7 of the Best FS22 Bale Loader Mods

Here are some of the best FS22 bale loader mods right now:

About FS22 Bale Loader Mods

The Farming Simulator 22 bale loader mods category is filled with various tools that make collecting and transporting bales easier:

  • Traditional flatbed bale trailers that you must load manually.
  • Self-loading bale trailers for picking up bales in the field.
  • Bale forks for loaders.

Not to forget, several autoloading bale trailers that make bale harvests much easier. Now, let’s move on to the best ones.

1. Anderson Group TSR3450

The Anderson Group TSR3450 mod for Farming Simulator 22 is a replica of the real-world, self-loading bale carrier made by the Canadian company Anderson.

It’s so easy to use:

  1. Put the trailer into the operating state.
  2. Drive towards the bale.
  3. Aim the self-loading arm for the bale.

When you’re close enough, the arm will pick up the bale and load it onto the trailer. When it’s time to unload the bales, follow the instructions given in the Help Menu.

There isn’t much to customize in the shop, except for some wheel options. I don’t mind. The trailer is beautiful in all ways. The 3D model is outstanding, and so are the textures.

  • Bale capacity: 14 square bales.
  • Base price: 90,000.
  • Modder: Giants Software.
  • Platforms: All.

2. Crosetto PC Pack Additional Features

This is the magnificent Crosetto PC flatbed bale trailer pack. It’s made up of four different models:

  • A PC14082 with two axles.
  • One PC240850 with 3 axles.
  • The PC240970, also with 3 axles.
  • Finally, the PC320970 with 4 axles.

Not only can you use these trailers to load and transport bales. You can buy loading ramps in the shop to use the trailer to transport vehicles and equipment.

Speaking of the shop… There are quite a few shop options for the trailers:

  • There are wheel options for all models.
  • It’s possible to buy paint schemes based on many game brands.
  • You can select different configurations (bale, transport trailer, wood trailer.)

The Crosetto pack trailers have autoloading functionality. Just look at the Help Menu in the upper left corner to see the instructions for using this feature.

Note that you need two additional mods to make the trailers work:

The trailers are brilliant. The 3D models look fantastic, and the textures are perfect. I’m also happy that the modders have made autoloading and auto-unloading an optional feature.

  • Base price: From 30,000.
  • Modder: DD ModPassion.
  • Platforms: PC and Mac.

3. Anderson Group StackPro 7200

Here’s another awesome self-loading bale trailer mod. It’s the FS22 version of the Anderson StackPro7200 carrier.

It works the same way as the TSR3450 above: Maneuver the trailer close enough to the bale and let the loading arm take care of the rest.

Both loading and unloading bales are easy. Just follow the instructions displayed in the Help Menu.

If you’re looking for a bale loader with many customization options, this one isn’t really for you. You can change the wheels and customize the license plate. That’s all.

I’m not bothered by the lack of shop options, however. Everything else about this bale loader is simply brilliant.

  • Bale capacity: 14 square bales.
  • Base price: 102,000.
  • Modder: Giants Software.
  • Platforms: All.

4. Lizard Haymaster

The Lizard Haymaster bale trailer is the kind of equipment you want if you love collecting bales manually. It’s also perfect for pickup trucks, thanks to the gooseneck coupler.

The model is inspired by real-world trailers made by companies like Better Built Trailers and MBJ Trailers.

The FS22 Haymaster holds 20 round bales with diameters of 120 and 125 centimeters.

This is how I use the trailer:

  1. I use a tractor with a bale fork as the loading vehicle.
  2. The trick is to pick up two bales at a time.
  3. I place the two bales in the cradles from the rear.
  4. Then, I use the next pair of bales to push further down the previous pair.

The whole process is actually quite satisfying once you get the hang of it.

When it’s time to unload the bales, the cradles are flipped to the sides. The bales will roll out of the cradles onto the ground. You want to unload the bales onto a reasonably flat surface.

I’m impressed with the 3D model of this mod. It has many details, even though it’s a relatively simple construction. The textures look good too.

  • Bale capacity: 20 round bales.
  • Base price: 20,800.
  • Modder: BlendArt, Kolchozník jr.
  • Platforms: All.

5. Lizard Bale Trailer Pack

The Lizard Bale Trailer Pack is an excellent mod for anyone aiming for a realistic approach in FS22. There are no autoloading bales with these babies.

Instead, you have to place each round bale manually in the cradle. I’ve found that working from the rear is the easiest solution.

  1. Place the first bale at the rear.
  2. Use your tractor, the front loader, and the next bale to push the growing line of bales further down.

There are two trailers in the pack. One longer with a gooseneck coupling and one shorter with a bumper pull coupling. Both work great with pickup trucks.

Both trailers have tension belts to secure the load during transport better.

I like the trailers a lot. They are the obvious choice for smaller farm operations on maps that resembles American and Canadian areas.

  • Bale capacity: 9 and 6 round bales.
  • Base price: 4,000 and 4,500.
  • Modder: Lazy E Modding.
  • Platforms: All.

6. Gorenc Bale Fork Single

Bale loaders don’t get much simpler than the Gorenc bale fork mod for FS22.

  1. Mount the fork on your tractor.
  2. Lower the fork when you’re close to the bale.
  3. Move the fork’s arms under the bale.
  4. Raise the fork.

To make life easier for us digital farmers, the modder has added mouse and controller functionality to the fork. You can lower, raise, and tilt the fork with your mouse or controller.

The mod has a ratchet strap that secures the bale during transport. Oh, and if you want to be twice as efficient, buy two forks; one for the rear and one for the front of your tractor.

The simplicity philosophy is also maintained inside the shop. There are no customization options for the fork. However, sometimes less really is more…

  • Bale capacity: 1 round bale.
  • Base price: 500.
  • Modder: BD Modding.
  • Platforms: All.

7. Fliegl Flatbed Semitrailer

Autoload Capacity

  • Square bales: 36 x 180 cm, 30 x 220 cm, 30 x 240 cm.
  • Round Bales: 34 x 125 cm, 30 x 150 cm, 26 x 180 cm.

I’ll admit it. Sometimes, when I have perhaps many hundred bales to collect, I turn to the Fliegl autoloading flatbed trailers.

They reduce my time spent in the fields, stacking and loading bales, many times over. They are also brilliant at making nice-looking bale stacks at home, on the farm.

The auto-unloading feature of the trailers makes it so easy to place the bales. You can twist, turn, raise and lower the complete bale stack to put it exactly where you want.

When you buy the trailer, there are some shop options you can consider:

  • What wheel brands and wheel configurations do you want?
  • The colors of the frame and the loading bed.
  • If you want a rear trailer coupler.

It’s also in the shop you decide which bales to autoload. And that’s where I have my only objection. If you plan to load different bale types and sizes, you need one trailer for each.

Alternatively, you have to reconfigure the trailer in a workshop when you want to switch bale types.

However, that’s no biggie. The trailer is so awesome in all other ways; I think you’ll soon forget about the configuration requirements.

  • Base price: 28,000.
  • Modder: TopAce888.
  • Platforms: All.

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