Top 9 FS22 Autoload Trailer Mods and Autoload Truck Mods

You’ll discover some of the best FS22 autoload trailer and truck mods on this page. Most of the mods can automatically load and unload the following goods:

  • Bales, both round and square.
  • Production chain pallets from factories.
  • Farming product pallets (seeds, fertilizer, etc.)

Autoload is a specialization for flatbed trailers and flatbed trucks in Farming Simulator 22. It allows you to load pallets and bales onto your trailer or truck without manually doing it yourself. Unloading is also done automatically.

Here are my favorite FS22 autoload mods:

FS22 Autoload Trailer Mods

We’ll kick off this list with the best FS22 autoload trailer mods.

1. Fliegl Flatbed Semitrailer by TopAce888

This is the Fliegl flatbed semi-trailer for Farming Simulator 22, created by TopAce888.

This trailer can autoload round or square bales and has a choice of colors for rims, the frame, and the flatbed. It also features an option for a rear trailer hitch and also supports the bales of the Hesston balers mod.

The autoload function is easy to use. You can see which buttons or keys you must press by looking at the main menu in your screen’s upper left corner.

This is true for unloading, as well. All the commands you need are visible in the main menu. You must reset the autoloading functionality after you’re finished unloading.

(I’ve written a short guide on how to use the feature below this list.)

Steerable Bale Stack

The most impressive feature of TopAce888’s autoload trailer is how you can move the bale stack with a controller or a mouse.

Here are the numbers:

  1. Hesston 240 cm (20 bales.)
  2. Square 220 and 240 cm (30 bales.)
  3. Square 180 cm (36 bales.)
  4. Round 180 cm (26 bales.)
  5. Round 150 cm (30 bales.)
  6. Round 125 cm (34 bales.)

The Fliegl Autoload Bale Trailer has received high praise from players, with almost 1,000 votes and an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars. I agree. It’s an excellent mod, not at least because of how easy bale handling gets when using it.

Fliegl Flatbed Semitrailer Quick Facts

  • Base Price: 28,000 in-game currency.
  • Category: Bale loaders.
  • Platforms: All.

2. 20Ft Gooseneck Trailers Pack by 82Studio

The 20Ft Gooseneck Trailers Pack by 82Studio is a versatile and customizable trailer pack for Farming Simulator 22.

The mod includes two trailers:

  • One dump tipping model.
  • And one flatbed version.

Both trailers have wheel selection options based on the target of your job and custom-made wood floor panels and details.

And more importantly: The flatbed version has an autoload feature. If you buy it in the shop, you can automatically load and unload product pallets from all the base game factories.

Autoloading pallets from some modded factories is also possible. Currently, it works with many mods, but not all.

Custom Transport Boxes

82studio’s autoload function is unique.

  1. Your goods will be placed in custom transport boxes when starting the autoload.
  2. These boxes will contain your products until you choose to auto-unload.
  3. The products spawn as regular FS22 pallets during unloading.

The trailers feature extra-wide loading ramps and an adjustable drawbar for the proper loading balance. There are also tension belts available to secure your cargo.

In terms of visuals, the 3D model looks fantastic, with realistic textures, many functioning lights, and great animations. The mod has received positive feedback from players with an average rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars.

Overall, the 20Ft Gooseneck Trailers Pack is an excellent addition to any farmer’s equipment collection in Farming Simulator 22. Its versatility, customization options, and autoloading capabilities make it a safe choice for transporting equipment and cargo.

20FT Gooseneck Trailers Quick Facts

  • Base Price: 8,000 in-game currency.
  • Category: Low loaders.
  • Platforms: All.

3. 50Ft Gooseneck Transport Trailer by 82studio

Now, this is a bale autoload behemoth! It’s the 50Ft Gooseneck Transport Trailer by 82studio. It’s another flexible and modifiable trailer that can transport your equipment, bulk materials, liquids, and bales in Farming Simulator 22.

The mod offers four different lengths of trailers (20 feet, 30 feet, 40 feet, and 50 feet), two tail options (flat deck or ultra-wide ramps), and two drawbar options (gooseneck or bumper pull.)

