Farming Simulator Resources

Interested in learning more about the Farming Simulator games. Here, on this page, you’ll find lots of resources that might interest you.

Giants Software (Developer)

Screenshot of the Giants Software corporate website.

Gameplay Guides and Info

Mod Guides

Below are our guides to some of the most popular mods you can use in Farming Simulator 22:

Plus our guide to install mods:


There are still some pretty active forums where you can meet other FS players:

News Sites

The new sites below are known to cover the Farming Simulator franchise frequently:

Mod Sites

Looking for mod sites where you can get new mods for the game? Here are the sites we recommend:

Screenshot of Giants Software's official modhub.

We strongly recommend that you stay away from any other mod site not on the list above. There are several reasons for it:

  • They share broken mods.
  • Mods on those sites are often stolen.
  • The mods are infected with viruses or malware.

Modder’s Sites

Many modders have started their own sites where they share their mods. Here are some of the better ones:

Content Creators

A lot of people create Farming Simulator content on YouTube and Twitch. Here are some of the largest creators on YouTube:

Screenshot of The Squad's YouTube channel home page.

And here are some of the most popular creators over at Twitch: