15 Phenomenal FS22 Large Tractor Mods

Small tractors do small jobs. Large tractors do big jobs. This is as true in Farming Simulator 22 (FS22) as in real-world farming. This post is for you if you want to do more in less time in the game.

Here is my list of recommended FS22 large tractor mods:

1. John Deere 9R, 9RT, 9RX 2019 Series

A screenshot of the John Deere 9R, 9RT, and 9RX Series tractors for FS22.

SiiD Modding, one of the most talented FS modders, has added most of the missing pieces to the base game’s large John Deere tractors.

The result is a powerful pack of green machines:

  • A John Deere 9R.
  • One John Deere 9RT.
  • And the mighty John Deere 9RX.

In my opinion, the best expansion is the localization options. You can dress all JDs in a US/Canadian, Australian, or European outfit.

Those options include oversize signs for the Aussie version and North American flashers that look like the real thing.

Many Options

A screenshot of the shop options for the modded John Deere 9R, 9RT, and 9RX Series tractors.

As with other mods from SiiD Modding, the pack of large John Deeres has lots of configuration options. Here are just some of them:

  • The cabin windows can have tinted glass.
  • There are weight options for the front of the tractors.
  • It’s possible to mount a rock box to the tractor fronts instead of weights.
  • Lots of wheel and track options.
  • You can also put fleet numbers on each tractor.
  • The belt tracks come in different widths.

This pack of John Deere tractors is another win for SiiD. It’s an impressive package he has put together, expanding on the features and options of the models that already exist in the game.

The tractors don’t have extra animations, though. You can’t, for instance, open the doors.

  • Brand: John Deere.
  • Base price: From 346,000.
  • Horsepower: 517—628 hp.
  • Modder: SiiD Modding.
  • Platforms: All.
  • Errors: No.

2. Case IH AFS Connect Magnum

A screenshot of the Case IH AFS Connect Magnum mod for FS22.
Both a red and a black version of the Magnum tractor are available.

Here’s a full-fledged Americanized, Canadianized version of the magnificent FS22 Case IH AFS Connect Magnum tractor. It adds more possibilities and options to the base game version:

  • A massive number of wheel options, including different tracks to the rear.
  • Wheel configs from all FS22 brands, including Lizard, which I believe is a Firestone replacement.
  • EU and US (Canadian) design versions are available.
  • You can add several different monitors to the inside of the cab (just for the looks, though.)
  • 3-point hitch with PTO or weights can be added to the front.
  • Black or red body paint.

A mouse or a controller can open the left door.

I think the localization options are what make this Case stand out. For example, choosing the EU or US version adds different blinkers and hitches to the tractor.

  • Brand: Case IH.
  • Base price: 312,000.
  • Horsepower: 374–435 hp.
  • Modder: Casearias Modding.
  • Platforms: PC, Mac.
  • Errors: No.

3. Case IH AFS Connect Steiger Series (Narrow Frame)

A screenshot of the Case IH AFS Connect Steiger Series. Both the Narrow Frame version and the Rowtrac version is visible.

Right now, the Case IH AFS Connect Steiger by KarlFarms is the best tractor mod for Farming Simulator 22, no matter the category. FS22 tractor mods can’t get much better than this.

The mod expands the base game’s Case IH Steiger tractor in all ways imaginable. You don’t get just one, but two different tractors:

  • The Case IH AFS Connect Rowtrac.
  • And the Case IH AFS Connect Narrow Frame Steiger.

The main difference is this:

The Rowtrac version has several options for belt tracks on both axles:

  • Not one, but 45 (!) track setups from Continental, Camso, Soucy, and Lizard.
  • The track spacing options are: 80″, 88″, and 120″.

The narrow frame version uses wheels and lots of them:

  • 107 (!!) wheel configurations (US/EU): Trelleborg, Michelin, Continental, BKT, Vredestein, Goodyear, and Firestone.
  • The engine options are slightly less powerful: 425–500 horsepower (the Rowtrac maxes out at 550 hp.)

