8 Great FS19 John Deere Small Tractor Mods

Our favorite FS19 John Deere small tractor mods, here represented by 6M Series and the 850 prototype.

No brands have more tractor mods in Farming Simulator 19 (FS19) than John Deere. That’s why we’ve split JD tractor modifications into three: Small, Medium, and Large. Here are eight of the best FS19 John Deere small tractor mods:

1. John Deere 6M Series

An in-game screenshot of the John Deere 6M Series

Giants Software does also make mods. The John Deere 6M series mod is an example of that. The company‚Äôs 3D artists are freaking great at what they do. This particular JD mod is so detailed and good-looking. We believe it’s a hint of what we can expect from the tractor models in the next version of the Farming Simulator game series.

It’s an incredible replica of a couple of the models in the 6M range in the lower end of the power scale (the 6110M and the 6120M). The mod has some excellent shop options, like plenty of wheel configurations. And yes, you can attach a front loader to it. There’s one specially made for these tractors inside the tools section, under Front Loaders.


  • 14 different wheel setups.
  • Trelleborg, Michelin, Nokian
  • 2 engines (max 140 hp.)
  • Front loader attacher.

2. John Deere 6R Utility Series

An in-game screenshot of the John Deere 6R Utility Series

Modders: Aj Bentley, Scooters Workbench.

This utility series tractors from John Deere are mainly aimed at the US and Canadian markets. It’s great to have versions of the tractors in the game.

The FS19 version is a scaled-down model of the original 6R JDs that was launched with the game. Most impressive are the many wheel options. Both 2WD and 4WD configurations are available. The mod does also have custom audio for the engine, which sounds pretty cool.


  • Selectable exhaust pipe colors.
  • Optional front weights.
  • Front 3-point hitch instead of weights.
  • 35 wheel options.
  • Trelleborg, Michelin, Nokian, Mitas.
  • 2WD or 4WD.
  • StarFire GPS receiver.
  • Old or New warning triangle.
  • 0 to 4 beacon lights.
  • 6 engines (max 130 hp.)
  • 4 fender options.
  • Ready for front loaders.

3. John Deere 6110 Series

An in-game screenshot of the John Deere 6110 Series

Modders: Templaer, Ikas.

John Deere waited for Farming Simulator 19 to become one of the official brands for the game. That doesn’t mean there haven’t been John Deere tractors in older FS versions. PC players have enjoyed green machine mods, like this older 6 Series tractor for more than 10 years.

The updated version of the 6110, 6210, 6310, and the 6410 has gone through a massive overhaul to work in the new game. It has a nice chunk of features; most are customizable in the shop. It looks good, especially from the driver’s seat. The only thing we really miss is more animations.


  • 3 wheel configurations.
  • Trelleborg, Michelin.
  • Optional front fenders.
  • Front weights or 3-point PTO.
  • 4 engines (max 105 hp.)
  • Front loader attacher.

4. John Deere 5M Series

An in-game screenshot of the John Deere 5M Series

Modders: Mati7766, Tube Modding.

Here’s a great pack of FS19 adoptions of some of the most powerful models in John Deere’s 5M tractor range. The modded version used to be player favorites, both in FS2015 and FS17. The model has since been updated to match the texture standards of FS19.

Both the exterior and the interior look good. It sounds decent, thanks to the original John Deere audio provided by Giants Software. The only thing that’s not entirely on par with other, great JD mods are animations of stuff like throttles, windows, and doors.


  • 9 wheel configurations.
  • Trelleborg, Michelin, Nokian.
  • 3 engines (max 115 hp.)
  • Optional front loader console.

5. John Deere 5075E

An in-game screenshot of the John Deere 5075E

The John Deere 5075E is still in production at the John Deere factory in Pune, India. It’s classified as a utility tractor and is available in both closed cabin and canopy versions.

The modded version also includes the 5078E, the 5085E, and the 5090E. All of them use canopies as protection from the elements. There are some wheel options for it inside the shop. You can also attach front loaders to it.


  • Optional front weights.
  • Front fenders on or off.
  • 4 engines (max 90 hp.)
  • Can use front loaders.
  • 3 wheel setups.

6. John Deere 80 Series Vintage

An in-game screenshot of the John Deere 80 Series Vintage

Modders: Scott Johnson, Oldiron1214 (Convertet by CSS.)

Many farm sim players love vintage, classic tractors. If you’re a fan of really old John Deere machinery, this pack of eight models should keep you going for a while.

The John Deere 80 replaced the long-lasting R series. The new model had new features like dual hydraulics and power steering. Just over 3,400 models were built during the one-year production span. The price for a John Deere 80 was $4,205 back in 1956.

The JD 80 was replaced with the 820 and the 830. These models are also included in the mod, together with the 850 prototype.


There’s nothing to configure in the shop. Instead, you can choose from eight different models:

  • 1956 80 diesel.
  • 1956 80 diesel, electric start.
  • 1956 820 diesel.
  • 1956 820 diesel, electric start.
  • 1958 830 diesel.
  • 1958 830 diesel, electric start.
  • 1961 850 diesel.
  • 1961 850 diesel, electric start.

7. John Deere 3050 Series

An in-game screenshot of the John Deere 3X50 Series

Modders: GModding

Another John Deere classic tractor! The 3050 Series were produced between 1986 and 1993 at John Deere’s Mannheim factory in Germany. It was a successful model due to its reliability and the unmatched comfort. The tractor is long, giving the driver a smoother ride.

The FS19 version of the 3050 Series tractors is among the better restorations of an older farm sim mod. It looks fantastic, the handling is top-notch, and it sounds brilliant. It does also have some excellent shop options, making it delightfully customizable. Parts of the interior are animated. It works with the Simple IC mod, allowing mouse control of the left door, for example.


  • 7 wheel configurations.
  • Nokian, Trelleborg.
  • Optional beacon lights.
  • Exhaust pipe options.
  • 3 engines (max 116 hp.)
  • Works with front loaders.

8. John Deere 2032 R

An in-game screenshot of the John Deere 2032R

Modders: BAMF Mods

The compact John Deere 2032 R proves that tractors don’t have to be large to be a fun ride in FS19. Sure, you won’t use it to haul massive trailers to and from the grain fields, but it actually has some valuable perks.

Look inside the Tools section of the game. You’ll find both a front loader and a mower specially designed for the 2032 R. A couple of things about the mower: It cuts grass, but not flowers and bushes. It doesn’t leave a swath of grass; instead, the grass will ‘magically’ disappear. In other words: It’s the perfect tool for everyone looking to start a lawn care business in FS19.


  • Optional front weight.
  • Optional rollbar.
  • Front loader ready.

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