15 of the Best FS19 Combine Harvester Mods

Combine harvesters are essential for success in Farming Simulator 19 (FS19.) When you’ve literally done the groundwork, you know, plowing, cultivating, seeding, and fertilizing, harvesters let you reap what you’ve sowed. Here are 15 of our favorite FS19 harvester mods.

1. Claas Lexion 500 Series

FS19 in-game screenshot of the Claas Lexion 500 Series.

Giants Software’s Claas DLC (aka FS19 Platinum) contains some excellent Claas harvesters. That doesn’t mean there are no good free alternatives out there. One of the best free harvester mods for the game is the Claas Lexion 500 series.

The mod includes three models: The Lexion 530, Lexion 540, and the Lexion 550. All of them have excellent features, like several wheel setups and animated doors. Oh, three headers, one for corn, two for grain, and a header trailer, are also in the pack.


  • Trelleborg and Michelin wheels.
  • Additional stickers.
  • 3 engines (530, 540, 550.)
  • Numbering from 1 to 5.
  • Tank size is 8,600 liters.

2. John Deere X9 2020 US Version

FS19 in-game screenshot of the John Deere X9 2020 US Version.

John Deere launched its newest high-capacity combine harvester, the X9, in the summer of 2020. A few months later, players of FS19 could enjoy the massive harvesters in the game, thanks to the hard work of SiiD Modding. It’s a stunning replica with several impressive features. If you wanna go big and green, this is the machine!

When buying the combine in the game, you can put various-sized grain tanks on it. The largest tank can hold almost 26,000 liters of grain or corn. You can also add tracks to the front of the harvester instead of wheels. There are also localization options available for the US and Canadian players, EU or Australia.


  • Max hopper size is 25,900 liters.
  • Michelin and Mitas wheels.
  • Front tracks or wheels.
  • Options for extra lights.
  • Australian configuration is available.
  • Demo stickers on or off.

3. John Deere STS Series 2007-2010

FS19 in-game screenshot of the John Deere STS Series 2007-2010.

SiiD Modding is the king of John Deere harvester mods in FS19. Seriously! Most of the green machines on this list are made by him. It’s not that there aren’t alternatives. It’s just that SiiD’s mods are perfect.

Take his version of the STS (Single Tine Separator) combines, for example. It has many features, including several options for the length of the unloading pipe and different hopper options with variable capacity. The mod includes the STS 60 series and the STS 70. The STS 70 models have more powerful engines and bigger hopper tanks.


  • Max hopper size is 13,215 liters.
  • Michelin and Mitas wheels.
  • Numbering options (1 to 6.)
  • Optional Oversize sign.
  • Interior decorations.
  • Max 510 horsepower.
  • Exhaust pipe options.
  • Two different tailboards.
  • 3 unloading pipe options.
  • Greenstar 3000 (deco.)

4. John Deere 9650

FS19 in-game screenshot of the John Deere 9650.

Another JD masterpiece. And yes, you probably guessed it already. This mod is also a SiiD Modding creation. It’s an FS19 version of the 9650 harvester model, which is part of John Deere’s 50 series combines, introduced in the late 1990s.

This particular mod has selectable grain hopper sizes, various wheel configurations, and an option to equip the harvester with the John Deere StarFire GPS receiver. It works perfectly with SiiD Modding’s John Deere corn headers and the JD 600F series headers.


  • Max tank size is 11,818 liters.
  • Wheels from Mitas and Michelin.
  • StarFire 3000 (on/off.)
  • Blinker options.
  • 2 unloading pipe options.

5. John Deere S700 Series

FS19 in-game screenshot of the John Deere S700 Series.

Wow! A John Deere FS19 combine that’s not made by SiiD Modding? Yes, the credits for this one go to another talented modder, JHHG Modding. We believe that SiiD and JHHG used to work together some years ago but split up due to some form of disagreement (Farm Sim drama alert!)

Since we are not Us Weekly or The National Enquirer, we’ll stick to talking about the mod and not the backstage clashes. The mod includes two combines: The S780 and the S790, plus “i” versions of both. It’s pretty customizable in the shop; you can change the grain tank capacity and the unloading pipe’s length, for example. The John Deere corn headers by JHHG modding are an excellent fit for these combines.


