15 Top Notch FS19 New Holland Tractor Mods You Should Test

15 of the best FS19 New Holland tractor mods, here represented by the New Holland T9 and the New Holland T5

During a multiplayer session, we argued what the best Farming Simulator 19 (FS19) New Holland tractor mod is. The discussion was lively, but we managed to agree on a list of 15 prime examples. Here, we share what we agreed on with you:

1. New Holland T7 LWB Stage V

In-game screenshot of the New Holland T7 LWB Stage V

This is one of the best-liked New Holland tractor mods on the official modhub. One of the reasons it’s getting so much praise might be the custom sounds that follow it. It sounds brilliant. It also has many customization options, making it possible to make a highly personalized version of it.

The mod has animated doors and fantastic textures (just take a look at the mesh on the hood.)


  • The color picker works on the body, the rims, and selected parts of the hood.
  • A lot of wheel options from many famous brands like Trelleborg and Michelin.
  • It’s possible to change the looks of the logo on the hood. You can also tweak the lights, the PTO to the front, and the exhaust pipe heat shield.

2. New Holland T8 Series South America

In-game screenshot of the New Holland T8 Series South America

The Brazilian farming industry is so big that New Hollands builds vehicles and equipment specially designed for that market. That’s 90 % true. Brazilian ‘designed’ New Holland gear also finds its way to other countries in Latin America.

The truth is still that the Brazilian market is essential for New Holland. The company has three factories down there. One is located in Curitiba. It’s at this plant the Latin American version of the T8 is made. Now, a fantastic version of it is available in FS19 too.


  • You can change the colors of the body, the mesh on the hood, and the rims.
  • There are four engine options, customizable weights, optional front fenders, plenty of wheel setups, and four different engines.
  • You can also put a Brazilian flag on the roof of this New Holland.

3. New Holland T7 Series

In-game screenshot of the New Holland T7 Series

There are actually two New Holland T7 tractors inside this mod: The SWB (short-wheelbase) and the LWB (long-wheelbase.) As you probably have guessed, the LWB is slightly larger than the SWB. The power range is also different. The SWB starts at 165 HP and ends at 225 horsepower, while the LWB’s range spans from 195 to 270 horsepower.

Other than that, this mod shares many of the shop customization options with most other T7s on this list.


  • The mod includes color options for the rims, the exterior, and the mesh on the hood. You can also change the appearance of the New Holland logo.
  • You have several options for the wheel setup, and you can add beacon lights to the tractor’s roof.

4. New Holland T7 AC Series

In-game screenshot of the New Holland T7 AC Series

Yes, it’s another T7. But this AC (Auto Command) version has some exclusive design options in the shop, like more choices for which version of the New Holland logo to put on the hood.

This version also has one of the most powerful engine options: You can max it out at 310 horsepower when you pick the most expensive engine for your T7.


  • This version also comes with color options for the mesh on the hood, the body, and the rims.
  • It lets you customize some of the tractor’s lights and the front fenders.

5. New Holland T6 Series

In-game screenshot of the New Holland T6 Series

This is a great edit of the original T6 that Giants Software made for FS19. The modded version has a lot more variety with regards to customization options. One awe-inspiring feature is that you can pick one of six design lines for it, including a Blue Power version and the Special Heritage design.

The tractor has also been rescaled to match other Case/New Holland (CNH) models in the game, like the Case Maxxum and the Steyr Profi CVT.


  • The color options for this mod comprise the exterior and the rims.
  • It has several possible wheel configurations and seven different engines.
  • You can add a front loader to it, weights, different heat shields for the exhaust pipe, and John Deere or New Holland GPS receiver units.
  • There are also several design options for it—those change the looks of the interior, the hood mesh, and the roof.

6. New Holland T5 Utility Series

In-game screenshot of the New Holland T5 Utility Series

Here’s a gorgeous farm tractor with many color options. The mod is a further development of the base game’s NH T5. With this mod, you get a lot more to customize, like colors and wheels.

It has more animations, as well. You can open the left door and both the rear and front window. Cool!


  • Want a different color for the driver’s seat? No problem! Just change it in the shop. You can also repaint the body and the rims.
  • You can choose to have hydraulics with a PTO on the front of the tractor or weights.
  • This T5 has a wide variety of wheel configurations and three different engine types.

7. New Holland T8 Series

In-game screenshot of the New Holland T8 Series

This is another base game model update. The mod has more to offer inside the shop, like tracks instead of wheels on both axles.

This version has more animations than the original; doors and windows can be opened with a controller or a mouse. The indoor camera is programmed to follow the seat movements, giving you a more realistic driving experience.


  • Perhaps the coolest option is that you can choose to have tracks instead of wheels on both axles. Yes, there are plenty of wheeled configs available too.
  • The color options include the rims, the body, and the mesh on top of the hood. You can also change the looks of the New Holland logo (standard or Blue Power.)
  • Beacon lights and warning signs are optional. You can add a chromed exhaust pipe to the tractor, and the windows can be tinted.

