13 of the Best FS19 Fendt Tractor Mods

FS19 image of the Fendt Farmer together with the Fendt 1000 Vari

Fendt is one of the most popular brands in Farming Simulator 19 (FS19), only bypassed by John Deere. There are several hundred FS19 Fendt tractor mods available. Below are some of the best ones.

1. Fendt 512-516 Vario S4

In-game screenshot of the Fendt 512-516 Vario S4

This is quite possibly the most customizable Fendt tractor mod in FS19. There is so much you can add or remove inside the shop. The mod is based on the most recent 500 Series tractors; S4 stands for Stage 4. It’s not the biggest Fendt, of course, but it’ll do a great job if you prefer playing on maps with a lot of smaller fields and tight corners.


  • There are many wheel setups available in the shop.
  • You can choose between the Power and the Profi versions of all engines.
  • Other customization options include the beacon lights and the looks of the front of the tractor.
  • This Fendt works with Simple IC on PC and Mac. You can use it to open doors and windows.

2. Challenger MT and Fendt MT

In-game screenshot of the Challenger And Fendt MT

Here you get two tractors in one mod. You get the Fendt version of the MT, plus the Challenger edition. The reason is simple. In the real world, Challenger MTs are based on the Fendt models. Both brands are owned by AGCO.

The mod’s most striking feature is the hood. These MT mods have the new version of the hood that looks very much like the one you see on the Fendt 1000 series and the latest 900 series.


  • Comes in two versions: Fendt MT and Challenger MT.
  • 3D tracks are an option. There are also standard tracks available.
  • You can customize the warning signs and the beacon lights.
  • The left door is animated.

3. Fendt Farmer 300Ci

In-game screenshot of the Fendt Farmer 300Ci

This is a neat little tractor. It’s a great game version of the real-world Farmer 300 Series, which Fendt manufactured in the early 2000s. The mod has a nice chunk of customization options. It’s also one of few Fendt models that can be equipped with custom-made weights.


  • Much of the interior is animated and illuminated.
  • Front PTO, GPS, different beacon lights, and warnings signs are some of the shop options.
  • The Farmer 300 Ci works with the Simple IC script on PC and Mac.
  • One of few tractors that have custom light options.

4. Fendt 700 Vario SCR

In-game screenshot of the Fendt 700 Vario SCR

The Fendt 700 Vario SCR mod is another great alternative if you want a highly customizable Fendt in FS19. It has lots of wheel options, several color choices, and different sets of mirrors. You can also style the tractor according to what type of engine you choose to put inside the hood.


  • Inside the shop, you have color options for the body, the rims, and the grille.
  • The mod has several different mirrors to choose from.
  • It’s front loader ready. You can also choose between Profi and ProfiPlus engine models.

5. AGCO 1000 Series

In-game screenshot of the Agco 1000 Series

This is a massive tractor mod. And it’s equipped with a massive set of shop options. Why it’s called AGCO and not Fendt? It’s because the mod also incorporates a Challenger version of the tractor (both Fendt and Challenger are AGCO-owned brands.)

If you’re playing the game on a PC or Mac, you can use the Simple IC script to control things like doors and windows. Another cool thing about this Fendt mod is that you can change how much air the wheels have. Tire pressure doesn’t affect the gameplay in FS19, but the effect looks darn cool.


  • The modded tractor comes in many deliveries: Fendt, Challenger, Silver Gray, and Fendt Forest.
  • If you choose the Forest version, the tractor gets a protection cage.
  • You can change the colors of the body and parts of the interior.
  • Much of the tractor can be controlled with the Simple IC script (on PC and Mac.)
  • It’s also one of few tractor mods that makes it possible to change the tire pressure.

6. Fendt Vario 900 Gen6 (MY 2020)

In-game screenshot of the Fendt Vario 900 Gen6 (MY 2020)

Just over a year ago, Fendt introduced the world to the next generation Vario 900 Series tractors. The most visual change from previous models is the new hood. It looks a lot like the hood on the 1000 Series tractors. It’s possible to buy the latest version in FS19 too. This modded Fendt Vario 900 is an excellent simulator replica of the real thing.

PC and Mac players can enjoy the tractor with additional script mods, like the Universal Passenger script and Simple IC.


  • The mod has a lot of color options for both the inside and the outside of the tractor.
  • There are 10 engine options – Power and Profi versions.
  • Extra lights and different wheel setups are just a few of the many shop options you get with this Fendt.
  • You can adjust the tire pressure.
  • This version of the Vario 900 works with the Agribumper mod, the Universal Passenger script, and the Simple IC script.

