

Power Tools

Header Image for the FS22 Power Tools Mod

Power Tools for FS22 is a mod that can add unlimited money to your game. Not only that, you can use it to remove money too.

The money-adding option is just one of several cheats available with the mod. Here are the other things you can do:

  • Fill or empty vehicles and tools.
  • Enable flight mode.
  • Toggle the HUD on or off.
  • Give your character super strength.

The mod is available in the in-game modhub. You can read my guide for it here.

Government Subsidy

In-game screenshot of the two signs included in the Government Subsidy mod
You get either $350 or $350,000 per hour with this mod.

All the money cheats above are only available on computers. So, what about getting some free money on consoles? There’s an excellent solution for that; the Government Subsidy FS22 mod.

The Government Subsidy mod is available on all platforms, including consoles. Some will say it’s a cheat mod, but it isn’t. You can read why in this article.

Ready to get 100 million dollars or 100,000 dollars per year? Download it now from the in-game modhub or visit the download page over at

Looking for more FS22 cheats. Here you go: Farming Simulator 22 Cheats.

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