20 of the Best FS22 Animal Pen Mods

This list covers FS22 animal pen mods, like cow barns, sheep barns, chicken coops, and pigsties.

To make navigation more accessible, I’ve grouped the pens, barns, and stables based on the livestock they’re meant for.

FS22 Cow Barn Mods (With and Without Feeding Robots)

Let’s start with what might be the most profitable livestock undertaking in Farming Simulator 22: Cattle.

Here are my favorite FS22 cow barn mods with feeding robots (and without):

1. Cow Husbandry Pack by Lancyboi

Here’s the Cow Husbandry Pack mod by Lancyboi for FS22. This mod adds two new cow barns to the game, each with different features and capacities.

The two cow barns are:

  • One cow barn with an open grass yard.
  • And a second, enclosed cow barn.

Both barns have automatic water filling, seasons support, lights, and sound effects. Their main difference is the size and number of cows they can hold.

The barn with an open grass yard is larger and more expensive than the enclosed one. It can hold up to 200 cows and has a spacious outdoor area where they can graze and roam freely.

The enclosed barn is smaller but also cheaper. It has room for up to 125 cows and has no outdoor area. It’s suitable for smaller farms or those who prefer to keep their cows indoors.

Both barns look realistic and detailed, with high-quality textures and models.

The Cow Husbandry Pack mod by Lancyboi is an excellent addition to Farming Simulator 22 if you want to expand your cattle farming business or enjoy having more cow options.

Cow Husbandry Pack Quick Facts:

  • Base Price: 200,000 and 250,000.
  • Capacity: 125 and 200 cows.
  • Color options: No.
  • Feeding robot: No.
  • Automatic water refill: Yes.
  • Platforms: All.

2. Placeable Farm Pack by Lancyboi

The Placeable Farm Pack for Farming Simulator 22 contains more than a cow shed. This is what you get:

  • An enclosed cow shed.
  • One medium-sized barn with an integrated workshop.
  • And a storage shed with 6 bays for different products and materials.

The cow shed has space for 15 cows. It has underground slurry storage and one milk tank. You only have to add a manure pit yourself.

There’s also a tiny patch of grass on the right side of the shed. You find the animal trigger for buying or selling cattle here.

The cow shed doesn’t include a feeding robot. You have to serve your cattle food manually.

It strikes me how good the buildings in this pack look. Lancyboi has once again done an excellent job regarding modeling and texturing.

Placeable Farm Pack Quick Facts:

  • Base Price: 180,000.
  • Capacity: 40.
  • Color options: Yes.
  • Feeding robot: No.
  • Automatic water refill: Yes.
  • Platforms: All.

3. Hörmann Barn Set by Giants Software

The Hörmann Barn Set by Giants Software popped out of nowhere just before Christmas 2022. It was a fantastic early Christmas gift adding two new animal pens to FS22:

  • One open-roof cow barn.
  • An L-shaped horse barn.

Both buildings are based on real-world constructions from the German manufacturer Hörmann, the fourth largest producer of doors in the world.

  • The cow barn includes a manure pit.
  • A trigger for liquid manure is placed next to the manure pit.
  • There’s also a milk tank included with the barn.

Automatic feeding is the only thing some of you might miss. That’s not possible with this barn, unfortunately.

Also, there are no options for changing the colors of the barn’s exterior.

I don’t mind feeding the cattle manually. And when an FS22 cow barn looks this good, I don’t miss coloring options.

Hörmann Barn Set Quick Facts:

  • Base Price: 212,400.
  • Capacity: 45.
  • Color options: No.
  • Feeding robot: No.
  • Automatic water refill: Yes.
  • Platforms: All.

4. Large Cow Barn – 240 Animals by Flusty94

This is the best, modded version of the large Hörmann cow barn that came with the game. The most significant change from the original is how many cattle you can put inside the barn.

The animal capacity has been raised from 80 to 240 animals.

And yes, the mod includes two versions of the barn.

  • Version one, with the feeding robot working.
  • Version two, without the feeding robot.