And that’s not all. Here are some other features:

  • Foldable log stanchions as an option – helps you to secure and transport logs without falling off.
  • Built-in field service compartments to transport liquids – lets you store and carry fertilizers and herbicides in separate tanks.
  • A custom selection of colors – allows you to customize the appearance of your trailer according to your taste.
  • Adjustable drawbar – enables you to adjust the weight distribution of your cargo for better stability and handling.
  • Tension belts are available to fix your cargo – prevent your cargo from sliding or bouncing during transport.

Most importantly (since this list is all about autoload mods), you can buy a autoload feature that works with almost all bales in FS22 (except for 120-centimeter square bales.)

A simple button press automatically loads and unloads bales onto and off the trailer.

This is the bale capacities:

  1. 240 cm square bales: 30.
  2. 220 cm square bales: 30.
  3. 180 cm square bales: 30.
  4. 150 cm round bales: 30.
  5. 125 cm round bales: 30.

I have no problem recommending this mod.

The trailers are well-designed and detailed, with custom-made wood panels and realistic textures. I highly recommend this mod to anyone who wants to enhance their farming experience with a reliable and flexible trailer pack that can handle (almost) any job.

50FT Gooseneck Trailer Quick Facts

  • Base Price: 8,000 in-game currency.
  • Category: Low loaders.
  • Platforms: All.

4. TLX X52 Enclosed Trailer by 82studio

Do you need a large semi-trailer that autoloads and auto-unloads pallets from your factories in Farming Simulator 22?

I believe the TLX X52 Enclosed Trailer mod by 82studio is what you’re looking for. It has two different autoload options:

  1. One standard-sized trailer.
  2. And one version with an unrealistic load capacity.

Both versions above work with pallets with non-edible products.

You can use the reefer versions to move pallets containing edible products. There’s one with a realistic load capacity and another with an unrealistic load capacity.

Here are the capacities:

  • Realistic: 72 m³
  • Unrealistic: 250 m³

Note: Autoloading pallets work with most modded product pallets too.

Tons of Configuration Options

If you’ve ever used an 82studio mod, you know how many configuration options he adds to his mods. The TLX X52 is no exception:

  • You can add one of several axle configurations to the trailer.
  • Wheel options are available from Continental, Lizard, and Nokian.
  • The mudguards are configurable, and the same is the exterior lighting.
  • Want to haul more than one trailer? You can add a rear hitch to the trailer too.
  • There’s a nice collection of decals and colors available for the trailer’s exterior.

My favorite feature is how you can adjust the suspension height of the trailer. This makes it easier to align the rear of the trailer with the height of loading docks, for example.

The trailer has a realistic design and sound effects. It handles well on different terrains. It’s another excellent mod from one of the most productive and successful FS22 modders.

TLX X52 Enclosed Trailer Quick Facts

  • Base Price: 82,000 in-game currency.
  • Category: Trailers.
  • Platforms: All.

5. 30′ Flatbed Autoloading Trailer Pack by Macktrucker921

The 30’ Flatbed Trailer with Tipper and Logging Options mod for FS22 was created by Macktrucker921. It’s undoubtedly one of the most versatile trailers in the history of Farming Simulator games.

This is what you get if you put this awesome trailer pack in your mods folder:

  • Standard flatbed bale and transport trailer.
  • A tipping dump body option without cover.
  • The same dump option but with a cover.
  • Log stanchions for the flatbed configuration for your logging work.
  • A liquid tank that fits on the flatbed.
  • The tank doubles as a slurry spreader if you buy a splash plate.
  • Another option is to put a lime and dry fertilizer spreader on the flatbed.
  • Finally, there’s a livestock body, too, capable of transporting all FS22 animals.

On top of that, the trailer has tons of configuration options inside the shop for design, colors, wheels, etc.

Autoloading Bales

The flatbed trailer can be configured to autoload round and square bales, cotton bales included.

Note that one trailer doesn’t autoload all kinds of bales. You must buy the correct trailer for the bales sizes and shapes you want to work with.

