10 of the best FS22 Low Loader (Lowboy, Flatbed) Mods

The header image for the top FS22 low loader listicle shows the Pitts LB51 26 and the Fliegl SDS350J semis.

A low-loader trailer is still quite an uncommon sight on most real-life farms. However, it’s a remarkable piece of equipment to have in Farming Simulator 22 (FS22.) They make transporting large harvesters, tractors, and equipment more manageable and fun.

They are also excellent choices when many pallets or bales need to go somewhere.

Here are my favorite FS22 low loader mods:

1. Galtrailer Low Loader

Now, a brilliant low loader for your FS22 transportation needs. The Galtrailer low loader (lowboy) mod is a magnificent replica of the real-world version.

Similar mods have been present in older versions of the game. However, they don’t come close to the level of details you get with this one.

The modeling work is impressive; I especially love all the cables placed on the trailer. The textures are great, and the sound effects are outstanding.

  • The Galtrailer comes with several customization choices:
  • Coloring options for most of the trailer, of course.
  • You can add protecting walls to the trailer.
  • There is also a config option for the swan neck.
  • Buy the fixed drawbar if you want a tractor to pull the trailer. No dollies are needed.

Rear Hitch

One of the handiest features is the rear hitch. If you add one to your trailer, you can put a combine on the bed and attach the header trailer to the rear.

Yes, it’s also possible to add side extensions to the bed, making the lowboy suitable for transporting wider vehicles.

Here are some other features I like:

  • The rear ramps can slide to the sides, creating a wider entry point for large vehicles.
  • There’s a moveable ramp between the two decks. Great for utilizing as much of the bed space as possible.

Kudos to the modder for making a US/Canadian trailer version. It’s more than 3 meters longer than the EU version (15.7 meters vs. 12.5 meters.)

2. 50FT Gooseneck Transport Trailer

I didn’t know I wanted these many options in a flatbed transport trailer! Now, I’m so happy that I’ve added the Lizard Logistics 50 feet gooseneck trailer to my farms. It’s an FS22 flatbed mod by 82Studio.

It’s not just one trailer. It’s a whole bunch of trailers in one pack. You see, the mod consists of 4 different models:

  • 20GN/BP
  • 30GN/BP
  • 40GN/BP
  • 50GN/BP

You’ve probably got it already, but just to make sure: The trailers are 20, 30, 40, and 50 feet long. And that’s not the only thing. There are so many shop options:

  • The tail can be configured in a flat deck setting or two different ultra-wide ramps.
  • You can choose between a gooseneck or a bumper pull coupler.
  • There are log poles that can be folded when not in use.
  • Lots of wheel options are available. Axle options too.
  • You can also buy different types of metal or wooden panels for the floor.
  • There’s an option for adding extensions to the bed, making it wider.

And yes, you got tension belts and a dynamic mount attacher for securing equipment and vehicles on the flatbed.

On top of that, you can equip the trailer with autoloading functionality. It will make collecting bales a lot easier. Note that it’s just the 50 ft trailer (the 50GN/BP) that can be equipped with automatic loading…

All in all, another Big W(in) for 82Studio, although…

One tiny hiccup: When testing the trailer during autoload, it became impossible to haul and started to tilt slowly to the side when I applied the tension belts. As soon as I removed the straps, it worked as usual…

50FT Gooseneck Transport Trailer Quick Facts

  • Base Price: 8,000.
  • Modder: Custom Modding.
  • Platforms: All.
  • Errors: One hiccup (see above.)

2. Lizard Class C 450/455/460 Low Loader

This is the Lizard Class C 450/455/460 36 feet low loader. It’s clearly inspired by transport trailers you’ll typically see on roads in Canada and the United States.

My favorite feature is the hitch options. There are three versions to choose from:

  • A Gooseneck version.
  • One straight drawbar.
  • And a high-deck semi hitch.

This allows both trucks, pickup trucks, and tractors to pull the trailer.

When you’re visiting the shop to buy the trailer, you’ll be presented with other choices too:

  • Coloring options for the frame.
  • You can remove parts of the center deck.
  • There are lots of additional options for the deck floor.
  • It’s even possible to paint the wooden deck in different colors.

Yes, the trailer has working tension belts. It’s perfect for transporting bales.

3. Landoll 845-AG Haulall Series

A screenshot of the Landoll 845-AG Haulall Series lowboy trailer.

The Landoll 845-AG Haulall Series lowboy is the best transport trailer in the history of Farming Simulator games. I’ve never seen anything like it, to be honest.

  • You can buy covers for the front and the rear of the trailer’s frame.
  • It’s possible to extend the gooseneck by buying an extension that flips when not in use.
  • A coupling system for a third axle is also available.
  • Different types of warning flags and arms are available. The arms have lights
  • Wood planks can be added to the middle section of the deck.

The cover option adds two ramps to the rear of the trailer. The trailer can also be extended to each side; four different deck widths are available.

Another cool feature is adjusting the deck’s height above the ground. You can do it with your mouse or a controller.

There’s also a third axle in the shop. You can connect it to the main trailer, increasing the load capacity.

The third axle extension does also have several buying choices:

  • A couple of cover options for the frame and the wheels.
  • Yes, different wheelsets are also available.
  • You can also add different warning flags and signs to the frame.

Custom Modding has raised the bar for the North American modding community several notches with this mod.

I hope it serves as an inspiration for aspiring modders. It’s a mighty demonstration of what’s achievable right now in FS22 modding. All it takes is plenty of time and a lot of talent…

Note: The trailer uses the Lizard brand to avoid copyright issues if you’re playing on consoles.

  • Brand: Landoll.
  • Base Price: 119,000.
  • Modder: Custom Modding.
  • Errors: No.

