Farming Simulator 22 New Features (Confirmed)

Farming Simulator 22 (FS22) will be released November 22, 2021. Here are the new and confirmed features:

FS22 Facts

  • Title: Farming Simulator 22 (FS22.)
  • Developer: Giants Software.
  • Platforms: PC, Mac, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Stadia.
  • Release Date: November 22, 2021.
  • Price: US$49.99 / €39.99.
  • Where to buy: You have several options. PC players can, for example, buy the game directly from Giants Software or on Steam (no affiliation.)

Technical Features

  • Console slots: The number of available slots will increase on all consoles, including the last generation (PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.) The current generation (PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X) will have higher counts.
  • Crossplay: Nothing is confirmed, but Giants is talking to both Sony and Microsoft.
  • Multiplayer Synchronization: It is still a thing, but it’s also faster in FS22.

System Requirements (Windows PC)


  • OS: Windows 10 Home (x64.)
  • Processor: Intel Core i5-3330 or AMD FX-8320 or better.
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM.
  • Graphics: GeForce GTX 660 or AMD Radeon R7 265 or better (min 2GB VRAM.)
  • DirectX: Version 11.
  • Storage: 35 GB available space.
  • Sound Card: Sound card.


  • OS: Windows 10 Home (x64.)
  • Processor: Intel Core i5-5675C or AMD Ryzen 5 1600 or better.
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM.
  • Graphics: GeForce GTX 1060 or Radeon RX 570 or better (min 6GB VRAM.)
  • DirectX: Version 11.
  • Storage: 35 GB available space.
  • Sound Card: Sound card.

Graphics and Visuals

Giants Software has put a lot of work into the visuals and performance of the new game. A couple of the most striking additions are the introduction of Multi-Terrain Angles (MTA) and Parallax Occlusion Mapping (POM.)

More Terrain Angles (Multi-Terrain Angles)

Since the first installments of the Farming Simulator franchise, fieldwork that changes how the soil looks on Giants own maps have only been visible in 8 predefined angles: 0°, 45°, 90°, 135°, 180°, 225°, 270°, and 315°. This is not very realistic.

The reason? More angles have hurt the performance of the game, especially on lower specced gaming systems.

The excellent news for FS22? Giants has cracked the code! The new game has more terrain angles for fieldwork affecting the soil without having the performance taking a beating. The new standard angles count is 16, double the amount of what was available in previous games.

Image displaying the old and new versions of the terrain angles in FS22.
Drake says “No” to 8 angles, but “Yes” to 16.

Note: Several map makers have used more angles on their maps for many years now, e.g., 32 angles. Adjusting the number of angles is still possible for modders in FS22.

Parallax Occlusion Mapping

In-game screenshot from FS22 showcasing the difference between no POM applied and POM applied.
POM makes FS22 more realistic. Image credits: Giants Software.

FS22 is the first game in the Farming Simulator franchise that makes use of POM. This is a shading and texturing technique that creates an optical 3D illusion in games like FS22.

The POM method can, for example, boost surface details of any affected texture without adding extra performance draining 3D geometry.

Read more: Parallax Occlusion Mapping in Farming Simulator 22 – A New Level of Realism.

New Icons for Crops, Animals, Products

The many icons used in the Farming Simulator games have been overhauled for FS22. They are a lot more colorful compared to the FS19 versions. (Click on the images to open the larger versions.)

Other Graphics Improvements

  • FS22 supports DirectX 12.
  • Giants Engine 9 (the game engine) has better support for multi-threading optimization.
  • Texture Streaming – Loads textures only when they are needed instead of all at once.
  • Occlusion Culling – Disables rendering of objects that are not visible in the player camera view.
  • Temporal Anti-Aliasing (TAA) – Smooth objects instead of flickering and “broken” objects.
  • Particle animations for plowing, cultivating, and harvesting are improved.
  • Crop textures are updated and improved.
  • The soil textures change based on what you’re doing. Plowing, harrowing, and cultivating each produce different soil visuals.
  • Shadows are visible at a much larger distance compared to older games.
  • FS22 has an updated Graphical User Interface (GUI), or HUD, as some say.

Want to know more about how graphics and performance will improve in FS22? Please read: Farming Simulator 22 Graphics and Performance Improvements.


The engine sounds have been improved. Here’s a John Deere 9R pulling a Väderstad NZ Extreme 1425 harrow.