Here are the different trailers and their capacities:

  • Trailer 1: 120 cm square bales (max 200 bales.)
  • Trailer 2: 180, 220, and 240 cm square bales (max 24 bales.)
  • Trailer 3: 125, 150, and 180 cm round bales (max 18 bales.)
  • One trailer for square cotton bales (max 2 bales.)
  • And finally, one trailer for round cotton bales (max 7 bales.)

One of my favorite features is the attacher options. You can buy a gooseneck hitch or a flat hitch for it. It’s also possible to buy a rear attacher.

The cool thing about the gooseneck version is that you can change the length of the coupler. This makes it possible to adjust the bed horizontally.

The 30′ Flatbed Autoloading Trailer Pack is one of the best mods for FS22 fans who want to save time and hassle while hauling bales. I highly recommend trying it if you want a more straightforward experience with bales in the game.

30ft Flatbed Autoloading Trailer Quick Facts

  • Base Price: 15,500 in-game currency.
  • Category: Trailers.
  • Platforms: All.

6. Small Flatbed Trailer Autoload Pack by Macktrucker921

The Small Flatbed Trailer mod for Farming Simulator 2022 by Macktrucker921 is an excellent pack of small trailers that makes bale transport much more effortless.

Not only that, the pack includes so many features. First, four different body configurations exist: standard flatbed bale and transport trailer, tipper dump body with or without cover, and log poles.

Here are some of the other features:

  • Color selectable trailer frame, rims, and tipper body.
  • Flat hitch or gooseneck trailer hitch options.
  • Adjustable gooseneck coupler height.
  • Optional rear trailer hitch.
  • Ramps for loading and transporting small machinery.
  • The log pole configuration can carry logs up to 8 meters long.
  • Optional liquid tank and slurry/digestate spreader with an 18-meter work width.

The Autoloading feature

There are four different trailers in the pack with varying capacities of bales. You buy the autoload option in the shop. It works for round and square bales and cotton too.

Here is how much each trailer can load:

  1. 120 cm square bales (max 150 bales.)
  2. 180, 220, 240 cm square bales and 125, 150, 180 cm round bales (max 16 bales.)
  3. One trailer for square cotton bales (max 1 bale.)
  4. And finally, one trailer for round cotton bales (max 3 bales.)

Overall, the Small Flatbed Trailer mod offers various options for transporting goods and machinery in Farming Simulator 2022. Its customizable features and range of body configurations make it an excellent addition to most players’ farms.

Small Flatbed Trailer Autoload Quick Facts

  • Base Price: 15,500 in-game currency.
  • Category: Trailers.
  • Platforms: All.

7. Lizard Flatbed Trailer by North Modding Company

North Modding Company has also created a flatbed autoload trailer. The trailer has a configuration between a standard bale and transport trailer and an autoload version for bales.

The latter is excellent for easy loading and unloading of most bale types you’ll use in the game, just not cotton bales.

Here are the configurations available other than autoloading:

  • Base color.
  • Design colors and rim colors.

Regarding the bale capacity, here are the facts:

Round bales:

  • 125 cm: 34
  • 150 cm: 26
  • 180 cm: 22

Square Bales:

  • 120 cm: 324
  • 180 cm: 36
  • 220 cm: 30
  • 240 cm: 30

Autoloading and unloading work the same way as TopAce888’s Fliegl autoloader. Check the help menu in the upper left corner of your screen if you need guidance.

The Lizard Flatbed Trailer mod is a fantastic tool for your collection of farming equipment. Working with bales gets a lot easier and more efficient.

It’s one of the best autoload trailer mods for FS22. It’s also one of the best-looking. Just look at the light setups at the rear of the trailer. Whoa!

Lizard Flatbed Trailer Quick Facts

  • Base Price: 15,000 in-game currency.
  • Category: Bale loaders.
  • Platforms: All.

FS22 Autoload Truck Mods

Many more trailers automatically load stuff in FS22 than trucks. However, I’ve managed to find some gems for you:

1. TLX Phoenix Series by 82studio

Whoa! I’ve tried out the TLX Phoenix Series truck mod for Farming Simulator 22, and its features and customization options blow me away! This powerful longnose semi has everything you could want in a truck and then some.