8. New Holland T8 US and Canada

In-game screenshot of the New Holland T8 US and Canada

Here’s another T8, this time aimed at digital farmers in North America. The mod adds a distinct US and Canadian look to the tractor. Especially the wheel configurations are something you first and foremost will see on North American soil.

This mod, too, has several extra animations, for example, the flashers, which are foldable.


  • The shop options include several types of front weights and six engine models. You can also add additional lights to the rear of the cab.
  • Several types of row crop wheel setups are available. There are also several options for having tracks on the rear axle and row crop wheels on the front.

9. New Holland TS Series

In-game screenshot of the New Holland TS Series

New Holland debuted its TS Series tractor range in 1999, the same year Fiatagri and New Holland merged with Case IH to form CNH Global. All TS models were built at the New Holland factory in Basildon, England.

The TS tractors are iconic workhorses, still in use on many farms all over the world. The FS19 version is a brilliant tribute to some of New Hollands’ most memorable models.


  • Two color variants are available for the body: The New Holland Blue and the Fiatagri red. The colors are determined by the type of engine you choose.
  • You can have tinted or standard windows on your TS. Front loader capabilities are optional, the same with all the fenders.
  • There are several wheel options in the shop, like 2WD or 4WD configurations.

10. New Holland T6 2012

In-game screenshot of the New Holland T6 2012

This is what the previous version of the New Holland T6 looked like. It’s also what the T6-model in Farming Simulator 15 looked like. It’s great to have an updated version of it in FS19.

The FS19 version has a lot more going on. The shop options are far more than what it was back in 2014. The new version does also include more animations. Doors, windows, and the sunshade can now be controlled by the player.


  • You can have different weights on the tractor’s front or a 3-point hitch with a PTO.
  • It’s possible to repaint the rims, the body, and the mesh on the hood.
  • Beacons are optional, you can add several kinds of stickers to the tractor, while wheel and engine choices are plentiful.

11. New Holland T9 Series

In-game screenshot of the New Holland T9 Series

Here you have the most powerful New Holland tractor in the game. It’s an Americanized version of the massive T9 articulated tractor. With 620 horsepower at the most, it’ll pull almost anything you attach to it.

It comes with some really cool options inside the shop, like different frame sizes.


  • There are four different T9s in the shop: small frame, large frame, plus a RowTrax and a SmartTrax version. What type of engine you can use varies with each version.
  • The small frame and large frame T9s have several wheel options, while the RowTrax and the SmartTrax have different track setups.
  • All models include shop options for front weights, while the wheeled models also let you play around with the fenders.

12. New Holland T7

In-game screenshot of the New Holland T7

The last T7 mod on this list is also the most powerful. No other T7s have the horsepower to match this one. That’s also why it’s the only T7 mod that you’ll find in the Large Tractors category in FS19.


  • This T7 has the least amount of engine models of all T7s on this list. On the other hand, it has the most powerful engine with an output of 313 horsepower.
  • The color options let you do a repaint of the body, the rims, and the mesh on top and on the hood’s sides.
  • There should be more than enough wheel choices for most, and the beacon lights are optional.

13. New Holland TM Series

In-game screenshot of the New Holland TM Series

Following the success of the TS Series, New Holland launched the TM Series tractors in 2000. The TM tractors are considered one of the best tractors ever made.

The FS19 versions are excellent too. This mod will be a fabulous addition to any farm in the game.


  • There are two colors available for the body: New Holland Blue and Fiatagri Red. You can also style your TM with different designs of the New Holland logo.
  • Four different engine options are at your disposal, together with many wheel setups from Trelleborg and Michelin.
  • The tractor’s front can be equipped with a 700-kilo weight or front linkage, PTO included.

14. New Holland 40 Pack

In-game screenshot of the New Holland 40 Pack

This Series of tractors used to carry the Ford logo initially. It was eventually phased out for the New Holland logo’s benefit because Fiat bought what used to be Ford New Holland in 1991. From 1996, all 40 Series tractors were adorned with New Holland logos on the sides and the Fiatagri leaf on the front.

The FS19 version of the 40 series tractors is perfect for anyone who wants a piece of important tractor history on their digital farm.


  • There are two versions available of this tractor: One with four cylinders and one with six cylinders. The latter has slightly more powerful engines.
  • Both models have options for the front fenders and the looks of the exhaust pipe.
  • You can toggle between several wheel setups, and both models can be used with front loaders.

15. New Holland TG Series

In-game screenshot of the New Holland TG Series

Credits: NEFG Modding

Another classic New Holland tractor series finds its way to place number 15. It was the first NH model to implement the well-known curved hood, a styling direction that has been dominant in most New Holland tractor models since.

The FS19 version is both rare and exceptional. It’s the only TG mod we’re aware of. Luckily, it’s freaking awesome. It has excellent shop options and cool animations. Even parts of the engine are animated.


  • You can configure stuff like wheels, weights, and engines.
  • The mod comes in two versions: US/Canadian specs and European specs.
  • You can add different types of New Holland logos to it, together with extra lights.

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