All storage points, like the milk tank, the feeding area, and the underground liquid manure tank, have been updated; the capacity of each has been increased considerably.

  • Choosing different colors for the outside siding panels is still an option.
  • You only have to put down a manure pit close to the barn, and you’re good to go.

I think it’s great that we can have barns with more animals. To begin with, 80 cows are more than a handful.

Eventually, as you get more experienced as a digital dairy farmer, you’ll most likely feel the need to expand your operation. That’s why these modded barns are so handy.

Large Cow Barn Quick Facts:

  • Base Price: 212,400.
  • Capacity: 45.
  • Color options: No.
  • Feeding robot: No.
  • Automatic water refill: Yes.
  • Platforms: All.

5. Crooked Creek Free Stall by Crooked Creek Modding

Do you want an even bigger cow barn? Then you should download the Crooked Creek Free Stall mod for Farming Simulator 22. It has room for 300 heads in total.

The stall comes in two versions:

  • One with black trimming.
  • The other one with white trimming.

Each version lets you play around with 15 colors for the siding panels.

The detailed stalls have realistic 3D tin siding and roofing, hence the large file size. Some of the details include the following:

  • Animated fans, controlled by you.
  • The curtains are also animated and player controlled.
  • Wide feeding alley; you can use duals and semis.

Yes, it has a snow and winter mask that makes the concrete frost over during winter storms. That’s cool (no pun intended…)

Oh, and the feed alley has a bale trigger that allows you to feed your cattle with bales of hay or silage.

The Crooked Creek Free Stall mod is an excellent addition to your FS22 game if you want to experience more realistic and immersive farming with cows. The free stalls look fantastic and fit exceptionally well on Northern American maps.

Crooked Creek Free Stall Quick Facts:

  • Base Price: 250,000.
  • Capacity: 300.
  • Color options: Yes.
  • Feeding robot: No.
  • Automatic water refill: Yes.
  • Platforms: PC and Mac.

FS22 Sheep Barn Mods

Raising sheep is another easy way to earn money fast in Farming Simulator 22. First on the agenda is to get barns or pastures where your woolen workers can thrive.

1. Extra Large Sheep Barn Pack by FluffyMods

Here you have the Extra Large Sheep Barn Pack. As the name suggests, you can put more sheep inside each pen compared to the base game versions.

You can have 250 heads in each of the enclosures.

You get not one but two different placeable areas for sheep:

  • One version with a shed and a more extensive pasture.
  • The other version has an even larger pasture but no shed.
  • Both versions have fences along the pasture perimeters.

Note that there are some differences in how each model handles water for the sheep:

  • The version with the shed includes automatic watering.
  • The pasture-only version has a water trough that must be filled manually.

I’m a fan of livestock spending time outside of barns and sheds. It’s scientifically proven that animals are happier with access to pastures. This mod gives your sheep more pasture to be pleased about.

Extra Large Sheep Barn Pack Quick Facts:

  • Base Price: 28,000 and 99,000.
  • Capacity: 250 sheep.
  • Color options: No.
  • Automatic water refill: No and yes.
  • Platforms: All.

2. Sheep Small Barn by Maca

This is the Sheep Small Barn mod for Farming Simulator 22. The centerpiece of this mod is the rustic, old shed inspired by eastern European architecture.

It’s a great fit if you’re looking to start a small wool venture. The pasture has room for only 30 sheep.

The mod’s size and simpleness are also why the price is so reasonable. You must pay only 5,000 to place the shed and the pasture on your farm.

The shed doesn’t have an automatic water system installed. Instead, it would be best if you filled the trough manually.

I like the looks of this mod. The textures are realistic, and the fence looks as old and worn as expected.

Sheep Small Barn Quick Facts:

  • Base Price: 5,000.
  • Capacity: 30 sheep.
  • Color options: No.
  • Automatic water refill: No.
  • Platforms: All.

3. Sheep Barn by Lancyboi

This is the best-looking sheep barn in Farming Simulator 22 so far. First, the 3D model, made from scratch by Lancyboi, is grand.