  • Max tank size is 22,905 liters.
  • Mitas and Michelin wheels.
  • Track or wheels on the front.
  • Tailboard options.
  • Different rear hitches.
  • Max 625 hp.
  • Standard or wide rear axles.
  • 4 pipe options.

6. John Deere S600 Series

FS19 in-game screenshot of the John Deere S600 Series.

Another set of combines that works well with JHHG modding’s corn headers (see above.) The S600 series is the slightly smaller brother to the S700 series. Most notably, the hopper capacity comes in at just over 5,000 liters short compared to the bigger JDs. Still, almost 18,000 liters at the most should keep you threshing for a while without having to call for an unloading trailer.

As with all JHHG mods, the amount of stuff you can customize on this combine is insane. 26 different wheel options, 12 options for front tracks, nine different hopper tanks, and four pipe lengths are just crazy (and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.)


  • Hopper max size is 17,629 liters.
  • Michelin and Mitas wheels.
  • Front tracks are available.
  • Tailboard options.
  • Options for the rear hitch.
  • 4 options for the pipe.
  • Max 543 hp.
  • Wide or standard rear axle.

7. Claas Lexion 700

FS19 in-game screenshot of the Claas Lexion 700.

Another beautiful Lexion combine, this time, it’s the 700 series that has our attention. It’s both powerful and beautiful, adding one of the most powerful ranges of Claas harvesters to FS19. One of many things that we appreciate about this mod is the option to put Terra Trac crawlers to the front of the combine.

The combine is immensely customizable. Several headers are included with the mod, like the Claas Vario 1050 and the Vario 1200. Yes, you’ll also get a corn header plus a header trailer if you decide to secure your crops with this fantastic machine.


  • Tank size is 12,800 liters.
  • Includes 760, 770, and 780.
  • Wheels from Trelleborg and Michelin.
  • Crawler tracks are also available.
  • Stickers and numbers.

8. New Holland CR 8.90

FS19 in-game screenshot of the New Holland CR 8.90.

The New Holland CR 8.90 combine mod is an edit of Giants Software’s original CR 10.90 model. The actual size is about the same, but the CR 8.90 grain tank has less capacity. It looks a bit different, too, when unfolded.

Just don’t let the smaller performance fool you. This New Holland has more shop choices than its bigger brother. Want a black harvester, for example? No problem. With this mod, you can. It enriches your game with several wheel configurations and logo options, as well.


  • Exterior and rims color options.
  • Tracks or wheels on the front.
  • Trelleborg or Michelin.
  • New Holland logo on black or blue.
  • Grain tank size: 10,500 liters.

9. John Deere 9600 – 9610

FS19 in-game screenshot of the John Deere 9600 - 9610.

The John Deere 9600 combines are part of the Maximizer series that launched in 1989. The production ended in 1997. Back then, Maximizer harvesters were the largest models in John Deere’s product portfolio. The series included several innovations, like automatic speed control for headers and the GreenStar in-cab display, making the farmer’s life significantly easier.

This is the fourth time a SiiD Modding mod appears on this list. His version of the 9600 series is absolutely stunning and a must for all classic John Deere harvesting equipment fans. When it comes to the headers, you can download some suitable corn headers here and a set of great grain headers here.


  • Max grain tank size is 11,818 liters.
  • Mitas or Michelin wheels.
  • StarFire 3000 on or off.
  • Max 275 hp.
  • Standard or short pipe.

10. New Holland TC5 Series

FS19 in-game screenshot of the New Holland TC5 Series.

New Holland’s TC series combines have been produced for almost 20 years. The first model was released back in 1992, while the latest, a Tier3 TC 5.90, made its debut in 2020. The Hillside concept is pretty interesting, by the way. It lets the driver raise and lower the rear axle to make harvesting steep hills more comfortable and secure.

The Hillside option is not present in this FS19 mod, unfortunately. Still, it’s a fantastic combine for smaller and medium-sized fields. If you look in the tools section, under headers, you’ll find the New Holland Varifeed 18 included with this mod. The working width is 5.5 meters.


