Top 11 Farming Simulator 22 Forage Wagon Mods (Loading Wagons)

The header image for the top FS22 forage wagon listicle, showing the Pöttinger Jumbo 10020 D and the Claas Cargos 8400 loading wagons.

You can use balers or forage wagons to pick up straw and grass in Farming Simulator 22 (FS22).

Instead of balers, collecting grass and straw with trailers is more straightforward and requires less work. Below are the FS22 forage wagon/loading wagon mods I recommend.

Forage wagons, or loading wagons, as they were called in FS19, have lowerable headers that pick up and feed the material into the trailer. That’s why they’re also called self-loading wagons.

1. Krone MX/RX Pack

This is one of the most impressive packs of forage pickup wagons I’ve seen in a while. The large Krone MX/RX pack has four different trailers:

  • A Krone MX330.
  • One Krone MX370.
  • Even a Krone RX360.
  • Lastly, the Krone RX400.

And before you ask, this is not the same trailer with different capacities. It’s four models, with different looks, walls, and pickup headers.

When you’re ready to open the wallet to get one or more of these beauties, you have some customization to do:

  • You can buy covers for all models.
  • It’s possible to buy a silage additive tank.
  • You can put different wheels on each trailer.
  • There are also options for the rear discharge rollers.

No, the rollers don’t affect the gameplay. FS22 isn’t that realistic. It’s just for show.

I’m so happy with these forage wagons. The modder has done a superb job. He has even created custom tanks for silage additive. Awesome!

  • Base Price: From 113,045.
  • Required horsepower: 120–170.
  • Capacity: 33 m³–40 m³.
  • Max weight: 21.9–24.1 Tons.
  • Modder: Schnibbl Modding.
  • Platforms: All.

2. Pöttinger Jumbo Pack

A screenshot from FS22 of the Pöttinger Jumbo Pack shows the 6020 D and the 10020 D.
This is hands down the best collection of forage wagons for FS22.

You’ll not often get a mod for FS22 with this many options. The Pöttinger Jumbo Pack is not just one trailer; it’s 4 different models. And wow! All those loading wagons look amazing, no matter the size.

Here are the models you get if you choose this mod:

  • 6020 D.
  • 6620 D.
  • 7220 D.
  • 10020 D.

Almost 50,000 Liters

The Pöttinger trailers will fit on most farms in the game. The smallest model is relatively easy to maneuver but still has room for up to almost 40,000 liters of grass or straw.

The largest model, the 10020 D, can collect almost 50,000 liters before it needs to be unloaded.

You can change the wheels on all models and the large sticker on the rear door inside the shop. Yes, all trailers can be used with silage additive, which results in a slightly better yield.

  • Brand: Pöttinger.
  • Base Price: 93,500—123,500.
  • Required horsepower: 180—250 hp.
  • Capacity: 32,900—46,600 liters.
  • Max weight: 13.5—18.3 tons.
  • Modder: Schnibbl Modding.
  • Errors: No.
  • Platforms: All.

3. Pöttinger Torro Combiline

A screenshot of the Pöttinger Torro 8010 D Combiline pickup wagon. There are different Pioneer silage additive containers in front of it.

Here’s one of the most comprehensive forage wagon mods for Farming Simulator 22. It’s actually a pack with two different loading wagons.

  • One Pöttinger Torro 8010 D Combiline.
  • And the smaller Pöttinger Torro 6510 D Combiline.

Both trailers come with an impressive list of purchase options:

  • Several wheel setups from most of the brands in the game.
  • You can add additional work lights to both pickup wagons.
  • There are also different cover options, including a duct cover.
  • It’s possible to have 2 or 3 discharge rollers.

Also, the largest trailer, the Torro 8010 D, can be equipped with 2 or 3 axles (tandem or tridem.)

I’m most impressed with the cross conveyor. It makes it possible to unload the trailer to the side. This is particularly useful if you want to use the trailer to feed your animals, for example.

Oh, I almost forgot… The mod also adds a variety of Pioneer silage additive containers to the game. There are canisters, barrels, and a 1,000-liter tank.

  • Brand: Pöttinger.
  • Base Price: 129,000/149,000.
  • Power Demand: 150/200 hp.
  • Capacity: 34,000/43,000 liters.
  • Max weight: Not specified.
  • Modder: DR_Modding.
  • Errors: No.
  • Platforms: All.

4. Krone ZX GD Pack

Do you need big forage wagons? I mean, really big? Then you can’t get them much bigger than the Krone ZX 430 and the Krone 560 GD.

The modder, Juli7250, has conveniently made a pack of the two large Krone trailers. And what a pack it has become!

