10 Really Good FS19 Massey Ferguson Tractor Mods

In-game screenshot of the Massey Ferguson 8700S and the MF 135.

Looking for the best Farming Simulator 19 (FS19) Massey Ferguson tractor mods? We’ve taken a closer look at what’s available and compiled a top 10 list. It contains both evergreen classics and modern, more powerful alternatives.

1. Massey Ferguson 7600

In-game screenshot of the Massey Ferguson 7600.

Need a robust, medium-sized tractor? Here’s a really cool option: The Massey Ferguson 7600. This version is an edit of the original 7700 that Giants put in the game. The 7600 is a bit smaller than its descendant. It doesn’t produce as much power, but it’s way cheaper.

The 7700 is actually based on the 7600 series. Both models have won several prestigious awards; the 7600, for example, received the Machine of the Year Award at the Agritechnica Show back in 2012.


  • This Massey comes with a lot of wheel options in the shop. There, you’ll also find all the color choices for the body and the rims.
  • You can add weights to the front of the tractor or just go with hydraulics and a PTO.
  • There are 5 different Dyna engines available together with Stoll and Hauer front loader consoles.

2. Massey Ferguson 283 Brazil

In-game screenshot of the Massey Ferguson 283 Brazil.

Did you know that Brazil is one of the largest agricultural producing countries in the world? It’s the number one producer of soybeans and sugar cane and the second-largest producer of corn. It’s no wonder that a lot of tractors and farming equipment are tailor-made for Brazilian farmers.

One example is the Massey Ferguson 283. It’s one of many models that were built on the Massey Ferguson Canoas factory in Brazil. The canopy-equipped model is perfect for fieldwork in the tropical climate.


  • The only thing you can change inside the shop is the wheel brands. There’s one set of Michelin wheels and one Lizard set.

3. Massey Ferguson 7400

In-game screenshot of the Massey Ferguson 7400.

Massey Ferguson’s 7400 series was released to the world in 2004 to replace the successful 7200 program. The FS19 version includes most of the early models, plus the 7499 Dyna-VT that joined the lineup in 2009.

The 7400 series was among the first Massey Ferguson tractors to incorporate the Dyna VT transmission. The FS19 version reflects this as all engine options include this variable transmission system. With a top speed of 50 kilometers per hour and a maximum of 240 horsepower, you get a tractor that does really well on medium-sized and large farms.


  • The wheel options for the MF 7400 are plentiful. Many configurations, from narrow care tires to beefy dual wheels all the way, are available.
  • You’ll also find some engine options inside the shop, together with front loader consoles from Alö and Stoll.

4. Massey Ferguson 6600 Series

In-game screenshot of the Massey Ferguson 6600 Series.

The MF 6600 series, introduced in 2013, is another award-winning tractor range. It won the silver medal at the IMMA awards in 2014.

The FS19 version is a down-scaled version of the MF 7700 tractors. Yes, it’s smaller, also when it comes to output power – 185 horsepower at the most. But it offers more features, plus more animations. You can, for example, open the rear window and the left door, and the hand throttle moves in synch with the acceleration.


  • Inside the shop, you’ll find several color options for many parts of the tractor. There are also plenty of different wheel alternatives to choose from.
  • You can add a GPS receiver to the roof, you have five engine options, and you can pick Stoll or Hauer front loader consoles.

5. Massey Ferguson 8700S

In-game screenshot of the Massey Ferguson 8700S.

Here you have a better version of the base game 8700 range. The mod incorporates the ‘S-Effect,’ Massey Ferguson’s premium upgrades program to all models built at the AGCO Beauvais factory in France. The ‘S-Effect’ means more of everything. More power, exclusive hood designs, different lights, and better comfort are distinctive features that set the S-models apart from standard versions.

This FS19 version includes many of the S-features. It looks different compared to the original 8700 model it’s based on. It also has a slightly more powerful engine.


