Top 9 FS22 Flatbed Trailer and Flatbed Truck Mods for Easy Transport

Flatbed trailers and trucks help transport various types of equipment, bales, pallets, and other items to and from your FS22 farm. They can also be customized with different colors, wheels, and other options to suit your needs better.

They are great tools and even greater if they are equipped with autoload.

Here are some of the best FS22 flatbed mods right now.

FS22 Flatbed Trailer Mods

Flatbed trailers are some of the most versatile tools in Farming Simulator 22. They can transport pallets, bales, logs, equipment, and other objects that do not fit in regular trailers.

They have a large flat surface that can be loaded with different items using forklifts, cranes, or loaders. Some are also equipped with ramps, making driving machinery onto the beds easy.

Here are some of my favorite FS22 flatbed trailer mods:

1. 20Ft Gooseneck Trailers Pack by 82Studio

The 20Ft Gooseneck Trailers Pack by 82Studio includes two 20-foot utility gooseneck trailer variants:

  • One flatbed trailer.
  • And a tipper trailer.

The flatbed trailer is highly versatile and can transport bales, pallets, equipment, or any other vehicle that fits on its platform. The tipper trailer can carry bulk materials such as grains, wood chips, or manure.

  • Both trailers have wheel selection options based on the target of your job.
  • You can choose between standard, wide, or off-road tires.
  • They also have custom-made wood panels and details that give them a realistic look.

You can customize the color of each trailer’s frame, picking from a wide range of available colors.

There are also options for the drawbar:

  • You can choose a gooseneck configuration.
  • The other option is a bumper pull drawbar that works with tractors.

Both trailers have wide, foldable loading ramps making driving your cargo onto them easy. They also have tension belts that secure your load during transport.

And finally, the flatbed trailer has autoloading capabilities for pallets. Ordinary production pallets are “converted” to custom transport boxes created by the modder.

20Ft Gooseneck Trailers Pack Quick Facts

  • Base price: 8,000.
  • Category: Low Loaders.
  • Autoload: Yes, production pallets.
  • Platforms: All.

2. Fliegl Flatbed Semitrailer by TopAce888

This is the Fliegl Flatbed Semitrailer mod for FS22, created by TopAce888. The mod adds a realistic and customizable flatbed trailer to the game. It can be used for different purposes.

This is a high-quality mod. It has several features to enhance your gameplay. Some of them are:

  • It has Autoload. It can automatically load most bales in the game.
  • Unloading can be done automatically too.
  • The trailer can carry bales, pallets, containers, vehicles, and other objects.
  • It has an option for a rear hitch; you can connect multiple trailers.
  • Shop options for colors, wheels, design parts, and decals.
  • The trailer has realistic lights, sound effects, and animations.

How to Use the Fliegl Flatbed Semitrailer

The Fliegl Flatbed Semitrailer is easy to use:

  • Buy the trailer (it’s in the “Baling Technology” category.)
  • Attach it to your vehicle and load it with your desired cargo.
  • You can use Autoload or manual loading methods.
  • Secure your cargo with tension belts.

Need help with how to use the Autoload function? Just look at the help menu. It has all the commands you need.

Note that the Autoload function only works with bales, not pallets.

The Fliegl Flatbed Semitrailer is an excellent mod for Farming Simulator 22. It offers versatility, realism, and customization.

You can use it for various tasks and scenarios, such as transporting hay bales to your animals, delivering pallets to sell points, moving containers around your farm, or hauling vehicles to repair shops.

It is well-made, functional, and fun to use.

Fliegl Flatbed Semitrailer Quick Facts

  • Base price: 28,000.
  • Category: Bale Loaders.
  • Autoload: Yes.
  • Platforms: All.

3. 50Ft Gooseneck Transport Trailer by 82Studio

The 50Ft Gooseneck Transport Trailer is another flatbed trailer mod by 82Studio. It offers extreme versatility and customization for transporting your equipment and goods across the map.

Here are some of the features:

  • Configurable in 4 length versions: 20 feet, 30 feet, 40 feet, or 50 feet
  • The longer trailers can carry more but require more space and clever maneuvering.
  • You can buy Automatic loading of bales for each trailer in the shop.

Configurable tail options:

  • You can opt for a flat deck or ultra-wide, foldable ramps at the back of the trailer.
  • The flat deck suits bales, pallets, and smaller vehicles.
  • The ultra-wide ramps allow you to load larger vehicles or machinery easily.

Configurable front attacher:

  • You can select a gooseneck or a bumper pull hitch for your trailer.
  • The gooseneck hitch offers more stability and weight distribution.
  • I think it’s easier to attach and detach the bumper pull drawbar.