Customization Frenzy

A screenshot of all the in-cab montiors that are available.

KarlFarms has always added tons of optional features to his mods. The FS22 Steiger tractors are no exemption.

If you enjoy personalizing your vehicles and tools, you’ll love all the customization options:

  • Color pickers for the rims: grey, Case IH standard grey, black, and white.
  • Options for window tint: regular, light tint, dark tint, or black tint.
  • Both US and EU configurations are available.
  • Exhaust and lighting configurations.
  • Weights or a rock box can be added to the front.
  • Rear weights and a quick hitch are optional.
  • You can also adjust the beacon lights and add fleet numbers.
  • A carpet for the cabin floor is also available, together with several in-cab monitors.

Many Animations

A screenshot of the Case IH AFS Connect Steiger tractor with the left door and the hood open. The image demonstrates the animations that are built into the mod.

The large Case IH Steigers have probably more animations than you’ve experienced with other FS22 tractor mods.

  • You can change what’s shown on the screens of the monitors.
  • The feature lets you toggle between Climate FieldView and Precision Planting 20|20 screens.
  • It’s possible to swivel the driver’s seat 40 degrees.
  • The hood can be opened, and so can the left door.
  • When you open the door, the interior light is turned on automatically. Awesome!

Several animations have sound effects, like opening and shutting the door.

It’s difficult to find words describing how good this mod is. Brilliant, impressive, astonishing… Yes, it’s all that and then some. My advice? Treat yourself; try it yourself. I promise you won’t regret it.

  • Brand: Case IH.
  • Base price: From 446,000.
  • Horsepower: 425—550 hp.
  • Modder: KarlFarms.
  • Platforms: All platforms.
  • Errors: No.

4. John Deere 9RX 2022 Series

Here you have the FS22 base game John Deere 9RX with a lot of added goodies. It’s another of SiiD Modding’s magnificent mods.

Most important for many players are the localization options. The 9RX mod has design settings for three farming hotspots:

  • North America (USA and Canada.)
  • Australia.
  • Europe.

That is, of course, not all. Inside the shop, you can spend a lot of time and money on add-ons and extra equipment:

  • There are a few tinting options for the windows. Great for keeping those pesky UV rays out.
  • You can play around with the number of weights on the tractor.
  • If you’re buying a fleet of 9RXs, you can put numbers on each, up to 22.
  • Don’t want weights? What about a rock box, then?

It’s even possible to add a CB radio inside the cab. However, no one responds when I do radio checks…

I’m a huge fan of modders who don’t just tweak some lines in the vehicle XML files. Great modders make significant additions to existing models.

  • Base price: 478,500.
  • Horsepower: 484–691.
  • Top speed: 40 kph, 25 mph.
  • Modder: SiiD Modding.
  • Platforms: All.

5. John Deere 9RT

Want to be able to turn on a dime? Well, look no further. Here’s the mighty John Deere 9RT for you. It’s one of the best large tractors to drive in FS22.

Not only is the turn radius extreme, but it’s also a great ride. Even over the most rugged terrain, driving feels like being in a boat floating on smooth water.

Ok, before anyone gets seasick, we’ll look at what’s inside the shop. (Spoiler alert: it’s a lot…)

  • You can buy tinted windows for the cab in three versions.
  • There are three different options for flashers and warning signs.
  • If you need the tractor to weigh more, buy some weights with the different tracks.
  • Yes, you can also add weights to the front of the tractor.
  • The rear of the tractor has some hydraulic options.

There’s so much about this mod to enjoy, like the hood that can be popped open for engine inspections.

All in all, it’s one of those mods that demonstrates what talented people can achieve. They break down Giants’ models and put them back together, better, stronger, and more comprehensive.

  • Base price: 370,500.
  • Horsepower: 517–700.
  • Top speed: 40 kph, 25 mph.
  • Modder: Agro Tonho.
  • Platforms: All.