So many configurations are available at the store for making this truck truly your own.

Here are just a few of the many features:

  • Animated windows and doors.
  • Adjustable mirrors and a fully animated dashboard.
  • Engine sound effects captured from Cummins, Detroit, and Cat engines.

Some of the shop options:

  • More than five options for the front bumpers and countless options for the wheels.
  • Wheelbase and frame setups (short, mid, long, heavy hauling, 2 sleepers, etc.)
  • Options for the rear fenders, the front visor, the mirrors, and much more.

I’ve already written an extensive presentation of the truck elsewhere on Simlift. So, for now, let’s look at the autoload options.

Flatbed with Autoload

You can buy a flatbed for the Phoenix. You can use it with the Rigid X2 version of the truck. This is what it can do:

  • You can load and unload 18 bales of all types automatically.
  • The only exception is cotton bales. No options for cotton, unfortunately.
  • It’s also possible to automatically load and unload 252 mini bales.
  • Automatic handling of Pallets is also possible (17 factory pallets.)

Ok. Conclusion time.

The TLX Phoenix is an excellent choice for players looking for a powerful and customizable semi-truck in FS22. Making a stand-out version with its wide range of options and customizations is easy and fun.

The autoload capabilities are one of the best features of this mod. Thanks to the automatic handling of bales and pallets, loading and transporting cargo has never been easier.

TLX Phoenix Autoload Quick Facts

  • Base Price: 82,119 in-game currency.
  • Platforms: All.

2. MAN TGX 26.640 Straw Bale by Caleruega Modding Design

Another autoload truck mod I recommend is the MAN TGX 26.640 Straw Bale mod by Caleruega Modding Design. I am thunderstruck by its performance for a particular reason. More on that later.

Before we get to the bales, here are the features:

  • Additional lights are also available for purchase.
  • You can buy a protection grid for the headlights.
  • You can add different types of rims to your wheels.
  • And there are a lot of colors available for repainting the exterior.

Autoload for Easy Loading and Unloading

The autoload and auto-unload function works with bales. However, it only works with square bales, not round ones. Cotton is also out of the question.

The platform has space for 21 bales.

And now comes the fun part. You can double the capacity if you pair the truck with the Camara straw bale trailer, also by Caleruega Modding Design (It’s called the Lizard straw bale trailer in the console modhub.)

The MAN TGX 26.640 Straw Bale FS22 mod is a top-notch addition to any virtual farm. The autoload feature makes loading and unloading bales a breeze, and the attention to detail in the design is impressive. Two thumbs up!

MAN TGX 26.640 Straw Bale Quick Facts

  • Base Price: 145,000 in-game currency.
  • Platforms: All.

How to Use Autoload in FS22

Most of the mods on the list above work the same way. First, let’s look at loading bales and pallets.

Loading Bales and Pallets Automatically

The first thing you should do after downloading and installing the mods is to make sure that you see the Help Menu in the upper left corner of your screen.

Then, this is what you do:

1. Enable the “Operating position” first.

2. With the “Operating position” enabled, move your vehicle or trailer close to the bale or pallet. When you’re close enough, it will be picked up automatically.

3. Keep driving like this until the bed is fully loaded, or you don’t want to load more objects.

4. To stop loading, switch from “Operating position” to “Transport position.”

That’s it. You’re now ready to transport your load to your preferred unloading area.

Unloading Your Load Automatically

The next step is to get the bales or pallets off the transport bed. Again, it will be helpful to have the Help Menu visible.

1. Move your vehicle to your desired unloading area.

2. Press “Unload” once on your keyboard or controller to activate the unloading mechanism.

3. Use your mouse or your controller’s thumbstick to move the stack of goods off the platform and to the area you want to place your load. (With most mods, you can move the stack vertically and horizontally. Some mods even let you tilt the stack.)

4. Press “Unload” once more when you’re happy with the placement of your goods.

5. Last step is to disable the auto-unloading feature by pressing “Reset Autoload” or “Stop Autoload.”

That’s all there is to it. You’re now ready to make another run after more bales or pallets.

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