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The landscaping tool from Farming Simulator 19 has gotten a new name and a lot of functions. In Farming Simulator 22 (FS22), it’s called the Build Mode. It still lets you edit the terrain (sculpting and painting) and place buildings and other objects.

Build Mode with Easier Controls

The principles for the FS22 Build Mode are the same as for the FS19 Landscaping Tool: You can use it to edit the terrain in the game and place buildings and objects on land you own.

There are also several differences. Most important, perhaps, is the overhauled usability. Everything related to in-game construction in FS22 is more user-friendly.

Do you remember how cumbersome using the Landscaping Tool in FS19 could be? How you had to move in and out of different menus all the time? This is no longer an issue. Placing objects and buildings and altering the ground is now done from the same main menu.

The different tools to edit and change the terrain are also easier to use.

While being more user-friendly, the actual building and construction mechanisms have become more complex. The introduction of Production Chains has created a need for a more comprehensive construction tool.

Many Types of Placeable Objects, Buildings

In-game screenshot from Farming Simulator 22 showing a placeable shed from Rudolf Hörmann.
One of many sheds from Rudolf Hörmann, available in FS22. Image credits: Giants Software.

Giants Software has created several hundred buildings and objects that are placeable in FS22.

  • Buildings: This category of placeable objects is divided into several sub-categories, like silos, silo extensions, sheds, containers, and tools. Some well-known, real-world brands have agreed to have replicas of their buildings in FS22, for example, Meridian, Unia, Rudolf Hörmann, and GROHA Gropper Hallen.
  • Production: This is the money-making part of the Build Mode. Here you’ll find all the buildings and factories for the production chains together with selling points, greenhouses, and generators. BGAs are also found in this section.
  • Animals: This is the section for the placeable animal pens in FS22. They come in many shapes and sizes. Some of them also have additional functionality.
  • Decoration: A category for everyone who wants to add stuff like lights, fences, decorative buildings, and more to their map.

Finally, there’s the landscaping section of the Build Mode. It provides you with several tools for sculpting and painting the terrain, adding trees and plants.

Improved Fences

In-game screenshot from FS22 showing how placing fences are done in the Build Mode.
Placing fences are much easier in FS22. The process reminds us of The Sims, click and drag. Image credits: Giants Software.

In FS19, you had to place fence sections one by one. This was both time-consuming and somewhat difficult for a lot of players.

FS22 introduces a new fence-building system. You just have to place one fence post and then move the marker in the direction you want your fence to be. And yes, it works both uphill and downhill too.

Have you ever played The Sims? The FS22 system for building fences is quite similar to that construction mechanism.

Other Stuff (TL;DR)

Giants Software’s fan convention, FarmCon 21, taught us a lot about the revamped Build Mode for FS22. Here’s a quick summary:

  • Objects and building placement, and landscaping are combined in one screen.
  • The controls are simplified. The Build Mode is more user-friendly compared to FS19’s Landscaping Tool.
  • There are several hundred placeable objects and buildings available with the base game.
  • Buildings can have several functions, for example, having repair and refuel points inside the same shed.
  • You can change the colors of many of the placeables.
  • PlanET Biogas Group has provided the game with replicas of their real-world BGA facilities.
  • Placing fences and gates are much easier compared to FS19.
  • The Build mode is used to place rows of grape vines and olive trees.
  • Grass and other foliage remain when placing fences (less destruction.)
  • You can also add income-generating beehives and solar panels to your map.
  • There’s no undo-button, unfortunately, but it’s easier to correct mistakes compared to FS19.
  • Replicas of real-world buildings from Meridian, Unia, Rudolf Hörmann, and GROHA Gropper Hallen are available.

Video Demonstration

Giants Software has made a video for everyone interested in learning more about the new Build Mode. First, gameplay Programmer Jos Kuijpers explains how it works. Then QA Lead Ken Burgess and Gameplay Developer Stefan Maurus test some of the features live.

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