FS22 Government Subsidy Mod – Download Info and Details

Screenshot of the Government Subsidy sign in FS22.

The Farming Simulator 22 Government Subsidy mod is as brilliant as it is simple to use. It does one thing, and one thing only, and it does it well: It gives you free money in Farming Simulator 22 (FS22.)

Not Cheating

In-game screenshot of the municipal sign included with the government subsidy mod.
You can get subsidies from both the government and the municipal. Here’s the municipal sign.

Some will argue that using a mod like this is cheating. Well, it’s not. Real-world farmers all around the world are receiving some support from their governments.

I’m not saying everyone gets it, but at least in the EU, Canada, and the USA, billions of dollars are paid to farmers each year to supplement their income.

So, yes – This mod is well-rooted in the real world of farming, although no farmer I know receives several hundred thousand dollars per hour…

Two Types of Subsidies

In-game screenshot of both signs that are included with the government subsidy mod.
The government pays quite a lot more money per hour in FS22 compared to the municipal.

Look for the subsidy signs under Generators under the Production tab in the Construction mode to have free money coming in.

There are two types of subsidies available:

  • Government subsidy: You earn a staggering 350,000 dollars per in-game hour if you choose this one.
  • Municipal subsidy: This version will only net you 350 dollars per hour. However, it’s closer to reality in many parts of the world.

Oh, the marvelous thing about the money signs is that they are entirely free. You don’t have to pay anything to place them on the ground.

How to Use the Mod

In-game screenshot of the location of the government subsidy mod.
You’ll find both signs in the Construction mode in FS22.

It’s effortless to use the subsidies mod. Here’s how you do it:

  1. You’ll find the signs here: Construction Mode -> Production -> Generators.
  2. Place your preferred sign close to your farmhouse.
  3. Watch as the pile of money grows bigger every hour.
  4. Don’t need free money anymore? Just sell the signs in Construction mode.

Government Subsidy Download Info

The Government subsidy mod was the first FS22 mod not made by Giants to be included in the official modhub. It’s the awesome people of Realismus Modding that have created it.

You can download it when you have the game running; you’ll find it under Downloadable Content. You can also get it from the online version of the modhub. Click here to get there.

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