The Best FS22 Generator Mods for Making Extra Cash

Generators are a type of placeable object in Farming Simulator 22. They can produce passive income for your farm.

Different types of generators are available, such as wind turbines, solar panels, and biogas plants. Each has a different cost, maintenance fee, and income rate.

Here are some of the best FS22 generator mods right now:

1. Wind Generators Made with Barrels by NYKK3

If you want to generate extra income in Farming Simulator 22, check out the Wind Generators Made with Barrels mod by NYKK3.

It adds three types of wind generators made with barrels you can place on your farm and earn money from renewable energy.

  • One tiny windmill.
  • A medium-sized windmill.
  • And one windmill in regular size.

Each has a different price, maintenance cost, and daily earnings (360, 600, and 840.)

The mod is based on using empty barrels as blades for wind turbines. The barrels are attached to a metal frame and a generator that converts the wind power into electricity.

The wind-based generators will start working automatically once they are placed. You can see how much money they generate by checking your income statement.

It gives you a passive income stream to help you finance other farming activities.

The mod is well-designed with a high level of detail and quality, realistic textures, sound effects, and animations.

Wind Generators Made with Barrels Quick Facts

  • Base price: 2,500–8,000.
  • Income: 360, 600, or 840 per day.
  • Platforms: All.

2. Colonial House by Naimog Mod

This is the Colonial House generator mod for FS22, created by Naimog Mod. Once you place it on your land, it’ll generate passive income for your farm to finance other farming activities.

The centerpiece of this mod is a beautiful and detailed colonial-style house. It’s definitely inspired by South American and Spanish architecture.

  • The house has a realistic design and textures, with windows, a door, and an AC unit.
  • It can be placed anywhere on your map, with enough space and level ground.

The house will generate monthly profit for you. How much depends on the season. The maximum monthly profit is 1,800, a nice passive income source for your farm.

The Colonial House mod by Naimog Mod is a great way to enhance your FS22 experience with a realistic-looking and profitable placeable object.

Colonial House Quick Facts

  • Base price: 38,000.
  • Income: Up to 1,800 per month.
  • Platforms: All.

3. Placeable Solar Panels by MechMods

The Placeable Solar Panels mod for FS22 lets you generate passive income while being environmentally friendly.

The mod includes solar panels in three different configurations:

  • The Solar panel 750.
  • A Solar panel 1500.
  • And the Solar panel 3000.

They will produce electricity and earn you money every hour. How much depends on the model and the difficulty level you’re playing.

Each configuration also has two variants:

  • W panels: Automatic vertical rotation and manual horizontal tilt.
  • WA panels: Has automatic rotation and tilt.

To interact with the solar panels, place your character in front of the panels and follow the instructions in the main help menu.

Note: Changing the tilt and the rotation doesn’t affect the income. But it’s undoubtedly a cool feature.

You can check how great they are working by opening the finances menu. You can also sell them if you want to get rid of them.

If you are looking for another way to diversify your income sources in Farming Simulator 22, try this mod. The solar panels are genuinely set and forget.

Placeable Solar Panels Quick Facts

  • Base price: 75,000–150,450.
  • Income: 125–585 per hour.
  • Platforms: PC and Mac.

4. Water Wind Turbine by NicoPix’s

This is the money-making Water Wind Turbine mod for FS22, created by NicoPix’s. It adds a metal water tower to the game that also functions as a wind turbine, producing electricity you sell for profit.

  • It costs 23,000 to buy and 5 per day to maintain.
  • The income is 480 per month.
  • You can place it anywhere on any map if you own the land.
  • The mod doesn’t require any particular terrain.

The mod has a realistic design. The 3D model looks brilliant, and so do the textures. It’s, of course, animated and has proper sound effects.

The Water Wind Turbine mod is a simple but practical mod that adds a new object to your farm. It helps you earn passive income while adding realism and diversity to your landscape.

Water Wind Turbine Quick Facts

  • Base price: 23,000.
  • Income: 480 per month.
  • Platforms: All.

5. RadioTower by Carl-TG

Next up on this list is the cool RadioTower mod for Farming Simulator 22 by Carl-TG. It allows you to place a lucrative radio tower generator on your land and receive monthly payments for hosting it.

The income you can get from the RadioTower mod is 67,872 per month. This is quite generous compared to other money-making generators in the game.

It’s also straightforward to use. You need to find a suitable spot on your map, preferably with a good view of the surroundings, and place the radio tower there.

You don’t need any power supply or other connections to use it. The tower will automatically generate income once placed on the ground.

Note that the tower is secured with cables anchored to the ground. This safety mechanism is realistic but will also eat up some of the tower’s surrounding area.

The FS22 RadioTower mod is a simple but effective way to add some realism and diversity to your farming experience. It’s also an excellent income generator to help you finance your other projects and expenses in the game.

RadioTower Quick Facts

  • Base price: 25,800.
  • Income: 67,872 per month.
  • Platforms: All.

6. Gas Station with Daily Income by Przemek23433

With the Gas Station with Daily Income FS22 mod, by Przemek23433, you can earn passive income from selling gas bottles. Does someone need gas to fire up their barbeque? No problem. You got the goods.

The mod adds two secure cages filled with gas bottles to the game:

  • One small cage that earns you 20 per hour.
  • If you choose the larger cage, you earn 25 per hour.

Because both cages are relatively small, you can place them almost anywhere on your farmlands.

Not only will these gas bottle cages earn you money. They are also quite decorative. The 3D models look good. And all the textures are pretty realistic.

I also love the details that Przemek23433 has added. Both cages do, of course, have padlocks that prevent the profitable content inside from falling into the wrong hands.

Gas Station With Daily Income Quick Facts

  • Base price: 2,000 and 3,000.
  • Income: 20 and 25 per hour.
  • Platforms: All.

More About Generators

The amount of money you can make with generators in FS22 depends on a couple of factors:

  • The type of generators you have and how many of each you own.
  • The economic difficulty level of the game does also play a role.

You can check how much money you make with your generators by looking at your income statement in the menu. You will see a “property income” line showing the total income from all your generators.

Some drawbacks

Generators are an excellent way to make passive income in Farming Simulator 22. However, they also have some drawbacks:

  • They take up space on your land.
  • They require initial investment and maintenance costs.
  • There’s also a slight possibility that some of them aren’t compatible with some mods or maps.

Therefore, you should consider carefully before buying generators and plan where to place them on your farm.

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