4. Pitts LB51

A screenshot of the Pitts LB51 26 lowboy.
You can extend the lower deck to make space for wider vehicles.

Here you have the Pitts LB51 heavy haul lowboy. It has 3 axles and a fixed neck hitch.

One of the things I like the most about this semi-trailer is extending the platform. You can convert it into a wide lowboy easily.

This option is very handy if you want to transport combines with wide track axles or a large tractor with twin wheels or triplets.

If you want to customize the trailer, you have some color options waiting inside the shop. It’s a really good lowboy. I enjoy hauling big stuff on it.

  • Brand: Pitts.
  • Base Price: 28,000.
  • Modder: FS Miner.
  • Errors: No.

5. Goldhofer 2 Axle

A screenshot of the Goldhofer 2 Axle low loader.
Unfortunately, it doesn’t get longer than this, but it’s still a great trailer.

Another beautiful creation from the modder FS Miner. The mod rebuilds the Goldhofer STZ-VP 3 that entered the Farming Simulator Franchise in FS17.

This low loader works a bit differently than most. You have to split the platform from the neck to get vehicles onto it.

Then you can drive the vehicle you want to haul onto the platform. Finally, you just have to connect the platform to the neck, and you’re ready to go.

This semi-trailer is also equipped with an extendable platform, perfect for transporting wide-body vehicles and tools.

Configuration options:

  • Colors (body, reflectors, and the rims.)

Unlike older versions of the Goldhofer mod, you can’t extend the length of this one. However, you can raise and lower the trailer once it’s attached to a truck. Great for adjusting for different ground clearance needs.

  • Modder: FS Miner.
  • Errors: No.

6. Lizard Logistics 20FT Gooseneck Trailer

A screenshot of the Lizard Logistics 20FT gooseneck trailer mod for FS22.

NOTE: This flatbed trailer has been replaced by the 50ft gooseneck trailer.

Here’s the FS22 Lizard Logistics 20FT gooseneck trailer from the talented 82Studio. If you decide to buy it, here are the purchase options.

  • The deck can have a wooden finish or one in metal.
  • There’s a gooseneck or a bumper pull drawbar option.
  • You can add the Lizard Logistics logo to the drawbar or the gooseneck if you like.
  • A lot of color options for the trailer’s frame.

I’m glad that there’s a bumper pull option. The gooseneck version doesn’t play well with the base game pickup trucks. It has a nasty tendency to flip over in high-speed turns.

If you want to use the gooseneck version, you’ll be better off pairing it with the TLX 2020 Series pickup from the same modder.

Having said that, I like the trailer a lot. It has working tension belts that also will strap down any vehicle or equipment you place on the deck.

  • Brand: Lizard Logistics.
  • Base Price: 8,000.
  • Modder: 82Studio.
  • Errors: No.

7. Fliegl SDS350J

A screenshot of the Fliegl SDS350J low loader.
It’s great to have the Fliegl low bed trailer back in FS22.

Another great Fliegl mod for FS22. This time, the Fliegl SDS350J low loader with color options and an extendable transport bed to the sides.

The loading platform is quite long. Two smaller tractors will fit without problem.

The mod is based on the Fliegl low-loader that made its first appearance in FS15. Since then, the model has gotten many adjustments and modifications, making it an awesome transport trailer in FS22.

Here are the customization options:

  • Standard wheel setup or a rear steering axle.
  • Color pickers for the body and the tire rims.

I’ve used Fliegl low beds since 2014. This version feels brand spanking new, not at least because of the updated audio files.

The thing I like the most about it is the optional steering axle. If you buy it, it will become easier to maneuver the trailer.

  • Brand: Fliegl.
  • Base Price: 23,000.
  • Modder: Peppe978.
  • Errors: No.

8. Trail King 50 LP

A screenshot of the Trail King 50 LP lowboy.
I love how the Trail King looks behind the classic Mack Truck.

The American company Trail King is the leading North American manufacturer of heavy-haul lowboy trailers. It’s great to have one of the company’s semi-trailers, the Trail King 50 LP, in Farming Simulator 22 (FS22.)

The mod is based on the company’s older TK 50 drop deck trailer. Drop deck means that the trailer has two deck levels. The bed drops after the trailer clear the truck pulling it.

There are color options for the rims and the body inside the shop.

I like this modded lowboy a lot. It’s good for transporting smaller vehicles.

I must warn you, though. It lacks a collision mask. Nothing dramatic, but it will leave a warning in the log. Hopefully, the modder can add the correct mask now that Giants Editor works.

  • Modder: Farm Sim Studio.
  • Errors: Yes.

9. Lizard Special Lowloader TLS39

A screenshot of the Lizard Special Lowloader TLS39.
This is a nice semi-trailer, custom-made for forest harvesters.

This FS22 low-loader is created with all you digital loggers in mind. It’s specially designed to transport forest harvesters to and from the forests.

No problem, though. You can use it to move other types of vehicles too.

If you like colors, this trailer is for you:

  • There are different color pickers for different parts of the trailer.
  • You can even decide which color the tension belts will have.

I want to mention a great feature of the trailer. You can remove the inner ramps, giving you extra space for the vehicles you want to transport.

  • Brand: Lizard.
  • Base Price: 53,890.
  • Modder: HR Forst und Fahrzeugbau.
  • Errors: No.

Low Loader or Lowboy?

We have many names for the things we love. Low loaders are no exception. This type of semi-trailer has different names in different parts of the world. Here are some examples:

  • Low-loader: Used in British English.
  • Lowboy: Mostly used in the USA.
  • Low-bed: You can hear this phrase in some parts of Canada.
  • Float trailer: Used in Australia and the eastern parts of Canada.

So, now you know.

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