Using Cheats to Fill Vehicles, Trailers, and Implements in FS22 Magically

Header image for the FS22 fill cheat guide displaying a tractor, a trailer, and a miagic wand

First this: Filltypes is Giants’ slang for anything you can fill vehicles and tools with in Farming Simulator 22. Anything from diesel to manure is filltypes.

Adding FS22 Filltypes by Cheats

Did you know that you can use console commands to fill your trailer, the grain tank of your harvester, or the liquid semi-trailer tank? The best thing is perhaps that you don’t need mods to make it work.

Let’s say you’re a modder. You’ve just made a trailer and would like to test it in-game. The FS22 developer console provides you with a shortcut for filling the trailer. You don’t have to harvest crops with a harvester first and then unload it into the trailer.

(Sorry, console players – This cheat only works on computers.)

The Developer Console

In-game screenshot of the FS22 developer console.
This is what the developer console looks like in FS22.

To use the filling cheat in FS22, you first need to enable the developer console. I’ve written an easy-to-follow guide here. Once it’s enabled, you can control many of the game’s mechanisms by entering commands in the developer console.

The filling cheat works for all machinery and equipment that are fillable. In short, if your vehicle or equipment has some sort of compartment, you can most likely use this cheat to fill it.

How to Use gsFillUnitAdd

The secret code word is gsFillUnitAdd. The automatic filling of trailers and tanks starts with writing that code in the developer console. Here’s how you do it:

First of all, make sure that the game is running and that you’ve enabled the developer console.

1. Check that the trailer or the implement is highlighted – Press G on your keyboard to make it the active tool.

Illustration that shows how to select the correct tool to fill
Press G to select the tool you want to fill.

2. Press the tilde key (~) once to open the developer console, once more to enable the writing mode.

Illustration explaining that pressing the tilde key activates the developer console.
Pressing the Tilde key once opens the developer console. Pressing it twice activates the writing mode. That’s what you need.

3. Write gsFillUnitAdd 1 wheat in the developer console, then press enter.

Illustration displaying the gsFillUnitAdd 1 wheat command and a trailer filled with wheat in FS22.
Write gsFillUnitAdd 1 wheat and press enter. Here’s the result.

4. If you want to empty the compartment, write gsFillUnitAdd 1 wheat 0

Important things to have in mind:

  1. Pay close attention to how the command is written. The developer console is case-sensitive and won’t accept spelling mistakes.
  2. Notice the number in gsFillUnitAdd 1 wheat. The number tells the game engine which compartment to fill. If your trailer and implement have more than one compartment, you can toggle between each of them by using the numbers 1 and 2, like this: gsFillUnitAdd 1 … / gsFillUnitAdd 2 ...
  3. You don’t have to write the command entirely. Instead, write gsFi then press the Tab key to toggle the correct command. If you do this, do not press the space bar after the valid command appears. The engine creates the needed space automatically
  4. You can also set the amount. Just add the amount to the end of the command like this: gsFillUnitAdd 1 wheat 2500

When You’re Running on Fumes

Yes, you can also fill up your vehicle when the gas tank is empty. It’s just as easy as filling equipment:

  1. Make sure that the vehicle is the active tool – Press G on your keyboard.
  2. Write this in the developer console: gsFillUnitAdd 1 diesel

Available Filltypes

It’s the filltypes that the trailer or implement accepts that dictates what you can cheat-fill them with. A slurry tanker, for example, will carry both liquid manure and digestate.

However, you can’t use the gsFillUnitAdd command to fill it with milk. With that out of the way, here are the solid filltypes that are available with the base game (remember that the developer console is sensitive to spelling mistakes):

  • wheat
  • barley
  • oat
  • canola
  • sorghum
  • olive
  • sunflower
  • soybean
  • maize
  • sugarbeet
  • sugarbeet_cut
  • sugarcane
  • seeds
  • forage
  • forage-mixing
  • chaff
  • woodchips
  • silage
  • grass_windrow
  • drygrass_windrow
  • straw
  • snow
  • roadsalt
  • lime
  • pigfood
  • manure
  • stone
  • mineral­_feed
  • fertilizer

For liquid trailers, these are the fill types you can use:

  • diesel
  • milk
  • water
  • herbicide
  • liquidfertilizer
  • liquidmanure
  • digestate

Save Time with FS22 Power Tools

FS22 screenshot illustrating how FS22 Power Tools can be used for flling trailer.
The fill cheat is easier to use with the Power Tools mod.

Don’t fancy spending time writing a lot of commands? Then it would help if you tried the Power Tools mod for FS22.

The mod has the fill cheat included and is easier to use. You don’t even have to enable the developer console to make it work.

I have written a guide on how to use the mod here. You can download it from the modhub inside the game.

Want more cheats? Look here: Farming Simulator 22 Cheats.

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