The textures, too, look brilliant. And all the extra details make the model look impressively realistic.

  • The barn has room for 65 sheep.
  • You can change the colors of the walls.
  • Automatic refilling of the water trough is installed.

Lancyboi (the modder) has become one of the best building mod makers in the Farming Simulator universe. His sheep barn helps cement the position.

I only miss a pasture for the sheep to enjoy outside the shed. However, that’s just my personal preference. It shouldn’t keep anyone from downloading this great mod.

Sheep Barn Quick Facts:

  • Base Price: 98,000.
  • Capacity: 65 sheep.
  • Color options: Yes.
  • Automatic water refill: Yes.
  • Platforms: All.

4. Stables with Larger Pastures by NGN624

I’m a fan of pastures for the animals in Farming Simulator 22. The bigger, the better. That’s why I like the Stables with Larger Pastures mod so much.

The modder NGN624 has modified the animal pens that were released with the game:

  • They have increased the size of each pasture significantly.
  • The capacity has also been increased. All pens can accommodate more animals.

Most of Giants’ largest pens have been reworked. This is what the pack includes:

  • One modified, large sheepfold.
  • The horse stable, also with an increased pasture.
  • A modified, large pigsty.
  • The large chicken coop was also modified.
  • Both large cow barns (with and without the feeding robot.)

There’s also a pasture-only version of the cow pen in the pack.

You should know that most pastures come without fences. You can add fences yourself with the help of the game’s landscaping tool.

Besides having more extensive pastures, all sheds work like the original models. For example, you can change the colors of many of the building’s walls.

Stables with Larger Pastures Quick Facts:

  • Base Price: 39,000 and 137,000.
  • Capacity: 130 and 25 sheep.
  • Color options: No.
  • Automatic water refill: No and yes.
  • Platforms: All.

5. Dairy Sheep Pack by erShaba

The Dairy Sheep Pack is the most innovative sheep mod for Farming Simulator 22. The mod utilizes the fact that sheep also can produce milk.

The sheep you put inside these sheepfolds produce milk instead of wool.

And before you start protesting, you should know that feta cheese, ricotta cheese, and the famous Roquefort cheese are partly or entirely made of sheep milk. It can also be used to make yogurts and ice creams…

The mod includes three different sheepfolds based on Giants’ original models:

  • Large dairy sheep pen: 120 sheep.
  • Medium dairy sheep barn: 60 heads.
  • Small dairy sheep pasture: 30 sheep.

But wait, there’s more. You’ll, of course, need a factory to process the milk. The modder has thought of that and included a sheep cheese factory. Here you can make cheese, among other things.

And where do I sell the products, you might ask?

At the selling point, that’s included with the mod.

Kudos to erShaba (the modder) for expanding the game’s playability. I love how mods like this add more functionality and options to FS22.

Dairy Sheep Pack Quick Facts:

  • Base Price: 19,000–75,000.
  • Capacity: 30, 60, and 120 sheep.
  • Color options: No.
  • Automatic water refill: No, yes, and yes.
  • Platforms: All.

FS22 Chicken Coop Mods

Chickens are the most straightforward animal to get started within Farming Simulator 22. For example, feed them wheat or barley, and you’ll enjoy a steady stream of fresh eggs daily.

The first thing you’ll need is a chicken coop. Here is a list of my favorite FS22 chicken coop mods:

1. Chicken Coop Pack by NYKK3

The Chicken Coop Pack includes two slightly different coops for Farming Simulator 22.

  1. The first version has one coop.
  2. The second version has two coops.

So, if coop number one has space for 40 chickens, how many do you think the second version accommodates?

Yes, you’re right (pat yourself on the back.) The answer is, of course, 80 chickens. So, both coops are relatively small compared to other mods.

However, this mod stands out from most other options for raising chickens and selling their eggs in Farming Simulator 22.

The modder has modeled the coops from scratch. They have not reused some of the buildings that came with the game.

