7 of the Best FS22 Auger Wagon Mods

Here are the best auger wagon mods for Farming Simulator 22.

These trailers are mainly used for unloading combine harvesters in the field. Then, the auger helps fill the crop into trailers waiting on the field edges.

The main benefit of this setup is that the combines can run continuously without waiting for available unloaders.

Same Tool, Many Names

My American visitors might say, “Auger wagon? No, it’s called a grain cart, man!” Australian readers will probably say, “What are you talking about, mate? That’s a chaser bin!”

Well, everyone is correct, actually. The same tool has different names depending on the location:

  • Europe: Auger wagon.
  • USA and Canada: Grain cart.
  • Australia: Chaser bin.

I’ve tried to differentiate my content based on this. Below, you’ll find primarily European models. You should check out my FS22 grain cart mods page for American models.

1. Annaburger HTS 34.16 by Vertexdezign and Rafftnix

Get ready, fellow virtual farmers! Feast your eyes on the Annaburger HTS 34.16 auger wagon mod, created by the talented team at Vertexdezign.

This mod has taken the FS22 community by storm, racking up an impressive 4.9 out of 5 stars on the official modhub, and for a good reason.

  • First and foremost, the Annaburger HTS 34.16 auger wagon mod boasts an incredibly realistic and detailed design, thanks to the modders’ meticulous attention to detail.
  • From the high-quality textures to the well-crafted 3D model, this auger wagon truly feels like a faithful replica of its real-life counterpart.
  • The mod also offers various customization options, including color schemes and tire configurations, allowing you to tailor your wagon to your preferences and the needs of your virtual farms.

But the Annaburger HTS 34.16 auger wagon mod isn’t just about looks – it’s a beast regarding functionality and performance.

This mod can hold an impressive 46,000 liters of crop, making it an indispensable tool for handling large-scale harvests.

And the powerful auger allows for fast and efficient unloading, minimizing downtime and increasing productivity on the farm.

It’s a Seed and Dry Fertilizer Tender Too

One of the standout features of the Annaburger HTS 34.16 auger wagon mod is its ability to function as a seed and dry fertilizer tender.

  • This is made possible by the additional auger spout you can purchase in the shop.
  • You can also buy a two-compartment configuration for the trailer. You can use one compartment for seeds and the other one for fertilizer.
  • Now, you can quickly transfer seeds and dry fertilizer to your seeding and fertilizing equipment in the field, saving valuable time and resources.

Say goodbye to the hassle of switching between multiple pieces of equipment. Instead, enjoy the convenience of having one versatile machine to handle your harvesting, seeding, and fertilization needs.

The Annaburger HTS 34.16 mod is a must-have for any Farming Simulator 22 enthusiast. Its stunning design, unmatched functionality, and seamless compatibility make it a game-changer for virtual farmers everywhere.

Annaburger HTS 34.16 Quick Facts

  • Base price: From 95,440 in-game currency.
  • Capacity: 46 m³.
  • Power requirement: Min 240 hp.
  • Platforms: All.

2. Perard Pack

The Perard Pack, by the French modder Univers Simu Modding, is simply one of the most impressive FS22 mod packs ever.

It’s not just one auger wagon. It’s five fantastic models:

  • A Perard XFlow 15/19 (with or without tacks.)
  • One Perard XFlow 28/34.
  • The Perard XFlow 71.
  • A Perard Interbenne 27 in two versions.
  • And finally, the Perard Interbenne 46.

Wow! Just wow! It’s hard to believe we get this mod pack for free on all platforms.

It’s also worth mentioning that the Perard XFlow 71 is one of the largest auger wagons in FS22. Its capacity is a massive 71 m³.

Overloading station

The Perard TransExpress 500 is a fascinating piece of equipment. It’s not an auger trailer. Instead, it’s an overloading station with an auger attached.

You can back up ordinary trailers and unload them into the hopper. The auger will transport the grain into a waiting trailer.

More than Auger Trailers

All the auger equipment is just one part of this massive mod pack. It includes much more:

It’s hard to express how impressed I am with this magnificent pack of mods. Not only is the sheer number of included tools and trailers sensational. The quality of each model is formidable.

  • Base price: From 47,955.
  • Capacity: From 15 m³.
  • Max weight: From 5.9 tons.
  • Modder: Univers Simu Modding.
  • Platforms: All.

