Adding Bales and Pallets Using Cheats in Farming Simulator 22

Header image for the Fs22 add bales and pallets cheat guide. In-game screenshot of a collection of bales and pallets.

You can spawn all kinds of bales and pallets using cheats in Farming Simulator 22. This guide shows you how.

Enable Developer Console

Wouldn’t it be nice to add bales to FS22 without all the hassle that goes into making them?

And what about pallets?

Wouldn’t it be great to have them spawn right in front of you instead of driving to the shop and buying them?

This is possible thanks to two commands: gsBaleAdd and gsPalletAdd. They are handy for modders, for example, who need shortcuts for testing their mods in the game.

There are only two requirements for having the commands work:

  • You’re playing FS22 on a computer.
  • You’ve enabled the developer console.

I’ve written a guide on enabling the console here if you’re unsure how to do it.

gsBaleAdd Spawns Bales

The first command we’re looking at is the gsBaleAdd. As you probably understand, it will spawn a bale in front of your character every time you enter it in the developer console.

If you just enter gaBaleAdd, you’ll be given a squared straw bale.

However, if you use the full command string, you can add most of the available bale types. This is how the command is built up:

gsBaleAdd fillTypeName isRoundBale [width] [height/diameter] [length]

This gives us a lot more to play with. Below, I show you some examples of what’s possible.

Bale Types – Part 1

For simplicity, I’ve divided this section into three parts. In part 1, we’re diving deeper into the types of bales with the most options.

Here are the available fill types for these bales:

  • grass_windrow 
  • drygrass_windrow 
  • straw 
  • silage

Then, the trick is to match the filltypes with the available variables. Below are some commands to get you started:

Round bales:

In-game screenshot from FS22 of three round bales created with the bale add cheat.
These bales were all created using the gsBaleAdd cheat.
  • gsBaleAdd [enter fillTypeName] true 1.2 1.25
  • gsBaleAdd [enter fillTypeName] true 1.2 1.5
  • gsBaleAdd [enter fillTypeName] true 1.2 1.8

Square bales:

In-game screenshot from FS22 of three square bales created with the bale add cheat.
You can add bales in different sizes using the cheat command.
  • gsBaleAdd [enter fillTypeName] false 1.2 0.9 2.4
  • gsBaleAdd [enter fillTypeName] false 1.2 0.9 2.2
  • gsBaleAdd [enter fillTypeName] false 1.2 0.9 1.8

Here are a couple of examples:

gsBaleAdd straw true 1.2 1.25 gives you this result:

In-game screenshot from FS22 of a round bale created with the bale add cheat.
Here’s the result.

gsBaleAdd drygrass_windrow  false 1.2 0.9 2.4 produces bales like this:

In-game screenshot from FS22 of a square bale created with the bale add cheat.
Note that the command only spawns one bale at the time.

Bale Types – Part 2

The next part is about the small bale type you can add. Both the fill types and variables are fewer:

Fill types:

  • grass_windrow 
  • drygrass_windrow 
  • straw

And the variables:

  • gsBaleAdd [enter fillTypeName] false 0.45 0.35 1.2

gsBaleAdd grass_windrow false 0.45 0.35 1.8 gives you a bale like this:

In-game screenshot of one small square bale created with the bale add cheat.
You can also spawn bales of the smallest type avilable in FS22.

Bales of Cotton and Woodchips

In-game screenshot of a collection of biomass and cotton bales created with the bale add cheat.
Yes, cotton and biomass bales are doable too.

Yes, you can add bales of cotton and biomass (woodchips) this way too. Here are the commands you can use to have them spawn:

  • gsBaleAdd cotton true 2.38 2.38
  • gsBaleAdd cotton false 2.44 2.44 4.88
  • gsBaleAdd woodchips true 1.2 1.25

The Add Pallet Cheat

In-game screenshot of a collection of different pallets created with the pallet add cheat.
Why stop at bales? You can add pallets as well.

Now, the pallets. Base game FS22 has almost 50 different types of pallets. You can have all of them spawn with the gsPalletAdd command.

The entire command string is much simpler compared to the bale options:

  • gsPalletAdd fillTypeName

So, for example, the gsPalletAdd chocolate command adds this pallet to your game:

Here is the complete list of available fill types that can be used with the pallet add cheat:

  • barley
  • butter
  • cake
  • bread
  • mineral_feed
  • olive
  • herbicide
  • wheat
  • furniture
  • boards
  • chocolate
  • oat
  • oilseedradish
  • strawberry
  • olive_oil
  • canola_oil
  • sunflower_oil
  • egg
  • cereal
  • sugar
  • maize
  • sunflower
  • soybean
  • liquidfertilizer
  • grape
  • tomato
  • grapejuice
  • silage_additive
  • lime
  • fertilizer
  • lettuce
  • sugarcane
  • potato
  • raisins
  • canola
  • seeds
  • wool
  • cotton
  • cheese
  • flour
  • clothes
  • honey
  • fabric
  • sorghum

Looking for more cheats? Here you go: Farming Simulator 22 cheats.

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