So, if you’re looking for more exclusive chicken coops, this might be what you want.

Chicken Coop Pack Quick Facts:

  • Base Price: 5,000 and 10,000.
  • Capacity: 40 and 80 chickens.
  • Color options: No.
  • Platforms: All.

2. Chicken Coop Large by OmaTana

The Chicken Coop Large mod for FS22 is an exciting option. It adds more than just a coop to the game; more on that later.

Yes, it’s easy to see that it’s an edited version of the large base game coop. However, the modder has done more than raise the capacity for how many chickens you can have (800 at the most.)

  • Oma Tana has also retextured the coop, giving it a more rustic look.
  • You can decide which color the wooden siding shall have when placing the coop.

There is also a placeable market stall in the pack. You can place it wherever you want, for example, next to the coop.

So now, instead of hauling eggs to the nearest dealer, you can sell them from your little farm shop. It’ll save you both time and fuel.

Chicken Coop Large Quick Facts:

  • Base Price: 29,000 and 39,000.
  • Capacity: 400 and 800 chickens.
  • Color options: Yes.
  • Platforms: All.

3. Old Chicken Coop by Carl-TG

This Old Chicken Coop mod for Farming Simulator 22 is one of my favorites. It looks much like the chicken coops I remember from childhood.

Look, I have nothing against modders reusing models that Giants Software has put in the game. There are many great mods based on the base game’s models.

However, I salute each modder that exerts themselves to create models from scratch, which is the case with this mod.

One tiny snag is how many chickens there is room for. The capacity of the coop is only 35 heads. Of course, if you’re on PC, it’s easy to edit the number in the mod’s XML file.

Old Chicken Coop Quick Facts:

  • Base Price: 9,500.
  • Capacity: 35 chickens.
  • Color options: No.
  • Platforms: All.

4. Small Chicken Coop 5×3 by Piesel

This is the Small Chicken Coop 5×3 mod for FS22. It’s another model built from scratch by the modder Piesel. And it looks fantastic! Just have a look inside the coop. I’m sure you’ll agree.

Another cool feature is that fences don’t enclose the coop. The chickens are free to roam outside the coop unhindered by barriers.

Don’t worry about having chickens running around all over the map, though. The game mechanics will ensure the animals always stay close to the coop.

The coop has many lovely details. Just look at the roosting bars and the boxes where the eggs are laid.

Small Chicken Coop 5×3 Quick Facts:

  • Base Price: 21,000.
  • Capacity: 60 chickens.
  • Color options: No.
  • Platforms: All.

5. Large Placeable Chicken Pen by Macktrucker921

Are you looking for a large chicken coop for FS22? Then you’ll probably be happy you found the Large Placeable Chicken Pen mod.

With a capacity of 500 birds, it’s one of the largest FS22 pens for chickens to date. It’s also one of the most elaborate mods available.

  • It includes three coop models built from scratch by the modder.
  • The surrounding fence looks to be a custom model too.

The modder has also added some dirt spots inside the pen, ideal for placing decorative trees, for example.

Just note that you’ll need quite the area to place the pen (it’s huge.) The area needs to be completely flat, too; the fence isn’t dynamic. It doesn’t follow the contour of uneven terrain.

Large Placeable Chicken Pen Quick Facts:

  • Base Price: 20,000.
  • Capacity: 500 chickens.
  • Color options: No.
  • Platforms: All.

FS22 Pig Barn Mods

Are you looking for a challenge? Pigs have the most complex diet of all Farming Simulator 22 animals. You’ll have to work hard to keep them happy, but your farm’s reward is excellent earnings.

There is a lot of pigsty mods out there. Here is a list of my favorites:

1. Barn with Pigsty and Cowbarn by Gracuś and Filip

If you’re looking for a pigsty with an Eastern European look, you won’t find much better than the Barn with Pigsty and Cowbarn mod for Farming Simulator 22.

It’s a twofer, meaning you’ll get 2 buildings in one pack:

  • One pigsty combined with a barn. The pigsty capacity is 50 animals.
  • A barn with room for up to 60 cows.