6. Versatile DeltaTrack Pack

This mod isn’t just one of the best large FS22 tractor mods. It’s also a history lesson. It gives insight into the evolution of the Versatile DeltaTrack series tractors from 2012 to today.

At the start of this period, Versatile started making DeltaTracks. Eventually, the model got two facelifts, one in 2017 and the last in 2021. All designs are represented in this mod:

  • The first model design (from 2012 to 2016 – 450, 500, and 550 horsepower.)
  • The second design (from 2017 to 2021 – 520, 570, and 610 horsepower.)
  • And finally, the third design was introduced in 2022 (530, 580, and 620 horsepower.)

Kudos to the modder for adding all models to the comprehensive Versatile pack. And no, it’s not just the colors that differ. There are subtle differences regarding the 3D models too.

Not only is the model selection extensive, but so are the shop options:

  • You can localize each model to look either Australian or American and Canadian.
  • On the shopping menu, you’ll also find extra weights.
  • Need a PTO to the rear or perhaps an autosteer monitor? That’s also in the shop.

It’s also possible to buy extra terminals inside the cab. They have no function other than being great to look at, though.

I’m so impressed with all the work that has gone into this mod. Indeed, it wasn’t built in one day; it’s a result of countless hours of hard work.

  • Base price: 261,000.
  • Horsepower: 470–665.
  • Top speed: 40 kph, 25 mph.
  • Modder: Julian F. Modding.
  • Platforms: All.

7. Massey Ferguson 4000 Series

Great dog of Flanders! That’s a great-looking tractor. It’s the Massey Ferguson 4000 Series in all its glory.

I know many of the brands Giants Software works with only want their newest models in FS22. Luckily, there are generous modders like EY Modding who add classic tractors to the game.

The tractors in Massey Ferguson’s 4000 series are true icons. When they hit the market in the 1970s, no other tractor could match the spacious cabins.

To this day, the 4000 4WDs are some of the most recognizable MF four-wheel drive tractors of all time.

Much of what made the 4000 series so great is included with the FS22 replicas. Like the turning radius that has raised many eyebrows since the late 1970s.

I believe the mod can lift some eyebrows too. The shop menu, for instance, is comprehensive:

  • It includes several wheel configurations.
  • You can buy different motors and fender setups.
  • A rear 3-point linkage is also there as long as you put up the money.
  • Don’t want the exhaust pipe straight in your face? Just buy a different one.
  • You can also repaint much of the tractor in one of two shades of red.

Some will say everything was better before. I beg to differ. However, Massey Ferguson indeed mastered the art of making incredible tractors back in the days.

EY Modding is also a master of his craft. The mod is fantastic in almost all ways. I’m incredibly impressed with the interior. The only thing I believe has some potential still are the sound effects. They have some room for improvement…

  • Base price: 140,000.
  • Horsepower: 225–375.
  • Top speed: 30 kph, 19 mph.
  • Modder: EY Modding.
  • Platforms: All.

8. Big Bud 450

No «Best FS22 Large Tractor Mods» list is complete without a Big Bud. A safe bet would be to put the Big Bud 747 on this list. However, I’m not going to do that. Instead, I’ll focus on the smaller Big Bud 450.

Although it’s not as powerful as its much bigger brother, it can still pack a punch, pumping out 450 horsepower.

According to the Internet, only a handful 450s were made from 1986 to 1990. I believe the exact number to be 7.

In other words, it’s one of the rarest tractors in world history you can drive once this Big Boy lands in your mods folder.

So, what does it have to offer other than a majestic look? Well, there are a couple of shop options:

  • You can get massive wheels for your tractor from most FS22 manufacturers.
  • Once you’ve chosen the wheels you want, you can pick doubles or singles.

And that’s it. There’s nothing more to configure. That’s just fine, especially when the tractor itself is one of the biggest stars of FS22 just because of its sheer presence.

  • Base price: 60,500.
  • Horsepower: 450.
  • Top speed: 30 kph, 19 mph.
  • Modder: Giants Software.
  • Platforms: All.

