Massey Ferguson 5400 Series Tractors Mod for FS19: Our Review

An in-game screenshot from FS19 of a Massey Ferguson 5445 cultivating.

The Massey Ferguson 5400 tractor series is a mod for Farming Simulator 19 (FS19) created by AMG Modding. This is what we think of it.

A new pack of Massey Ferguson 5400 tractors was recently released on Giant’s Software’s modhub by the modder AMG Gaming. It’s the most complete set of 5400 replicas for FS19 to date.

Massey Ferguson introduced the 5400 range of tractors in 2004 as a replacement for the 5200 series. The new models were assembled at Massey Ferguson’s Beauvais plant, north of Paris, from 2003 to 2013.

FS19 Massey Ferguson 5400 Series

  • Top speed: 25 mph/40 kph.
  • Power output: Min 86 hp – max 155 hp.
  • Price: From 54,900.
  • Category: Small Tractors.

Three Models

An in-game screenshot from FS19 of the three different models that are featured in the mod pack.
The mod consists of three models: (From the left) the 2008-2013 version, the 2003-2008 model, and the drop nose version.

AMG Gaming’s FS19 version of the 5400 series comes in three versions:

  • A drop nose version.
  • The 2003 to 2008 model.
  • And the 2008 to 2013 version.

Much looks the same on all three models. The only exception is the hoods, especially the drop nose model sticks out. Massey Ferguson introduced a much steeper bonnet for some of its models in the early 1990s, giving the drivers better forward visibility. Having a front that drops is practical, for example, when doing loader work.

Customization Options

An in-game screenshot from FS19 of a yellow Massey Ferguson 5400 equipped with a Stoll front loader.
There are red Masseys. There are also yellow Masseys in this pack.
  • Front: Weights, nothing, or a front linkage with PTO. There’s a stand-alone 1,500-kilogram weight for the tractors too.
  • Wheels: Multiple wheel options, including narrow care wheels and twin wheels on both axles.
  • Fenders: You can leave the front fender on or remove them.
  • Other options: Selectable beacon lights, standard or Visio roof, front loader attacher on or off.  Some color choices.


This is an in-game screenshot from FS19 of the Massey Ferguson 5400 cabin interior, with the steering console in focus.
Parts of the interior are animated, but not the doors and the windows.

Parts of the interior are animated. Foot pedals and the gear shift lever move as expected when you’re driving around in AMG Gaming’s Masseys.

On the other hand, Windows and doors are not animated, even though this is a standard feature on many FS19 vehicle mods.

A Fun Ride

An in-game screenshot from FS19 of the Massey Ferguson 5470 pulling a Kverneland mower.
AMG Gaming’s pack of Massey Ferguson tractors is an excellent addition to your game.

Driving the 5400 models is a lot of fun. The tractors are programmed perfectly for the game, the driving physics are outstanding. Sure, it is miles behind larger tractors in the power department. Still, it beats the bigger machinery when it comes to maneuverability and nimbleness.

Much of the model is crafted from scratch. It’s solid work. The tractors look good, both on the inside and the outside. We especially enjoy the interior and the side glimpses we get of the engine. And the audio? It’s ok. The mod uses the base game MF 5600 engine sounds.

What we like:

  • The 3D model is good, textures too.
  • A lot of shop options, three different models.
  • Cool details inside the cab, visible engine details.
  • The option for adding the Visio roof on all models is brilliant.

What we miss:

  • Controls for opening and closing doors and windows.

Download Information

AMG Gaming’s pack of Massey Ferguson tractors is an all-platform mod. You’ll find it in the modhub inside of FS19. You can also download it from the web version of the modhub.

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