Both buildings can serve more purposes other than sheltering your animals. They have quite a lot of room for smaller machinery and equipment too.

The modder has created both buildings from scratch in 3D software. The models are good, while the textures are decent (some textures could have been aligned better.)

The buildings could have looked even better had the modder used decals for cracks and 3D paint for moss and dirt.

Barn with Pigsty and Cowbarn Quick Facts:

  • Base Price: 65,000.
  • Capacity: 50 pigs.
  • Color options: No.
  • Automatic water refill: Yes.
  • Platforms: All.

2. Old Pigsty by Didek96

The Old Pigsty mod is another excellent addition to eastern European-styled farms in FS22.

Did you notice how I call out the mod above for not having enough rustic effects? Well, with this mod, there are plenty of that.

The model itself and the textures look very realistic. Realistic-looking buildings seem to be a trademark of the modder (Didek96.) He has also created several awesome-looking models for the game besides this pigsty.

It’s not the most extensive building for raising pigs. Its capacity is only 10 heads. But priced at only 12,800, it’s a great starting point early in your swineherd adventure.

If you’re looking for a larger capacity mod, continue to the next pigsty on this list.

Old Pigsty Quick Facts:

  • Base Price: 12,800.
  • Capacity: 10 pigs.
  • Color options: No.
  • Automatic water refill: Yes.
  • Platforms: All.

3. Selfmade Pigsty by Didek96

The Selfmade Pigsty mod for FS22 is another superb creation by the modder Didek96. It’s perfect if you feel 10 pigs at most is too small.

This model tops out at 80 pigs. It also has a manure plate you can place separately from the animal building.

The construction is simple; a roof, four open walls, and a centered feeding bay.

However, thanks to the clever use of textures, decals, and painting effects, this pigsty is one of the best-looking mods for pig farmers right now.

The building has some cool animations too:

  • You can open and close the liquid manure hatch.
  • The gates inside the building are also animated.

Selfmade Pigsty Quick Facts:

  • Base Price: 49,800.
  • Capacity: 80 pigs.
  • Color options: No.
  • Automatic water refill: Yes.
  • Platforms: All.

4. Homestead Pig Barn by Pazor Modding

The Homestead Pig Barn is a small, old pig barn in Hungarian style that can house up to 10 pigs. It has a rustic charm and a realistic design to make you feel like you are running a real pig farm.

Most of what you get with this mod is created by the modder in 3D software. It has great textures and many minor but important details that add to the realism.

Sure, some will skip this mod because of its size. But if you only want a few pigs for your farm, this building is might what you need.

It’s great for those who want to add charm and diversity to their farm, and experience the joys of pig farming.

Homestead Pig Barn Quick Facts:

  • Base Price: 10,000.
  • Capacity: 10 pigs.
  • Color options: No.
  • Automatic water refill: No.
  • Platforms: All.

Animal Barn Pack by Alien Jim – In a League of its Own

Some mods stick out as better than others. This is the Animal Barn Pack by Alien Jim. This mod adds four types of animal barns to FS22, each with two texture designs (stones or wood.)

This is what you get:

  • A cow barn.
  • One pig barn.
  • A sheep barn.
  • And one chicken coop.

Each building has a realistic, somewhat rustic design and a large capacity for your animals. You can also change the colors of each of the buildings to match your farm’s style.

Here are some details about each of the barns:

Cow Barn: This barn can hold up to 80 cows and has a spacious interior with feeders, water troughs, and straw bedding.

Pig Barn: It holds up to 270 pigs and has an excellent design with feeders, water troughs, and a slurry pit.

Sheep Barn: This barn can hold up to 65 sheep. The design is cozy, with feeders, water troughs, and room for wool pallets.

Chicken Coop: This coop can hold up to 360 chickens and has a rustic design. The Animal Barn Pack mod is one of the most popular mods for Farming Simulator 22, and for a good reason. It’s in a league of its own regarding animal pen mods.

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