Engine audio, like the tractor’s and harvester’s engine sounds, have been improved. Graduated reverberation of the engines, gear shift sounds, and loads impacting the sound means that your machines will sound more realistic.

Read more: FS22 Sound Improvements.


FS22 introduces many new gameplay features. Some of them have so far only been available as mods. Now, they’re part of the base game.

The first official gameplay trailer was released on August the 26th. It showcases the brand new French-inspired Haut-Beyleron map and the rock picking feature.

  • More bale sizes. For example, when you use the Massey Ferguson 1840 small square baler, the bales are noticeably smaller than those from a large baler.
  • Winds are having a visual impact on crops.
  • You can double the application rate of fertilizers, meaning you can do two fertilization stages in one go.
  • The weed system is improved compared to FS19.
  • Harrows are cheaper to buy than cultivators. The downside? Weeds will show up faster when harrowing instead of cultivating the fields.

Production Chains

An FS22 screenshot of a bakery. A John Deere Gator UTV is used to transport pallets of bread.
You can, for example, turn wheat into flour that is used to make bread and pastry at the bakery.

You can do more with your harvested crops other than just selling them. You can choose to have them processed. Then you can transport and sell the processed goods to factories and other production facilities.

  • Wheat, as an example, can be turned into flour at the flour mill.
  • Now, bring the flour to a bakery that uses it to make bread and cakes.
  • The pastry and bread can be sold at the bakery.
  • Want to earn more? Sell it to supermarkets and restaurants or at the farmer’s market.

Read more: FS22 production chains.


The new game includes seasonal cycles as a base game function. Up until now, seasonal changes have been possible thanks to the ultra-popular Seasons mods. Now, it’s a built-in function in the game on release.

  • The Seasonal Cycles is a base game feature.
  • Giants’ version of seasonal cycles is quite different from the Seasons mod.
  • You can turn off seasonal growth limits, but not the visual changes.

Main article: Farming Simulator 22 Seasonal Cycles.

The New Build Mode

Placing buildings and objects, sculpting and painting the terrain is easier in FS22. Image Credits: Giants Software.

Editing the terrain (sculpting and painting) and placing stuff like buildings and fences are much more manageable in FS22, thanks to the new Build Mode. Here are some of the most important key features:

  • All functions (editing and placeables) are combined in one screen.
  • The controls are simplified and easier to use compared to FS19.
  • There are many hundreds of placeables available, a lot of them from real-world brands.
  • Placing fences are much easier now.
  • You’ll use the build mode to place rows of grape vines and olive trees.

Want to know more? Here you go: Farming Simulator 22 Build Mode.

New Soil Textures, Stone Picking, Ground Rollers

FS22 screenshot of an Ehlo stone picker collecting stones.
Stones will appear in your field after plowing and cultivating. You can remove them with stone pickers like this one from Ehlo. Image credits: Giants Software.

The soil in the Farming Simulator games has never looked more realistic than what it does in FS22. There are several new soil textures. Groundwork is also more realistic, thanks to new gameplay features like stone picking and mulching.

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New crops

In-game screenshot of the three new crops in FS22 (grapes, sorghum, and olives.)
Grapes, sorghum, and olives are the new crops in FS22.

You’ll be able to plant and harvest new crop types. FS22 introduces three new crops for players to grow, harvest, and profit from:

  • Sorghum.
  • Grapes.
  • Olives.

Here’s more information about the new crops:

  • Rows of grape vines and olive trees are placed using the placeable system (the Build Mode.)
  • You can use olives and grapes to produce raisins, juice, and high-grade olive oil, for example.
  • If you want the grapes to regrow, you have to cut the leaves.
  • The game has new, suitable, narrow-tracked tractors, equipment, and harvesters from New Holland and Fendt, perfect for working with grapes and olives.
  • You can feed pigs and horses with sorghum.
  • All the new crops interact with the seasonal cycles when enabled.
An in-game screenshot from FS22 of the New Holland Braud 9070L harvesting grapes.
The New Holland Braud 9070L grape harvester in action in FS22. Image credits: Giants Software.

More realistic AI

Tired of Helper B being blocked by an object all the time? Giants have improved the realism of AI behavior. We’re hoping to see more skillful workers.

New Shop Layout

The 3D machinery shop has gotten an overhaul in FS22. The information about the vehicles and tools is now placed on the left together with the price.

On the right, you’ll find all the customization options. Here are some of the other shop features that are new to the game:

  • The gear shift system for vehicles is displayed in the info section.
  • You can also see the weight of the machinery you’re looking at.
  • Continental is a new, official wheel brand.
  • There’s a shop option for license plates.
In-game screenshot of the new machinery shop layout in FS22. There's a Claas Trion harvester dominating the image.
Screenshot of the machinery shop with the newly revealed Claas Trion harvester in focus. Image credits: Giants Software.

Other stuff

  • Cultivating leaves stubbles on the ground.
  • AI traffic drives faster on certain roads.
  • The AI cars have improved collision detection.
  • Yes, there is more wildlife, like deer.


FS22 will have two new maps: Elmcreek, inspired by the Midwestern USA. The map has large fields with various shapes, huge grain silos, a highway, and even a baseball stadium.

Read more: The Elmcreek map.

TThe other map, heavily inspired by the Southern parts of France, is called Haut-Beyleron. You can read more about it over at the official Farming Simulator website.

The game will also include an updated version of the Erlengrat map, which was part of the Alpine Farming DLC for FS19.


In-game screenshot of milk cow breeds in FS22.
Notice the grey cow, laying in the background? It’s a new breed in FS22. Inspired by the Brown Swiss breed perhaps?
  • The FS22 animal 3D models are brand new, with improved visuals and animations.
  • Cows, for example, can run and lick their snout. They behave more realistic.
  • For example, there are different breeds, like Holstein cows for milk production and Angus cattle for breeding and selling.
  • Each breed has different stats and feeding requirements.
  • The age of the animals is essential. Most of them will only start reproducing when reaching a certain age.
  • Creating animal pens and pastures is a lot easier compared to older Farming Simulator games.
  • Pigs and horses will eat sorghum if you give it to them.

Vehicles, Tools, and Equipment

In-game screenshot from FS22. showing a Claas Xerion Saddle Trac tractor in front of a Kaweco slurry trailer.
The Claas Xerion Saddle Trac pulling a large Kaweco slurry trailer in FS22. Image Credits: Giants Software.

FS22 has more than 400 different vehicles (tractors, harvesters, trucks, and so on) and tools on release day. Here’s what we know already:

  • Machines and equipment from more than 100 authentic brands.
  • There is new machinery categories.
  • It’s possible to buy used equipment at a discount. Just bear in mind that second-hand vehicles and tools might require repairs and a new coat of paint.
  • You can add customizable number plates to the vehicles.
  • Number plate customization has a lot of freedom regarding designing them, but there is a profanity filter…
  • It’s possible to configure several of the vehicles to match regional differences.
  • Most vehicles have gearboxes (manual or automatic.)
  • Many gearboxes are modeled after real-life data.
  • Manual shifting works similarly to real-life gear shifting.
  • You can turn gear-shifting on or off.
  • The indoor camera (inside the cab) follows the seat suspension movements. Yes, you can turn this feature off when you get seasick…
  • Tools and equipment have better animations. For example, cylinder animations look better than in previous games.
  • More sound effects for stuff like trailers.
  • Trailer fill limit: Trailers have a fill limit that ends at the max allowed weight (gross trailer weight.) It’s possible to disable this feature, though.
  • Some combine harvesters use auto tilt headers (ground contouring.)
  • Combine header animations varies depending on which header you’re using.
  • Mod starter packs are a thing. Let’s say you’ll want to do livestock farming. Inside the Modhub, you’ll find groups of mods with all the necessary tools and vehicles that you can download.

Read more: New Vehicles, Tools, and Equipment in Farming Simulator 22

Character Creation and Customization

A screenshot showing four different character models in different outfits in FS22.
FS22 adds a huge amount of new options for creating and customizing your character. Image credits: Giants Software.

FS22 goes many steps further regarding character customization. For example, you can dress your farmer up in different t-shirts and hoodies.

  • You have a lot more choices when designing your character, compared to previous installments.
  • Branded clothes are available, like Engelbert Strauss Workwear.

There are a lot of starter characters to choose from. After selecting your character, you can further customize all of this:

  • Outfits
  • Hairstyles
  • Beards
  • Mustaches
  • Glasses
  • Headgear
  • Tops
  • Bottoms
  • Footwear
  • Gloves

You can read more about the character creation and customization options in this article by Giants Software.

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