When you put the bumper pull drawbar on the trailer, it can be attached to tractors too.

The trailers are extendable:

  • You can extend the trailer’s beds to each side.
  • This makes it possible to transport more comprehensive machinery.

Foldable log poles:

If you want to transport logs with your trailer, you can add log poles to secure them. The log poles can be folded when not in use.

The trailers also have a color selection option for the rims and the body and different wheel options depending on the terrain.

The mod also has realistic physics and animations, such as suspension, brakes, lights, and straps.

The 50Ft Gooseneck Transport Trailer by 82Studio is an excellent addition to your Farming Simulator 22 experience. It’s a versatile and customizable trailer that can handle most loads. Besides that, it looks terrific too.

50Ft Gooseneck Transport Trailer Quick Facts

  • Base price: 8,000.
  • Category: Trailers.
  • Autoload: Yes.
  • Platforms: All.

4. American Flatbed Pack by GamerDesigns

This is the American Flatbed Pack mod for Farming Simulator 22 by GamerDesigns. It adds several options for transporting your products across the map with style and efficiency.

The pack includes two flatbed trailers:

  • The American Flatbed.
  • And the Shorty Flatbed.

Both trailers have multiple configurations for different purposes, such as flatbed, forestry, and lumber. You can also choose from different wheel configurations, like dual, spread, or tri-axle.

The American Flatbed is longer. It can carry more cargo, but it also costs more. The Shorty Flatbed is shorter. It can maneuver better in tight spaces and has a lower price.

Both trailers have realistic details and textures that look authentic and immersive.

They also have working lights, indicators, and license plates. You can customize the color of the trailers and rims to match your preference.

A Dolly Too

There’s a dolly in the pack too. As all the trailers can be equipped with rear hitches, the dolly makes it possible to link more trailers together.

What about Autoload?

The trailers currently don’t have Autoload possibilities. However, GamerDesigns is working on adding automatic loading of bales to the trailers. It will be available in a future update.

The American Flatbed Pack by GamerDesigns is an excellent mod for anyone who enjoys hauling different kinds of products in FS22. It offers a lot of flexibility and realism for a reasonable price.

American Flatbed Pack Quick Facts

  • Base price: 16,000 and 22,000.
  • Category: Trailers.
  • Autoload: No.
  • Platforms: All.

5. 30′ Flatbed Autoloading Trailer Pack by Macktrucker921

The 30′ Flatbed Autoloading Trailer Pack by Macktrucker921 is much more than just a flatbed trailer. The mod adds five different trailer configurations to your game, each with its own set of features and options.

Here are the trailers you get:

  • One standard flatbed bale and transport trailer with Autoload.
  • A tipper body trailer without cover.
  • One dump body version with cover.
  • An option that includes log stanchions.
  • One liquid tank attachment with an optional slurry spreader.

The trailer’s frames, rims, tipper bodies, log stanchions, cover, and liquid tank are all color selectable. You can choose various colors to match your preference or your other vehicles.

You can also choose between a bumper pull drawbar or a gooseneck attacher.

Removing the ramps from the rear of the trailers is also possible.

The Flatbed Configuration

The flatbed trailer can be used to transport bales or pallets.

  • It has an autoloading function for bales.
  • You can also adjust the position of the entire load.
  • It holds up to 24 square bales or 18 round bales.
  • Yes, it works with cotton bales too.

Updated Version, More Options

Since I wrote about these trailers first, a significant update has been made to the mod. Now, it also includes:

  • A livestock version for transporting animals.
  • The dry spreader system for lime and dry fertilizer.

You can also buy unrealistic configurations for some variants (the tipper, the tanker, and the dry spreader.) This update means the trailer can carry significantly more without adding extra weight.

The trailers have realistic physics and animations. It also has working lights and indicators.

Overall, it’s a great addition to Farming Simulator 22 if you want more options and flexibility for your hauling needs. The trailers are well-designed and functional. They offer a lot of customization and impressive variety for different tasks and scenarios.

30′ Flatbed Autoloading Trailer Pack Quick Facts

  • Base price: 15,500.
  • Category: Trailers.
  • Autoload: Yes.
  • Platforms: All.

FS22 Flatbed Truck Mods

There are also several FS22 flatbed truck mods available. They serve the same purpose as flatbed trailers but have their own engine and cab.

Some of the best ones are:

1. TLX Phoenix Series by 82 Studio

I’ve written extensively about the TLX Phoenix Series truck mod by 82 Studio elsewhere on Simlift. TL; DR: The TLX Phoenix Series is one of the best truck mods for Farming Simulator 22. Period.