  • This modded Massey has color options for the body, rims, and interior parts. Cool!
  • You can customize the wheels and the engine too.

6. Massey Ferguson 135

In-game screenshot of the Massey Ferguson 135.

Here’s a tremendous FS19 version of one of the most popular tractors in history. Massey Ferguson made several hundred thousand of the 135 on its factories in Detroit, USA, and Coventry, UK. A lot of today’s farmers learned how to operate tractors by driving 135s as children.

The Massey Ferguson 135 is still in high demand with collectors but also farmers in developing countries due to its simple mechanical construction. The FS19 version has a lot of charisma and cool features like dual rear wheels and different setups of the headlights.


  • You can add a front guard to the tractor. There are also options for the fenders, the headlights, and front weights.
  • One of the fender options adds a closed cab to the tractor. Excellent for those rainy days, eh?
  • The mod lets you choose between different wheel configurations. Rear dual wheels are one of the options.

7. Massey Ferguson 5600

In-game screenshot of the Massey Ferguson MF 5600.

Massey Ferguson’s 5600 tractor range is perfect for livestock operations, dairy farms, grass, and hay operations. Sure, it’ll also do a great job in nearly all kinds of all-round-fieldwork.

This mod is an edit of Giants’ original 5600 Series model. The modded version has more features compared to the original. It also dabbles into the 5700 range. Most of the available engine models are 57XX with the ‘S-Effect.’ You can also choose between the Dyna 4 and Dyna 6 variable transmissions.


  • You can paint your Massey in several different colors, like black, green, or orange. There are also many wheel setups available.
  • You can pick different types of roofs for your tractor; a panorama roof is one option. You can also add some deco stuff, like a fire extinguisher and small hand tools, to the inside of the cab.
  • We counted six different engine options, including S variants. The S models add an visible S to the tractor’s logo, as well.

8. Massey Ferguson 5700S

In-game screenshot of the Massey Ferguson 5700S.

This is pretty much the same mod as the MF 5600 above. It has many of the same features but lacks the option to add the deco stuff, like the fire extinguisher and the hand tools. On top of that, it does cost a lot more. The base price is 40,000 higher than the 5600.

Still, it’s a great mod. It offers much more than Giants’ original model with regards to customization.


  • This version lets you add weights or hydraulics to the front. It also has several options for the tractor’s roof, like a panoramic roof and various placements of a GPS receiver and the beacons.
  • There are several color options for this Massey, not only red. It also includes many wheel setups, many engine models (all ‘S’ variants), and several types of front loader consoles.

9. Massey Ferguson 7700S

In-game screenshot of the Massey Ferguson 7700S.

Here’s another Massey Ferguson with the ‘S-Effect,’ based on a Giants Software model. This is particularly visible inside the cab and on the tractor’s front. Several parts of the S-version’s interior have different colors. At the same time, the light setup and hood design differ significantly between the two versions.

Another difference is the customization option. The modded S-version has a lot more to offer when it comes to colors (both for the interior and the outside), wheels, and engine options.


  • This Massey has more color options for the body than most. It does also have many wheel choices to play around with.
  • Other than that, you can add an anniversary sticker to the hood, change the engine model, and equip your tractor with a front loader attacher.

10. Massey Ferguson 8140

In-game screenshot of the Massey Ferguson 8140.

Massey Ferguson introduced the world to its 8100 Series tractors in 1995. The range had six different models, the 8140 being the medium-sized alternatives. The 8140 was built at the Massey Ferguson factory in France.

Initially, you could get the 8100 series with either a 2WD or a 4WD chassis. The FS19 version has just one option: the 4WD version. You’ll find some shop options for it, but you can’t get other models like the 8130 or the 8150, for example. It really doesn’t matter. The one version you get looks so good it’s more than enough.


  • The shop options are mostly about the wheels. There are several configurations available from Michelin, Mitas, Nokian, and Trelleborg.
  • You can also choose to remove the front fenders or keep them.

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