12 Amazing FS19 Case IH Tractor Mods

In Farming Simulator (FS) 19, Case IH tractor models are plentiful. The base game models include the newer Maxxum and Optum series together with long-time favorites like the Magnum, the 7200 Pro series, and the massive Quadtracs.

Then, there are all the mods. Here are many of the best and most liked Case IH tractor mods in FS19:

1. Case IH AFS Connect Steiger Series

Another in-game (FS19) image of the Case IH AFS Connect Steiger Series
The Case IH AFS Connect Steiger Series by KarlFarms is mighty impressive!

This is the FS19 version of the newest Case IH Steiger tractors. If you download this mod, you’ll get four different versions of the model: Case IH AFS Connect Steiger, Case IH AFS Connect Quadtrac, Case IH AFS Connect Rowtrac, and Case IH AFS Connect Narrow Frame Steiger. All models are massive. They’ll pull almost anything. They are also perfect for leveling silage, for example. All versions look brilliant from all angles, and they sound amazing.


  • Color options for the interior and the exterior.
  • Tint options for the windows.
  • You can configure exhaust, lights, weights, attachers, beacon lights, and more.
  • The driver seat can swivel 40 degrees.


The FS19 Case IH AFS Connect Steiger Series mod is available on all platforms.

2. Case IH AFS Connect Magnum

In-game (FS19) image of the Case IH AFS Connect Magnum
Another impressive mod by KarlFarms: The Case IH AFS Connect Magnum.

The Case IH AFS Connect Magnum FS19 mod is another masterpiece by KarlFarms. It’s the Farm Sim version of Case IH’s most recent version of the Magnum tractor series. As always, KarlFarms has made a staggering number of options available with his mod, like tons of engine options and no less than 54 different wheel configuration alternatives.


  • Several color options for the exterior and the interior.
  • Configuration options for fenders, weights, lights, and hitches.
  • Tint options for the windows, plus optional EU or US versioning.
  • The driver seat can be turned 40°.


  • KarlFarms.

The FS19 version of the Case IH AFS Connect Magnum series tractors can be downloaded on all platforms.

3. Case IH 1255 and 1455 XL

In-game (FS19) image of the Case IH 1255/1455 XL
The Case IH 1255 and 1455 XL mods for FS19 has a lot more customizable features compared to the base game version.

The Case IH 1455 XL entered the Farming Simulator universe with Farming Simulator 17 (FS17) as a base game model. It didn’t make it to the official FS19 roster. Thankfully, it made a comeback as a mod by Giants Software. Modders Dani86, Lukas2002, Puma, and Butters (from the FBM Modding Team) took it further, gave it more features, and included the Case IH 1255 XL in the pack as well. The result is one of the highest-scoring Case tractor mods on the official modhub, with 4.7 stars.


  • Several wheel options from brands like Mitas and Michelin.
  • Options for weights, hydraulics, exhaust, and air filter.
  • You can equip the tractors with front loaders.
  • The door and a couple of the windows are animated.


  • Dani86, Lukas2002, Puma, and Butters.

The Case IH 1255 and 1455 XL series mod are available on all platforms in Farming Simulator 19.

4. Case IH 7200 Pro

In-game (FS19) image of the Case IH 7200 Pro
This version of the 7200 Pro has several color choices for the body.

Here you have another classic Case IH tractor model as an FS19 mod. There are surprisingly few modded versions of the Case IH 7200 Pro. That’s why we’re thankful that Bonecrusher6 decided to share his version before he tragically passed away in 2019, only 29 years old. The modded version has a lot more options than what you get with the base game alternative. It was also one of the very first mods to be released for Farming Simulator 19.


  • Colorization options for the exterior of the tractor and the rims.
  • Bonecrusher6 added a license plate to the tractor.
  • The mod comes with wheel configuration options from Michelin.


  • Bonecrusher6.

This version of the Case IH 7200 Pro is only available on PC and Mac.

5. Case IH Magnum MX Series

In-game (FS19) image of the Case IH Magnum MX Series
Another Case IH classic in FS19: The Case IH Magnum MX Series.

Here’s a tremendous FS19 version of the classic Magnum MX series made at the Case IH factory in Racine, USA. If you get this mod, you can style it to either US or EU standards. It’s usable with front loaders, like the Case IH 890. You can also equip it with cool-looking Demco 1200 Sidequest tanks, which are included with the mod. In the game, it’s classified as a Medium Tractor with engine options ranging from 180 to 285 horsepower.


  • Wheel configuration options from Michelin.
  • Store options for the exhaust pipe, lights, weights, hitches, fenders, and windows.
  • If you add GPS to it, a receiver is placed on the roof.


  • Casearias Modding.

The Case IH Magnum MX Series FS19 mod is available on all platforms.

6. Case IH Magnum US Series

In-game (FS19) image of the Case IH Magnum US Series
This is the third mod on the list made by KarlFarms: The mighty Case IH Magnum US Series.

Another Case IH beauty modded by KarlFarms. The Case IH Magnum US Series mod for FS19 is a fantastic development of the base game Magnum tractor. KarlFarms’ version adds so many goodies it’s almost impossible to mention everything. Most notably is perhaps the “Americanization” of the tractor plus the 64 (!) different wheel configuration options. This version can also be equipped with the Demco 1200 Gallon SideQuest tanks made by Custom Modding.