All the hours spent by the modder on perfecting the trailers have paid off. Both pickup wagons look majestic. And the sound effect contributes in a big way to the immersiveness.

If the trailers are on your shopping list, you also need to consider the following configuration options:

  • With or without cover?
  • What types of wheels shall I choose?
  • Green frame? Or perhaps a gray frame?

The Krone ZX and GD pack are extraordinary. Even opening and closing the covers have dedicated sound effects. I’m happy!

  • Base Price: 119,000 and 161,000.
  • Required horsepower: 240.
  • Capacity: 43 m³ and 56 m³.
  • Max weight: 12.4 and 20 tons.
  • Modder: Juli7250.
  • Platforms: All.

5. Bergmann Shuttle Series (450 S and 490 S)

A screenshot of the Bergmann Shuttle 450 S and the Bergmann Shuttle 490 S.

This mod expands the FS22 base game’s Bergmann Shuttle 450 S forage wagon. First, it adds more customization options to the original model.

Secondly, it brings you the larger Bergmann Shuttle 490 S, capable of collecting and transporting 4,000 liters more than its more minor brother.

The in-shop configuration options include the following:

  • More wheel options from Trelleborg, Michelin, BKT, and Vredestein.
  • Options for the cover and a silage additive tank.
  • Color options for the trailer walls (white or grey.)

A nice little feature is that you can unfold the left-side ladder and open the service hatch.

I love how some modders go a long way to add more value and additional features to Giants Software’s original models. The pack of Bergmann loading wagons is a prime example of brilliant modding.

  • Brand: Bergmann.
  • Base Price: 110,500/131,000.
  • Power Demand: 240/300 hp.
  • Capacity: 45,500/49,500 liters.
  • Max weight: 21.9/20.8 tons.
  • Modder: ufo361.
  • Errors: No.
  • Platforms: All.

6. Pöttinger Boss Alpin Pack

These 3 Pöttinger forage wagons are so small that they are almost cute. They are also perfect for small-scale farming, especially on FS22 maps based on mountainous areas.

The only thing I wish would be possible is animated top cages. It would be awesome if it were possible to actually fold and unfold the cages instead of buying models with fixed cage positions.

The real-world versions of this mod are the favorites of many mountain farmers. The trailer’s low profile and center of gravity make pulling them up and down steep hills more secure.

The shopping menu for the Alpin pickup wagons includes the following:

  • The top cage in three states: Folded, partially unfolded, and unfolded.
  • There are several wheel options from most FS22 wheel manufacturers.
  • Single wheels or twin wheels are also available as an option.
  • You can also buy a silage additive tank for the trailer.

Note that the additive tank option only is available with the unfolded top cage.

Perhaps the most remarkable feature is the drawbar options. If you select the hydraulic drawbar, you can tilt the trailer up and down. If you choose the cheaper fixed drawbar, this feature isn’t available.

  • Base Price: 26,200, 30,500, and 33,800.
  • Required horsepower: 50, 60, and 70.
  • Capacity: 9.3–13.5 m³, 11.9–16.1.5 m³, and 14.5–18.7 m³.
  • Max weight: 4.8, 4.7, and 4.6 tons.
  • Modder: MrStier, LindnerPower.
  • Platforms: All.

7. Krone ZX 560 GD

A screenshot from FS22 of the Krone ZX 560 GD loader wagon.
The Krone ZX 560 GD is quite flexible thanks to the steering axles.

When you don’t include all the fantasy mods, the Krone ZX 560 GD is one of the largest pickup wagons in Farming Simulator 22.

It has an impressive capacity of 56,000 liters, more than 123,000 pounds.

The massive loader wagon was part of the FS19 base game lineup. I’m happy that Giants Software lets it live on as a mod for FS22.

Now, let’s look at what you can customize:

  • It has a couple of wheel options from Michelin and Vredestein.
  • You can add covers to the top of the trailer.
  • It’s also possible to buy a tank and a pump for silage additive.

The best feature? I’ll say the steering axles. Yes, it’s a humongous trailer, but also relatively easy to handle, thanks to steering on the front and the rear axles.

  • Brand: Krone.
  • Base Price: 161,000.
  • Power Demand: 240 hp.
  • Capacity: 56,000 liters.
  • Max weight: 20.1 tons.
  • Modder: Giants Software.
  • Errors: No.
  • Platforms: All.

8. Pöttinger Faro 5010 D

A screenshot from FS22 of the Pöttinger Faro 5010 D forage wagon.
The Faro 5010 D is noticeably larger than the base game’s 4010 D.

Here’s another excellent forage wagon mod for FS22, created by Schnibbl Modding. The Pöttinger Faro 5010 D self-loading wagon is the significantly larger brother to the base game’s Faro 4010 D. It’s almost a meter longer.