  • A few body and rim colors.
  • Max 258 horsepower.
  • Hopper size is 6,400 liters.
  • Mitas, Michelin, Trelleborg.
  • Extra work lights.

11. New Holland CR10.90 US

FS19 in-game screenshot of the New Holland CR10.90 US.

Here’s a reworked version of the original New Holland CR10.90 combine harvester. The modder’s goal has been to make a North American version of it. You see, there are quite a few things that differ on farming equipment in the USA and Canada, compared to what you see in Europe.

The Americanized version of the largest New Holland combine has some really nice features. Different hopper tank capacities, lots of animations, and other customization options you won’t find on the base game version. And yes, if you want a more European look, it’s possible to change the appearance.


  • Grain tank extension.
  • Max 21,500 liters.
  • Mitas, Michelin, Lizard, Trelleborg.
  • Front wheels or tracks.
  • Additional lights are available.
  • EU or US design line.
  • 700 horsepower.

12. Case IH Axial-Flow 2100 Series

FS19 in-game screenshot of the Case IH Axial-Flow 2100 Series.

Case IH released the Axial-Flow series combines in 1995. The range included three models: 2144, 2166, and 2188 and was a step up from previous models in several areas. Most notable was perhaps the driver’s comfort and improved visibility. You see, the 21 series combines have 23 % more total window area compared to its predecessor, the 1600 series.

The FS19 version of the Case IH Axial-Flow 2100 series includes all models. You can make them look European or American. The mod also has options for grain tank extensions, pipe configurations, while also having many cool-looking animations.


  • Hopper size is 14,400 liters.
  • Michelin, Mitas, Trelleborg.
  • Wheels or tracks on the front.
  • US or EU configurations.
  • Max 634 horsepower.
  • Long or short pipe.

13. Case IH Axial-Flow 240 Series

FS19 in-game screenshot of the Case IH Axial-Flow 240 Series.

And now, an updated version of the original Case IH Axial-Flow 240 series that was released together with the game back in 2018. When a modder rebuilds one of Giants Software’s originals, it usually means you’ll get more options. This is also the case with this mod.

First of all, you can dress it in either a European or an American design. The most important addition is perhaps all the wheel setups, though. You can choose between 16 different configurations inside the shop, like tracks to the front or front twin wheels.


  • Rims color options.
  • Max 22,905 liters grain tank.
  • Many hopper extensions.
  • Trelleborg, Michelin, Goodyear.
  • Front wheels or tracks.
  • Numbering is possible.
  • Max 634 hp.
  • 4 options for the pipe.

14. AGCO Ideal

FS19 in-game screenshot of the AGCO Ideal.

Is it difficult to choose between a Fendt, a Massey Ferguson, or a Challenger combine harvester? With this mod, you don’t have to choose. All brand options are available, together with some charming colorization choices. The mod pack is called AGCO Ideal, referring to the fact that all brands mentioned above are owned by AGCO.

Besides the brand and color options, the mod includes several wheel options. Tracks or twin wheels on the front axles are just two of the many setups available. The modded AGCO combines do also have more animations than the original game model. You can, for example, open both cabin doors with a mouse or a controller.


  • Exterior, interior, rims colors.
  • Trelleborg and Michelin.
  • Front crawlers or wheels.
  • Fendt, Massey Ferguson, Challenger logos.
  • Max 647 hp.
  • Tank size is 17,100 liters.

15. Case IH Axial-Flow 240 Series

FS19 in-game screenshot of the Case IH Axial-Flow 240 Series US.

This modded Case IH Axial-Flow 240 series mod is perfect if you a) want an Americanized version of the combine or b) feel that the original model lacks options. It’s really rare to find an FS19 combine with this many shop options.

You can add different types of hopper extensions to the harvester. There are four other choices for what kind of unloading pipe to put on it. And the wheel setups are so plentiful that no one will feel left behind. The mod also includes more mirrors, more lights, and more interior goodies than what you get with the original model.


  • The grain tank size is 10,000 liters.
  • EU or US design lines.
  • Optional trailer hitch.
  • Standard or long pipe.

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