3. Horsch Titan 34 UW

According to other players and myself, here’s one of the best auger wagons in FS22. It’s the fantastic Horsch Titan 34 UW.

The model has been part of the Farming Simulator universe for many years, but it only recently showed up as an FS22 mod.

All parts of the trailer have been reworked. New textures have been added, and more details too. On top of that, there are also several new sound effects.

The mod offers a few options for customization:

  • You can put different wheels on the axles.
  • There are some color options too (red, grey, black, and yellow.)

I understand why so many players like this auger wagon. It’s nothing other than great modmanship.

  • Base price: 64,000.
  • Capacity: 34 m³.
  • Max weight: 26.6 tons.
  • Modder: STv-Modding.
  • Platforms: All.

4. Lizard Auger Master

The Lizard Auger Master is one of the most versatile auger wagons in FS22. It can carry and unload almost anything, from grains to manure and potatoes.

Unlike other auger wagons, this one has the auger pipe mounted to the rear of the trailer. Some players prefer this position over front-mounted versions.

One of my favorite features is how you can customize the trailer as a semi-trailer or a tractor-trailer. It’s also great that forage harvesters can pull it, making overloading chaff much easier.

If you’re going to buy the Lizard Auger Master, the dealer has some options for extras:

  • Different wheel setups.
  • Light options, like a fill-level light inside the trailer.
  • There are also a lot of colors available for repainting needs.

Although it’s not an auger wagon you’ll find in real-world fields (yet), it’s one of the most innovative tools to use in FS22.

  • Base price: From 88,000.
  • Capacity: 43 and 60 m³.
  • Max weight: 46.9 tons.
  • Modder: Mantrid.
  • Platforms: All.

5. Lizard MJ 12 T

The Lizard MJ 12 T auger wagon is one of the smallest ones in FS22. It’s also one of the most affordable, costing you only 10,500.

That’s a great price in the early days of your digital farming adventure.

You can use it to chase combine harvesters in the field. It also works as a seed and fertilizer tender for your seeders and planters.

When you are ready to put up your hard-earned money to buy it, you’re presented with a couple of choices:

  • It’s possible to change the wheels.
  • You can repaint almost any part of the trailer and the auger.

It’s great to have smaller tools like the Lizard MJ 12 T. Not everyone is interested in only having the biggest equipment possible.

  • Base price: 10,500.
  • Capacity: 12.8 m³.
  • Max weight: N/A.
  • Modder: Holzs FS.
  • Platforms: All.

6. Hawe ULW 3500 TA/TR

The Hawe ULW 3500 TA/TR auger wagon mod for FS22 consists of two models:

  • One Hawe ULW 3500 TA double-axle trailer.
  • And a Hawe ULW 3500 TR triple-axle version.

Besides the four and the six wheels, the main difference is the capacity. The TR version’s capacity is 4,000 liters more than the TA version.

Fans of customizations won’t find much to fiddle with in this mod. You can change the wheels, and that’s it.

The limited tweaking possibilities aside, this is a great mod. Both models look great! And FS22’s vast sound effect possibilities suit these auger wagons well.

  • Base price: From 89,000.
  • Capacity: 34 and 38 m³.
  • Max weight: 23.9 tons.
  • Modder: Schnibbl Modding.
  • Platforms: All.

7. Lizard Tandem 18T Pack

The Lizard Tandem 18T is a great multi-functional mod. You can use it as a traditional bulk trailer. Buying the auger version that comes with the mod transforms it into a full-fledged auger wagon.

Yes, the auger functions with many fill types. However, I find it most convenient for filling seeders, planters, and fertilizer spreaders.

Although the trailers are branded Lizard in FS22, I’m confident that real-world models heavily inspire them. The Spanish manufacturer Aguas Tenias makes trailers that look very much alike.

Your FS22 machinery dealer has some interesting options for the trailer:

  • There are options for the hitch.
  • You can buy a protective cover for the trailer.
  • Most of the trailer can be painted in different colors.

And finally, there’s the auger version. Yes, you must buy it in the shop before you can start using it.

  • Base price: 25,500.
  • Capacity: 20.5 m³.
  • Max weight: N/A.
  • Modder: Hispano.
  • Platforms: All.

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