The 5010 D collects 6,000 liters more grass or straw than the 4010 D.

When you’re inside the shop, you can add different sets of wheels to the trailer chassis.

Yes, you can use silage additive with this one too. It’s done by adding a tank to the trailer. The tank can be purchased in the shop.

  • Brand: Pöttinger.
  • Base Price: 75,500.
  • Required horsepower: 150 hp.
  • Capacity: 32,000 liters.
  • Max weight: 8.1 tons.
  • Modder: Schnibbl Modding.
  • Errors: No.
  • Platforms: All.

9. Claas Cargos 8400

A screenshot from FS22 of the Claas Cargos 8400 loading wagon.
It’s great to have more Claas loader wagons to choose from.

Are you on the lookout for a slightly smaller Claas forage wagon than the base game’s Cargos 9500? Then I suggest you check out the Class Cargos 8400 mod.

The Cargos 8400 model is noticeably smaller than the 9500 model, thus being more forgiving when rounding tight corners. Still, its loading capacity is only 2,000 liters less than the bigger brother.

The shop options include wheel changes, license plates, and a tank for silage additives, but that’s also all you can customize.

One cool feature is how you can open and close the front top door with a mouse or a controller.

  • Brand: Claas.
  • Base Price: 105,500.
  • Required horsepower: 240 hp.
  • Capacity: 42,000 liters.
  • Max weight: –.
  • Modder: Schnibbl Modding.
  • Errors: No.
  • Platforms: All.

10. Strautmann Tera-Vitesse CFS 5201 DO

A screenshot of the Strautmann Tera-Vitesse CFS 5201 DO trailer, ready to collect grass.
Do you see how the top of the front wall is lowered?

It feels great to see the Strautmann Tera-Vitesse CFS 5201 DO pickup wagon in FS22. I used it a lot in FS19.

It’s one of the largest forage trailers in the game. The load capacity is 50,000 liters. Put simply; you don’t have to abort loading for offloading as much.

Although it’s a massive trailer, it’s still relatively easy to handle, thanks to steering on both front and rear axles.

Inside the shop, there are some configurations you can modify:

  • Wheel brands.
  • Silage additive.
  • License plate.

You can lower the top of the trailer’s front wall during forage harvests. It’s a nice feature, even if it doesn’t impact the load capacity.

  • Brand: Strautmann.
  • Base Price: 131,000.
  • Required horsepower: 240 hp.
  • Capacity: 50,000 liters.
  • Max weight: –.
  • Modder: Gefd25.
  • Errors: No.
  • Platforms: All.

The Krone ZX 560 GD loading wagon was one of the tools I missed the most when inspecting the FS22 garage lineup for the first time. I used it a lot in FS19.

The modder Bubber Drumm came to the rescue and provided us with an excellent conversion of the massive Krone loader wagon for FS22.

Massive Trailer

The ZX 560 GD is one of the giant loading wagons in FS22. The total capacity is 56,000 liters. The modder hasn’t set a max weight for it.

When you buy the trailer, you can choose to add a license plate to it and change the wheel brands and sizes. You can also buy a cover for the forage box and a tank for silage additives.

The best feature? I’ll say the steering axles. Yes, it’s a humongous trailer, but also relatively easy to navigate, thanks to steering on the front and the rear axles.

11. Schuitemaker Rapide 8400W

A screenshot from FS22 of the Schuitemaker Rapide 8400W forage wagon.
The Schuitemaker Rapide 8400W is one of the largest self loaders in FS22.

“You don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone” (thanks, Janet Jackson.) This became abundantly clear when I discovered that Giants Software had chosen not to include the large Schuitemaker Rapide 8400W self-loader in the FS22 base game lineup.

However, the forage wagon was available as a mod only a week after the game’s release. And it’s not a hasty conversion. The modder has taken his time to ensure that the trailer looks good. It also sounds a lot better than it used to do in FS19.

It’s Huge

It’s another massive loading wagon; It loads 20,000 liters more than the base game Rapide 58V.

Still, it’s pretty easy to use, thanks to steering on the front and the rear axles.

However, you’ll be disappointed if you’re hoping for crazy customization options. Here are the shop choices:

  • License plate addition.
  • Wheel change.

On the plus side, though, it’s nice to see that the trailer also works with silage additives. Just remember to buy the tank for it in the shop.

  • Brand: Schuitemaker.
  • Base Price: 150,000.
  • Required horsepower: 240 hp.
  • Capacity: 53,000 liters.
  • Max weight: –.
  • Modder: Bubber Drumm.
  • Errors: No.
  • Platforms: PC, Mac.

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