9. AGCO 1000 Series (Fendt and Challenger)

A screenshot of the AGCO 1000 Series mod. Both the Fendt and Challenger versions are visible.
You can have it as a Fendt. Yes, the Challenger version is still available in FS22.

The Fendt 1000 Vario series is one of the most well-known tractor models in the world. Did you know that the same tractor used to have a different dress and logo in Northern America?

It was possible to buy the yellow Challenger 1000 series tractors for some time. Then, AGCO pulled the plug, focusing on establishing Fendt as the leading tractor brand in the US and Canada.

(AGCO owns both the Fendt and the Challenger brands.)

This FS22 mod reflects what used to be possible. It’s 3 tractors and 2 brands in one:

  • The Fendt 1000 Vario series.
  • A Challenger 1000 Series model.
  • Also, a Fendt forestry edition in Jenz colors is in the mix.

EU and North America

The Fendt, including the Jenz edition, has a traditional EU design. The Challenger model replicates the 1000 series you might see in Canadian and American fields.

Here are the buying choices:

  • Wheel setups from all FS22 brands except Vredestein.
  • Front fender options.
  • A protective cage for forestry work.
  • The original Fendt model can be painted in various colors.

You can open the left door and the rear window. Your mouse or your controller controls both.

It’s a fantastic mod. It looks stunning and sounds even better. The only thing I miss is North American specs for the Fendt.

  • Brand: Fendt, Challenger.
  • Base price: 329,000.
  • Horsepower: 396–517 hp.
  • Modder: Ahran Modding.
  • Platforms: All.
  • Errors: No.

10. Claas Xerion 3000 Series

A screenshot of the Claas Xerion 3000 Series tractor.
A glorious tractor from one of the best Farm Sim modders.

One of the most talented Farming Simulator mod makers, Smety, is back with this excellent Claas Xerion 3000 series for FS22.

It’s one of the most detailed Claas mods yet, without going overboard, hurting the game’s performance in the process.

Now, let’s enter the shop and see what your options are:

  • You can add an extra set of weights on the rear deck of the tractor.
  • Lots of wheel configurations from most of the brands in the game.
  • Warning signs on or off.
  • You can also buy an option for switching driving directions.

4 Steering Options

I love the included steering options that are available out of the box. You have four configurations to choose from:

  • All-wheel steering.
  • Front-wheel steering.
  • Crab steering to the left or right.

In real-world farming, crab steering reduces the compaction of the soil. This is accomplished by the rear wheels not following the front wheel tracks.

This Xerion 3000 has no additional animations. However, you can buy the option to switch driving directions in the shop. When you enable it, the whole cabin turns 180°.

Note that this option disappears if you put weights on the tractor’s saddle.

  • Brand: Claas.
  • Base price: 330,200.
  • Horsepower: 335–379 hp.
  • Modder: Smety.
  • Platforms: All.
  • Errors: No.

11. Versatile 4WD Pack

A screenshot of two of the models from the FS22 Versatile 4WD pack.
Honestly, these Versatiles are a lot better than the base game version.

This mod adds three different versions of the large Versatile 4WD tractor to Farming Simulator 22:

  • A 2012–2016 model.
  • The 2017–2021 model.
  • And the 2022 model.

The newer the model, the more powerful it is. Each model also has visual variances, like different exterior colors and cabin equipment.

Now, let’s take a look at the shop choices, which are almost identical for all the 3 models:

  • Most of the FS22 wheel brands offer different setups.
  • There are localization options for North American and Australian versions.
  • The inside of the cab can be equipped with monitors and a footrest.
  • Even a carpet can be added to the cab’s floor.
  • Options for a rear PTO and weights to the front.
  • The Autosteer options add extra monitors to the cab and a receiver to the roof of the newer models.

You can turn the driver seat some degrees to the right. It’s also possible to open the left door.

  • Brand: Versatile.
  • Base price: 261,000.
  • Horsepower: 470–665 hp.
  • Modder: Julian F. Modding.
  • Platforms: All.
  • Errors: No.

