FS22 GPS? Here are 2 Great Alternatives

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Are you looking for GPS for Farming Simulator 22 (FS22)? Here are two FS22 GPS mods that add automated steering to all your vehicles in the new game.


Note that the GPS mods for FS22 below only work on computers. Unfortunately, no solutions are available if you’re playing on a PlayStation or an Xbox.

This might change in the future, though. If I ever come across an autopilot option for consoles, I’ll be sure to write about them on this page.

Guidance Steering by Wopster

An in-game screenshot from FS22 of a John Deere using the Guidance Steering GPS mod.
A John Deere is ready to start using guidance steering.

The FS22 Guidance Steering mod by Wopster is the closest you’ll get to a replica of real-world GPS systems for FS22.

In many ways, the mod works similarly to the guidance steering systems used by real-life farmers.

  1. First, set a starting point.
  2. Secondly, set an endpoint.

Once you’ve done that, the mod will calculate a route before taking control of your vehicle’s steering. It will make the vehicle drive in perfectly straight lines, which is excellent for all types of fieldwork.

No Auto-Turning

Unfortunately, there is no option for recording headland routes with the mod.

Nor is it capable of doing automatic turns, for example, when you reach the edge of your field and want to go the opposite direction. You have to make the turn manually.

The FS22 Guidance Steering mod is available via the in-game Downloadable Content section. If you’re unsure how to use it, why don’t you look at my guide?


  • Reasonably easy to use.
  • Simulates real-world GPS.


  • Costs money.
  • Slightly complicated setup.
  • No auto-turning.

Vehicle Control Addon by Mogli12

An in-game screenshot from FS22 showing a Massey Ferguson tractor using the Vehicle Control Addon's GPS-based autosteer module.
The VCA guiding lines are quite noticeable.

The Vehicle Control Mod (VCA) is more than a GPS for FS22 vehicles. It adds several useful features to all things drivable, like throttle control, toggleable all-wheel-drive, and adaptive steering for keyboard users.

And yes, the mod comes with a powerful GPS section. It’s a bit easier to use than Wopster’s Guidance Steering mod. Just press two buttons on your keyboard, and voila! The mod has created a route for you.

Semi-Automatic Turning

It’s also possible to get semi-automatic steering with VCA. When you reach the end of the field, just decide which way you want to turn. Then, when you press a button, the mod makes the turn for you.

Perhaps the best feature of VCA is that it’s free. Once you install and activate the mod, all your FS22 vehicles will have a GPS-based autosteer.

It’s not possible to record a headland route using VCA.

This FS22 GPS mod is still being developed. I have a guide for you: How to install and use VCA.


  • Easiest to use.
  • Totally free.
  • Automatic turning.


  • Still in development.
  • Slightly complicated setup.

FS22 GPS – Which One to Choose?

An illustration shows the logos of the Vehicle Control Addon mod and the Guidance Steering mod with the letters VS between.
VCA or Guidance Steering? Which GPS mod should you choose?

Though I mention some cons above, both mods are excellent GPS options for FS22. However, which one do I recommend?

Well, here’s what I think:

Do you want a GPS in FS22 that mimics real-world guidance steering systems? Is it essential that mods are bug-free? Choose the Guidance Steering mod.

However, if you prefer a slightly easier solution that doesn’t cost money in the game? Or is perhaps automatic turning important to you? Then definitely go for Vehicle Control Addon.

Using Both Mods

Maybe you want the GPS functionality of the Guidance Steering mod and the vehicle control features of VCA?

  • I’ve tried using both mods side by side without issues.
  • Nor did I experience problems when using both GPS solutions in the same game save.

However, this is no guarantee you won’t see some snag.

GPS in Real-World Farming

The mods above have taken inspiration from real-world GPS-based guidance systems. These systems are becoming increasingly popular among farmers. There are several reasons for it:

  • GPS systems reduce driver fatigue and poor driving performance.
  • They also reduce skips and overlaps.
  • Guidance technology can also boost productivity and yields.

Here’s a straightforward explanation of how one such system works:

An illustration of how GPS-based precision steering works, showing a satellite, a base station, a tractor pulling a trailer, and a combine harvester.
This is how GPS-based guidance systems work.
  1. Signals are sent to earth from the GPS satellites orbiting our planet.
  2. A reference station near the field, often called Real Time Kinematics (RTK) base stations, picks up the signals.
  3. A tractor in the field communicates digitally with the RTK station.
  4. The signals are fed to the tractor’s automated steering system.

This setup allows the steering system to control the tractor’s movement with centimeter precision.

Different Systems

A picture of a guidance steering control monitor inside the cabin of a tractor.
The driver uses a screen like this to configure and monitor the automated steering.

The world’s manufacturers of farming vehicles offer different GPS systems for their machinery. Perhaps the most well-known system is John Deere’s AutoTrac and StarFire receivers.

Here are examples of systems from other manufacturers:

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