Top 6 FS22 Farmhouse Mods and FS22 House Mods

Most farmhouses have mostly decorative functions in Farming Simulator 22 (FS22.) However, as seasoned players will know, they offer one crucial feature; the ability to sleep when the day’s chores are done.

Some models also offer more like a wardrobe where you can change your character’s look and outfits.

Here are the best FS22 farmhouse mods and FS22 house mods right now:

1. American Farmhouse

This American Farmhouse is my favorite FS22 farmhouse mod by far. It has a magnificent exterior and a delightful interior. Yes, you can open the doors and walk into the building.

  • The building has a kitchen and a living room.
  • There are two bedrooms; one of them has a sleep trigger.
  • Next to the main bedroom, there’s a walk-in closet where the wardrobe trigger is.
  • There’s also a bathroom for all your hygienic needs.

The modeling and texturing of the beautiful FS22 house mod are excellent. And all the details, like a basket of fresh bread on the kitchen countertop. It’s almost like you can smell it.

It’s possible to change the color of the siding.

I also like that the house is relatively small. This makes it possible to dedicate more of the farmyard to workshops, animal pens, silos, and sheds.

Oh, if you think it gets too dark during the night, there are several light switches inside the house. Now, the only thing missing is the possibility to stream Netflix and Farm Sim streamers on the flatscreen…

American Farmhouse Quick Facts

  • Price: 125,000.
  • Ground texture: Grass.
  • Modder: OK Used Mods.
  • Platforms: All.

2. American Farm Buildings Pack

This pack contains a lot more buildings other than farmhouses. There are silos, workshops, sheds, and barns, all familiar to players who have spent time on the original FS22 Elmcreek map.

However, since this article is about FS22 farmhouse mods, I’ll focus on the farmhouses. I write farmhouses in the plural. You see, the pack has three different FS22 house mods:

  • One huge building with decks almost all the way around.
  • There’s a medium-sized building that requires less space.
  • And one smaller building, suitable for smaller farms.

All the buildings come in several different colors. You can’t enter them, unfortunately. The sleep triggers are placed in front of the front doors.

However, that’s not an issue. I’m grateful for the modder who has made placeable farmhouses out of already great models.

Oh, can’t find the wardrobe trigger, you say? Just look at the back of the houses.

American Farm Buildings Pack Quick Facts

  • Price: 50,000, 40,000, and 30,000.
  • Ground texture: None.
  • Modder: OmaTana.
  • Platforms: All.

3. Rustic Cabin

Here you have a nifty little cabin for your farming adventures in Farming Simulator 22. It’s perfect for starter farms or small-scale operations.

It’s also an excellent match for all players who don’t want a big farmhouse eating up space from the farmyard.

One of several cool features is opening the front door and walking inside the cabin. You’ll find a nice living room with a small cooking area.

But wait, there are more rooms!

  • There’s a bedroom where you’ll find the sleeping trigger.
  • The cabin has a bathroom that contains the wardrobe trigger.

You’ll also find light switches for the lights inside the cabin. The exterior light turns on automatically.

This FS22 farmhouse mod is brilliant in every aspect. Just look at all the gorgeous details on the inside and outside of the building.

Rustic Cabin Quick Facts

  • Price: 40,000.
  • Ground texture: Grass.
  • Modder: Elk Mtn. Modding.
  • Platforms: All.

4. Placeable Pack Farmhouses

The survival style of gameplay has become extremely popular in Farming Simulator 22. Much of its popularity can be credited to FS22 maps like The Western Wilds and No Man’s Land by the modder Alien Jim.

The idea is that you start your game on a map with no fields, farmyards, and almost no machinery and equipment. You have to start building your farming empire literally from nothing.

This pack of FS22 farmhouse mods, also made by Alien Jim, is perfect in a setting like this. It contains five different housing mods:

  • A doormat (yes, it’s just that) with a sleeping trigger.
  • Three different tents, small, medium, and large.
  • And one beautiful log cabin.

All the tents, plus the cabin, have both triggers for sleeping and wardrobe. Several of them are decorated with cool details like plants and furniture.

I like this mod pack a lot, especially on survival-style maps. The buildings help maintain a pioneering feeling early on in the gameplay.

Placeable Pack Farmhouses Quick Facts

  • Price: 200–10.000.
  • Ground texture: Dirt.
  • Modder: Alien Jim.
  • Platforms: All.

5. Pioneer Tent

Here’s another awesome mod for the pioneer farmer in Farming Simulator 22. It even has the word pioneer in the title. I think it’s an excellent mod for role players and content creators that uses survival-themed maps in the game.

The tent has a lot of beautiful decorative objects, like a cooking pan and hanging gas light, that fit the theme perfectly.

Yes, the tent has a sleeping trigger, but not a trigger for wardrobe changes. Unfortunately, you can’t walk inside the tent.

What you can do, is change the color of the tent itself. Many color variations are available.

The only thing I’m not so happy about is the gas light’s performance. The FS22 camping lamp shines much brighter than its real-world counterparts.

Pioneer Tent Quick Facts

  • Price: 20,000.
  • Ground texture: Concrete.
  • Modder: Vergamini Modding, Lostgamer.
  • Platforms: All.

6. Pack of Small Buildings

This Polish-style farmhouse is part of a larger building pack for Farming Simulator 22. This is what you get if you download it:

  • The farmhouse.
  • A pigsty.
  • And a barn.

With so many great Polish maps on the official modhub, it’s great to have more authentic buildings to place on them.

You’ll find the sleep trigger on one side of the house while the wardrobe trigger is on the opposite side.

It’s a great-looking model with fantastic textures. Too bad we can’t enter the house. It would have been cool to see what it looks like inside.

Pack of Small Polish Buildings Quick Facts

  • Price: 50.000.
  • Ground texture: Concrete.
  • Modder: LeoLeo.
  • Platforms: All.

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