12. John Deere 8760-8960

A screenshot of the John Deere 8960 tractor.
It looks magnificent, and it packs a punch despite the age.

Here’s the majestic John Deere 8760-8960 tractor mod for the nostalgic FS22 farmer who also wants power and a lot of it.

Even though it’s old, you still have many choices to make inside the shop:

  • You can add a larger diesel tank to the tractor.
  • It’s possible to switch between different exhaust pipes.
  • Several rear hitch options (standard with PTO, 3-point hitch with PTO.)
  • Extra front lights can be added too.
  • You can also buy a John Deere StarFire 3000 receiver for the roof.

The tractor only uses Michelin wheels, but many different setups are available.

You can also localize the tractor. Australian and North American versions are possible.

The feature I enjoy the most is how it’s possible to open and close the left door. There are sound effects, both for opening and closing it. When you open it, a light turns on, lighting up the inside of the cab.

  • Brand: John Deere.
  • Base price: 79,999.
  • Horsepower: 300–370 hp.
  • Modder: SiiD Modding.
  • Platforms: All.
  • Errors: No.

13. Fendt Vario 900 Row Crop

A screenshot of the Fendt Vario 900 Row Crop tractors in regular colors and the Black Beauty version.
Both US/Canadian versions and EU versions are available.

Here’s the Fendt Vario 900 Row Crop pack for Farming Simulator 22. The mod adds two different Americanized Fendt 900s to FS22:

  • One Fendt in the traditional green color.
  • The other one is the Black Beauty version.

Both models share the same shop options:

  • Wheel setups from all the FS22 wheel brands, except Lizard.
  • European or American warning signs and flashers.

And animations?

Besides the standard FS22 animations, you can turn the driver’s seat slightly to the right, which is fantastic. Just use a mouse or a controller to swivel the seat.

  • Brand: Fendt.
  • Base price: 280,000.
  • Horsepower: 296–415 hp.
  • Modder: Julian F. Modding.
  • Platforms: PC, Mac.
  • Errors: No.

14. Deutz-Fahr Series 9

A screenshot of the Deutz-Fahr Series 9 mod.
Yes, the mod has everything you need to make it a Warrior.

The Deutz-Fahr Series 9 is one of the tractor models that didn’t make the cut going from FS19 to FS22. Fortunately, modders have done a terrific job getting the tractor in shape for the new game.

  • All FS22 wheel brands offer various setups.
  • A design option toggles the visibility of the warning signs and the front fenders.
  • You can add some equipment monitors inside the cab, but only for show (unfortunately.)

The mod also comes with several color options. When you pair the right color with the corresponding engine model, it’s possible to make the Deutz-Fahr a complete Warrior.

  • Brand: Deutz-Fahr.
  • Base price: 246,000.
  • Horsepower: 295–450 hp.
  • Modder: JensJupp.
  • Platforms: PC, Mac.
  • Errors: No.

15. John Deere 8RT Series

A screenshot of the John Deere 8370 RT tractor pulling a Kinze planter.
I’m glad to have an older 8RT in the game. However, it’s odd it costs more than the 2020 version.

It’s not really the features that secure this John Deere 8RT’s spot on this list. It’s here more for nostalgic reasons. This specific model was one of my favorites in FS19. Now, it has been converted for Farming Simulator 22.

The conversion is as simple as it gets. It’s a bit-by-bit port from the old game to the new. Nothing new has been added, except for updated sound effects.

Still, this JD holds its ground thanks to the many details of the 3D model and the simple fact that it’s cool to have an older version of the 8RT in the game.

Inside the shop, there are a few customization possibilities:

  • Different amounts of suitcase weights.
  • Two different engine models.
  • And two different axle tracks.

The rubber tracks are significantly narrower if you select the widest axle track, 3 meters.

  • Brand: John Deere.
  • Base price: 379,000.
  • Horsepower: 394–420 hp.
  • Modder: Bubber Drumm.
  • Platforms: PC, Mac.
  • Errors: No.

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