  • Many wheels and engine configuration choices.
  • You can also customize stuff like weights, windows, attachers, and lights.
  • External and internal colorization options.


  • KarlFarms.

This North American version of the Magnum is available on all platforms in FS19.

7. Case IH Puma CVX 165

In-game (FS19) image of the Case IH Puma CVX 165
The modded Case IH Puma CVX 165 comes with a lot of store options.

Here’s one of the best Case IH Puma mods for FS19. It takes the base game Puma many steps further by adding lots of features and cool-looking animations. One of the best things about it is the custom engine audio that’s included. It sounds a lot better than other versions. There are also some slick color options available if you are tired of all that red.


  • There’s a couple of engine options available in the shop – 165 and 175 horsepower.
  • You have some color options for both the interior and the exterior.
  • There’re several types of wheels available, plus front loader capabilities.
  • The joystick and one of the doors are animated.


  • STv-Modding.

This mod is available on Mac, PC, and consoles.

8. Case IH Magnum 8900 Series

In-game (FS19) image of the Case IH Magnum 8900 Series
You can select 2WD or 4WD for your Magnum 8900 Series.

Another cool Magnum mod by Casearias Modding; this time the 8900 series that was produced by Case in the 1990s. One of its coolest features is that you can pick the 4WD or the 2WD version of the tractor. Another thumbs up goes to the audio. It’s terrific. The tractor also works with most of the bigger front loaders that are available in the game.


  • Several engine options (Cummins) with horsepower starting at 155 and ending at 245.
  • You can customize the wheels; there are several options to choose from.


  • Casearias Modding.

You can get this FS19 Case IH Magnum 8900 Series on all platforms.

9. Case IH Maxxum Series

In-game (FS19) image of the Case IH Maxxum Series
Grey is just one of many color options for this Maxxum mod.

This is what you get when talented modders develop the original model by Giants Software. The modded version of the Case IH Maxxum series is a fantastic work of art. The modders have added lots of additional features and options to an already great Farm Sim tractor. First, all the animations of windows, the steering console, the joystick, and the door. Then, there are all the extra shop options, like more colors and wheel configurations.


  • Several engine choices and wheel configurations.
  • More color options for the exterior and the interior than other mods.
  • The tractor can be used with front loaders. The front loader joystick is animated.


  • Lukas2002 and RedCat3D.

This version of the Case IH Maxxum Series tractors is available on all FS19 platforms.

10. IHC 554 and IHC 644 Tractors

In-game (FS19) image of the IHC 554-644
For fans of older machinery.

If you’re into older machinery in Farming Simulator 19, this mod is a must! The classic IHC 554 and 644 tractors are stunning examples that great mods don’t only need to portray the new stuff. Even though these tractors originally are from the 1970s, it doesn’t mean they don’t have many options. There are plenty of things to play around with inside the shop, making the mod both fun and interesting.


  • There are in-shop options for wheels with both 2WD and 4WD alternatives.
  • You can pick from several engine options and cab setups.
  • All tractors have color options and front loader capabilities.
  • The tractors work with the Simple IC mod by Modelleicher.


  • SD1808 and IHC_Power_733 (FS19 version.)

This mod is only available on PC and Mac.

11. Case IH Steiger / Quadtrac

In-game (FS19) image of the Case IH Steiger/Quadtrac
Oh, yes, you can get it in the proper Steiger colors, as well as red and black.

KarlFarms is the King of Case. Here’s another massive entry from this very talented modder. This is his adoption of the base game Quadtrac by Giants Software. And as usual, it comes with tons of extra add-ons that are not available with other versions. Most important is perhaps the addition of Steiger models that has wheels instead of tracks. The mod also includes a Pitbull blade (great for silage leveling and getting rid of snow) and a Steiger front tank set.


  • 54 wheel setup options (Trelleborg, Michelin, Mitas, Goodyear, and Firestone.)
  • Includes both US (and Canada) and EU exterior options.
  • Tons of options for windows, lights, hitches, signs, the exhaust pipe, and the windows.
  • Lots of animations, for example, tilting steering wheel and swiveling driver’s seat.


  • KarlFarms, KMN Modding, JHHG Modding, and Steenkamp Modding.

This gorgeous Case IH Quadtrac/Steiger mod is only available on PC and Mac.

12. Case IH Vestrum Series

In-game (FS19) image of the Case IH Vestrum Series
Bigger isn’t always better.

The FS19 version of the Case IH Vestrum Series tractors is just beautiful. Most modern FS19 Case IH tractors are massive, like the Magnums, Optums, and the Quadtracs. Looking for a small and efficient Case for your farm? You can’t go wrong with this one. The model itself looks stunning, and it includes several great features.


  • The shop options include several color options, both for the inside and the outside.
  • Several parts of the tractors (other than the wheels and the steering wheel, of course) are animated.
  • You can pick wheel setups from most of the FS19 wheel brands for your Vestrum.


  • RedCat3D and Lukas2002.

This version of the Vestrum is available on PC, Mac, and consoles.

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