Farming Simulator 22 Seasonal Cycles

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Seasonal Cycles is one of the most striking new features in Farming Simulator 22 (FS22.) It’s the first time Giants Software includes spring, summer, fall, and winter in the vanilla game.

To get seasonal changes in previous games, like Farming Simulator 17 (FS17) and Farming Simulator 19 (FS19), you had to install the Seasons mod.  

In FS22, you don’t have to rely on a mod to get seasons. Still, fans of the Seasons mod, by Realismus Modding, should know that Giants’ seasonal cycles are quite different from the award-winning modification.

What do FS22 Seasonal Cycles Mean?

Put simply, it incorporates the four seasons in the game. Instead of the endless summer that has dominated previous installments, you’ll get to play the game during spring, summer, fall, and winter.

The feature adds visual changes to the game. The vegetation changes colors during the seasons, and yes, there will be snow and icicles. Here are some screenshots:

How will the gameplay be affected?

The seasonal changes in FS22 will affect both the visuals and the inner workings of the game.

  • Leaves and plants will change colors as the seasons progress.
  • Map objects appear or disappear depending on which time of the year it is. Take grills, for example. They are visible in the summer but not in the winter.
  • The seasons also dictate when you can plant different crops and when you can harvest them.
  • For example, FS22 only has winter wheat and winter barley, meaning these crops can only be planted in the fall.

The Crop Calendar

Screenshot of the Crop Calendar in Farming Simulator 22 (FS22)
Here’s a screenshot of the new Crop Calendar in FS22. Notice the green and the orange bars. They tell you when you can sow and harvest.

The FS22 crop calendar is your central info hub when playing with Seasonal Cycles, listing all the available crops. Each crop has a green and an orange bar.

  • The green bar tells you when you can plant the crop.
  • And the orange bar indicates when you’ll be able to harvest what you’ve sowed.

Crop Prices

Seasonal Cycles does also add varying crop prices. This means that it might be a good idea to store your harvested crops for some time instead of selling them straight after it’s harvested. You might get a better payout for, let’s say, corn, several months after your harvest, compared to what you get right after it’s threshed.

Stock Up on Animal Food

Grass doesn’t grow during the winter. That’s why you must secure enough grass for your cows, for example, in the summer and the fall, to avoid food shortages for your livestock.

Seasonal Cycles Duration

One year is divided into 12 months. One month equals one day in-game. So, one year is twelve days. You can control how fast each day passes by adjusting the time scale.

When writing this, Giants is looking into options for letting the players adjust the length of the seasons. After FarmCon 21, it became clear that many players want a month to last longer than just one in-game day.

Is this an Incorporation of the Seasons mod?

No. Giants’ version of Seasons is quite different from the prevalent and award-winning Seasons mod that players of FS17 and FS19 have enjoyed.

Are the Seasonal Cycles optional?

Yes. If you don’t want to add seasons to your game, you can turn the feature off. Note that if you do this, it’s only the growth limitations that are removed. The visual changes will still be visible.

Other Stuff

  • Each month (day) is named, like January, February, March, and so on.
  • The colors of the tree trunks changes during the seasons.
  • Yes, there will be snow that you can remove with plows. Don’t fancy snow? Just turn it off.
  • All base game buildings will have snow on the roofs.
  • You can skip one or more months (days.)
  • Modders can adjust the weather and crop calendar to simulate different locations, much like the GEO system in FS19.


  • FS22 has seasonal cycles: Spring, summer, fall, winter.
  • One year is made up of 12 months. One month is one day in the game.
  • It’s a base game feature. No mod is needed.
  • The feature is different from the Seasons mod.
  • Playing with seasonal growth limitations in FS22 is optional.
  • Yes, snow is a thing, though optional.

More Info

This video from Giants Software, featuring Gameplay Developer Jos Kuijpers, gives you an excellent insight into how Seasonal Cycles are implemented in the game. (Jos was one of the original developers of the Seasons mod before he later joined the company.)

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