6 of the Best FS22 Conveyor Belt System Mods

Conveyor belts are a valuable tool for many digital farmers in Farming Simulator 22. They’ve been a part of the game for many years, making it easier to handle large amounts of sugar beets and potatoes, for example.

They can also be used for emptying silage clamps and manure pits, although I don’t think I’ve ever seen real-world conveyors transport manure.

Nonetheless, they are fantastic tools for FS22, especially those with autoload. Here are 6 of the best FS22 conveyor belt mods.

1. Grimme SL8022 Quantum and TC816 Autoload

You’re right! These are not the most realistic tools you can buy for your farm. However, the Grimme SL8022 Quantum and the Grimme TC816 will make your stay in FS22 much easier.

  • They’ll help you clean out sheds of all imaginable crops.
  • You can also use them for emptying silage clamps much faster.

The modded Grimme conveyor belt mods have autoload, unlike the base game’s original models. The pick-up area is an excellent 15×15 meters.

This means that stuff like crops, manure, and silage will be picked up automatically within almost 8 meters to each side of the conveyor.

The backward reach of the autoload system is a massive 15 meters.

There’s another thing I like about the mod. You know how the base game’s drivable belt systems only do 5 kilometers per hour, right?

These beauties can reach speeds of 40 kilometers per hour. That’s 25 miles per hour.

  • Base price: 18,000 and 38,000.
  • Max speed: 40 kph, 25 mph.
  • Modder: Dr.Drulia.
  • Platforms: All.

2. Ropa Maus Pack

This is a modified version of the Ropa RootMaus 5 and the Ropa NawaRo-MultiMaus vehicles. The mod makes it to the list thanks to how you can use the NawaRo-MultiMaus.

This particular vehicle has a system of conveyor belts that can transport almost any of the solid stuff you’ll find in FS22.

You can use it for anything from grain, seeds, and potatoes to manure and even snow.

Because it’s a modified version of the original Ropas, there are certain things only the mod includes:

  • The ability to repaint most parts of the exterior.
  • Its pickup range is slightly increased, from 3 to 5 meters.
  • The emptying speed is also increased to 1,500 liters per second.

This is another awesome belt system mod. It’s also the least cumbersome to operate, thanks to being a vehicle first and foremost.

  • Base price: 328,000.
  • Max speed: 40 kph, 25 mph.
  • Modder: Rakmarok.
  • Platforms: All.

3. Vintage Auger Pack

Thanks to skilled modders like Bcbuhler, the number of American and Canadian tools, vehicles, and buildings for FS22 grows almost daily.

This time, Bcbuhler has brought some of the best North American auger mods to a Farming Simulator game.

There have been other mods from other modders, but they are not as well-modeled, well-textured, and flawless as these. This is what you get with this mod:

  • Versatile TD8-54, 54 feet long, 8-inch diameter (16 meters, 20 centimeters.)
  • John Deere 398 32 feet long, 8-inch diameter (10 meters, 20 centimeters.)

One really cool thing about both augers is that you have to connect their PTOs to tractors to make the auger spin. A great detail that adds more realism to the tools.

You can drive the augers the same way you can with other conveyor belts; the feature is there to simulate moving the tools by hand.

All in all, they are a brilliant duo of augers. And yes, I know they are augers, not conveyors. However, Giants Software has put them in the belt systems category.

  • Base price: 1,000 and 2,500.
  • Max speed: 5 kph, 3 mph.
  • Modder: Bcbuhler.
  • Platforms: All.

4. Meridian TL12-39 AL

This is how Giants Software should have made all augers and conveyor belts that can be driven by an operator walking along.

When you enter the modded Meridian TL12-39 AL, your character doesn’t magically disappear inside the tube. You can see it standing on the ground with one hand on the controller stick.

Once you start to move the auger, the character follows suit.

There are other modifications too:

  • The speed has been increased to 10 kph, 6 mph.
  • Powerconsumer has been added; the engine revs up when the auger works.
  • There is also exhaust smoke coming from the engine.
  • You can paint the auger in a wide variety of colors.

Another beneficial feature is that the Meridian now has autoload. It can pick up material from the ground.

  • Base price: 14,500.
  • Max speed: 10 kph, 6 mph.
  • Modder: Farmer_Andy.
  • Platforms: PC and Mac.

5. Grimme SL80-22 Quantum Autoload

This mod is for you if you want the Grimme SL80-22 Quantum with autoloading. Yes, it’s the base game Grimme belt system. However, the modder has done a terrific job making it many times more convenient to use.

Are you tired of using wheel loaders or telehandlers to get silage from bunkers or clamps? Then you definitely should take a closer look at this mod.

This SL80-22 Quantum will pick up “anything” in its immediate surroundings. The invisible, autoloading pickup trigger is about 15 meters wide and 7 meters deep.

The benefit? You don’t have to use other augers to feed the hopper of the SL80-22 Quantum. It’ll do the job itself.

The unloading speed is also quite impressive. It churns through a clamp of silage in no time.

  • Base price: 38,000.
  • Max speed: 30 kph, 19 mph.
  • Modder: RolfB69.
  • Platforms: PC and Mac.

6. Conveyor Belt with Load Trigger

This little guy has been around for the last four versions of the Farming Simulator game. It has always had an autoloading capability; you can put it to the ground, and it will pick up material close by.

However, the modded version does it on steroids. It has an automatic pickup range 6 meters wide and 5 meters deep.

Not only that, but it also has a secret storage compartment of 100 m³. On top of that, you can drive it around at a speed of up to 25 kilometers per hour, 16 miles per hour.

The mod is 100 % unrealistic, of course. It’s also beneficial when you need to collect a lot of stuff from the ground quickly.

If you like colors, you’ll be happy to learn that this FS22 conveyor can be painted in many colors.

  • Base price: 5,000.
  • Max speed: 25 kph, 16 mph.
  • Modder: Willis Werkstatt.
  • Platforms: PC and Mac

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