It also gets a top spot on the flatbed truck list. You see, there’s a flatbed in the pack. You can attach it to the truck if you choose the correct frame in the shop.

Autoload Functionality

With the flatbed, you can automatically load and unload bales or pallets without a loader or forklift. You can choose from different autoload modules that have various capacities:

  • Bales autoload: 18 bales (round or square).
  • Pallets autoload: 34–250 m³.
  • Mini-bales autoload: 225 mini bales.

All you have to do to use the autoload functionality is to press a button (see the help menu.) Then, drive near the bales or pallets you want to load. The mod will automatically detect and load them onto your truck.

To unload your cargo, drive to your destination and press another button. The mod will automatically unload your items in an orderly fashion. You can also choose the unloading side.

You can, of course, load and unload the cargo manually as well.

TLX Phoenix Series Quick Facts

  • Base price: 82,119.
  • Autoload: Yes.
  • Platforms: No.

2. MAN TGX 26.640 Straw Bale by Caleruega Modding Design

Here’s the MAN TGX 26.640 Straw Bale mod for FS22, created by Caleruega Modding Design.

It’s based on the original MAN TGX truck from Giant Software, but the modder has adapted it to suit the needs of bale transporters.

The modder has added a platform on the back of the truck that can automatically load and unload bales with a simple button press. The platform can hold 21 bales, which is more than enough for most farms.

You can also make your truck look more realistic or more stylish, depending on your preference:

  • There is a workshop option for the truck’s headlights.
  • You can add additional lights to it too.
  • It’s possible to repaint the truck’s exterior and rims.

If you need more

If you feel 21 bales isn’t enough, you can hook up a custom-designed bale trailer to the truck. You can get it from Modhub.

Look for the Camara Straw Bale Trailer (the Lizard Straw Bale Trailer on consoles) by the same modder.

MAN TGX 26.640 Straw Bale Quick Facts

  • Base price: 145,000.
  • Autoload: Yes.
  • Platforms: All.

3. Lizard F Series 1981 by Farm Centro Sul

An older version of the Ford F-Series trucks clearly inspires the Lizard F Series 1981 mod for FS22 by Farm Centro Sul.

The truck itself comes in three versions:

  • F-11000 (127 hp)
  • One F-14000 6×2 (162 hp)
  • And the F-19000 6×4 (204 hp)

In this article, however, the essential features are the LIZARD Bulk Carrier and the LIZARD HolRun. Both modules can be configured as flatbeds.

The bulk carrier works with the extended version of the trucks. The HolRun works like the ITRunner trailers, and you can use the LIZARD Transport Board, which is included with the mod, as a flatbed,

Customization Options

This is what you can customize:

  • The color of the body and rims.
  • Different configurations of wheels.
  • The engine, bumper, mirrors, exhausts, and more.

The Lizard F Series 1981 mod has a very authentic and realistic look, with detailed textures and animations. The trucks have a retro style that fits well with most FS22 farms. The sound effects are also very immersive and match the engine speed.

The Lizard F Series 1981 by Farm Centro Sul is an excellent mod for fans of vintage trucks. I recommend it to anyone who wants to add nostalgia and diversity to their farm.

Lizard F Series 1981 Quick Facts

  • Base price: 69,000 and 89,000.
  • Autoload: No.
  • Platforms: All.

4. MAN TGX 26.640 Platform by Farmer_22

Another flatbed truck mod that caught my attention recently is the MAN TGX 26.640 Platform by Farmer_22. It’s equipped with a platform with straps that can be used to transport bales or pallets.

The modded MAN has several features that make it stand out from other trucks in the game.

  • First, it has a detailed and authentic design based on the real-life MAN TGX 26.640 truck.
  • You can customize the cab color, beacons, grille, and horns to suit your preferences.
  • The mod also has light configurations and rear attacher configurations.
  • It works with the passenger script released with the Kubota DLC.

The main feature is the flatbed with straps. It allows you to secure your cargo on the back of the truck.

You can use this platform to transport any kind of bales or pallets. If you got a ramp, you could also use it for machinery transport.

The MAN TGX 26.640 Platform is well-designed and detailed, with realistic sounds and animations. It’s a great addition to your FS22 garage if you need a reliable and flexible truck for your farming operations.

I highly recommend this mod for anyone who enjoys driving trucks and transporting goods on their farm.

MAN TGX 26.640 Platform Quick Facts

  • Base price: 135,000.
  • Autoload: No.
  • Platforms: All.

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