Top 3 Best FS22 Grain Cart Mods

There are several excellent grain cart mods for Farming Simulator 22 already. I’ve taken a closer look at most of them, and this is what I’ve come up with: The best FS22 Grain Cart mods.

1. Kinze 851 and 1051 Grain Carts

In-game screenshot from FS22 of the Kinze 851 and Kinze 1051 Grain Carts

Here’s a great twofer for you: The Kinze 851 and Kinze 1051 grain carts. They were both featured as base game equipment in Farming Simulator 19 (FS19) but didn’t transit into FS22.

I really liked those smaller Kinze carts. Luckily, Giants Software made up for not including the carts in the first lineup. They are now offered as mods in the official modhub.

I don’t think you’ll go bonkers over the shop options because there are only two: Standard or wide wheels.

However, both Kinze carts look and operate magnificently. For example, they perfectly fit a tractor like the New Holland T8 Genesis.

There are also updated sounds for the folding animation of the auger. It’s also possible to hear the sound of the cover opening and closing.

  • Manufacturer: Kinze
  • Base Price: 59,000 and 74,000
  • Capacity: 30m3 and 37 m3
  • Max weight:
  • Modder: Giants Software
  • Errors: No

2. Demco Posi Flow

In-game screenshot from FS22 of the Demco Posi Flow grain carts

Here you have the Demco Posi Flow grain cart for FS22. It comes in three colors:

  • Red.
  • Green.
  • Blue.

Inside the shop, you get some wheel options to play around with, for example, duals. You can also add extensions to the cart. The extensions increase the overall capacity.

I particularly like how the trailer makes the tractor engine rev up during unloading. And the visual capacity changes are a nice bonus.

The first version of the cart had some issues. These have now been ironed out. The mod is also updated with all the new FS22 sounds.

It’s now a great, “little” cart, suitable for smaller tractors and tighter budgets.

  • Manufacturer: Demco
  • Base Price: 14,000
  • Capacity: 19,400—26,400 liters
  • Max weight:
  • Modder: Ross W. Modding
  • Errors: No

3. J&M 680 Gravity Wagon

In-game screenshot from FS22 of the J&M 680 Gravity Wagon

This is not a grain cart like the other ones on this list. It doesn’t have the characteristic foldable grain auger. Instead, the crops are offloaded through the grain chute at the bottom of the trailer.

In other words, you can’t use it for overloading crops to other trailers. Instead, you can empty the load directly into unloading triggers.

The J&M 680 has some exciting options in the shop. First, it’s possible to change the colors of the body, the cover, and the rims. There are several cover and logo options too. You can also decide whether you want a warning triangle and where it shall be placed.

The loading capacity is decent; 24,000 liters.

My favorite feature is that you can hook one trailer to another. You can pull a train of several J&Ms as long as your tractor is powerful enough.

  • Manufacturer: J&M
  • Base Price: 18,750
  • Capacity: 24,000 liters
  • Max weight: 15,2 Tons
  • Modder: DinizFarms
  • Errors: No

Grain Carts vs. Auger Wagons

You have most likely discovered that grain carts are called auger wagons in FS22. Why?

The same tool (basically) having different names has to do with geography.

  • In the USA and Canada, they are often referred to as grain carts.
  • While in Europe, they’ll often say auger wagons.

That’s how I separate them as well. On this page, I write about trailers found in North American fields. If you’re looking for counterparts used in European farming, check this out: Recommended FS22 Auger Wagon mods (coming soon.)

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