7. Fendt 1000 Vario

In-game screenshot of the Fendt 1000 Vario

This was one of the first modded versions of the Vario 1000 series in Farming Simulator 19. It has also gotten several updates since its release. It doesn’t have the same amount of shop options as the AGCO 1000 above. Instead, it comes with the most excellent engine sounds ever heard on a Fendt tractor in FS19.


  • This version of the 1000 Series has several paint options, including metallic colors.
  • It’s possible to change the colors of the grille.
  • There’s a lot of different wheel options available for the tractor inside the shop.

8. Fendt Favorit 509 510

In-game screenshot of the Fendt Favorit 509 510

Here’s another Fendt Classic for you. If you travel across Europe, you’ll see many of these machines working on Farms in most countries. It’s still a popular farm tractor, even though most models are almost 30 years old.

Perhaps the coolest feature of this mod is that you get two versions of the same tractor. One uses standard FS19 audio. The other version is programmed to simulate the sound of gears shifting when accelerating.


  • There are two versions of the tractors: One with standard engine audio and one with gear shift sounds.
  • It comes with several customization options, like colors, wheel configurations, and extra parts.
  • You can add GPS receivers and a Yara N-Sensor to all models.
  • All models work with front loaders.

9. Fendt 800 Vario TMS

In-game screenshot of the Fendt 800 Vario TMS

Another twofer. The mod includes both the first and the second generation 800 Vario TMS tractors. The difference? The second generation adds more powerful engines to the tractor.

The real-world versions of this mod were manufactured between 2006 and 2016. And TMS? It stands for Tractor Management System.


  • The tractor comes with color options for the body, some of the design elements, and the rims.
  • Front PTO (hydraulics) is optional; the same goes for the front loader console.
  • You have a lot of different wheel setups and engine options to choose from.

10. Fendt 714-724 Vario S4

In-game screenshot of the Fendt 714-724 Vario S4

The Fendt 714-724 Vario S4 is another gem for customization fans. The mod has so many options inside the shop it will take too long to mention all of them. The opportunity to add a specially designed carpet to the cabin floor is just one of the many choices.

This is also one of the mods that work with the Simple IC script. If you install the script, you can control the tractor’s doors and windows with it.


  • Tired of the green color? You have some additional choices in the shop, like Black and Petrol.
  • You can customize the looks of the grille and the beacon lights, plus there are many wheel setups available.
  • If you play Farming Simulator 19 on PC or Mac, you can use the Simple IC script to control windows and doors.

11. Fendt Favorit 51X

In-game screenshot of the Fendt Favorit 51X

Older Fendt models are popular among Farming Simulator 19 players. This one, The Fendt Favorit 51X, is one of the most downloaded tractor mods on the official modhub.

The mod is split up into two versions. One has standard engine sounds, the other one is equipped with gear shift audio, adding to the realism.


  • The mod comes in two versions: One with standard audio, the other one with gearshift sounds.
  • You’ll find many wheel options in the shop, together with a few color choices for the exterior.
  • It’s possible to open the windows, and there are two types of exhaust pipes to choose from.

12. Fendt Trisix

In-game screenshot of the Fendt Trisix

Modder: Ricobab

No, this is not a joke. Fendt did actually present the Trisix prototype at Agritechnica 2007. It got the nickname “Mobydick,” possibly because of the shape and its size. The prototype also had six wheels, with steering on four of them.

The Trisix is, of course, available as a mod in FS19. Everything about it is massive. Take some of the wheels available in the shop, for example. Have you ever seen beefier wheels? Other than that, it’s one of the coolest sounding Fendts in the game.


  • There’s a couple of engine options available—one with 540 horsepower, the other one with a massive 1,500 horsepower.
  • The Trisix has many wheel options, like some of the broadest single wheels we’ve ever seen in the game.
  • You can also paint this beast of a tractor in almost any color you want.

13. Fendt 1000 Vario US version

In-game screenshot of the Fendt 1000 Vario US

The American version of the Fendt 1000 Vario series was one of the first FS19 mods from Custom Modding. The most significant difference from Giants Sofware’s base game model is the addition of wheel options from Firestone and Goodyear. Yes, row crop setups are available with this mod.

The mod might be old, but it still holds up as one of the best North American versions of Fendt’s largest tractor.


  • You’ll find some color options for the tractor in the shop.
  • The mod includes several wheel setups (like row crop configurations) from brands like Michelin, Goodyear, and Firestone.

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